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Saturday 28 May 2016

Emily Bishop's return to Coronation Street?

Back in November last year, it was reported that Coronation Street actress Eileen Derbyshire, aka Emily Bishop was going to take a break from the show. 

A show source told The Sun at the time: "Eileen asked for a few months off from filming and she is due to leave early in the New Year."

In addition, Kym Marsh (Michelle McDonald) told OK magazine that Eileen was just on a break and she would definitely be returning to the soap.  Writing in her OK! Magazine column, Kym said: “Eileen Derbyshire has taken a 6-month break from the show. I know there’s speculation she won’t return but as far as I know she’s only taking a sabbatical."

Since Emily left the show to travel to Peru to be with her nephew, Spider, she's been mentioned a couple of times. Rita and Norris have chatted about her in The Kabin and Norris has been living on his own ever since Emily left.

But is she coming back... ?

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John McE said...

I do hope so, but knowing how Eileen Derbyshire shuns publicity, I can't help worry that she had no intention of coming back, for whatever reason, and thought this was the best way to quietly leave.

DavidS said...

When was she due to return on screen? I can't remember when her last appearance was...

John from Corriepedia said...

1st January:

Cobblestone said...

I think it was Christmas week, wasn't it? (I remember wondering how she managed all the travel arrangements, inoculations &c over the holiday period). So her return should be due late June/early July ... Which would surely require her to be back on set now? Of course, storyline-wise, it may have fallen out that there was no room for her return storyline in the midst of the Callum murder plot at the precise point the six months were up. Plus, there's emergency writing needed to cover Liz's return (the suspended 'Amy's Mum' story which needs to be inserted/concluded) I'd be surprised if Eileen doesn't return, at least for a while, as she's always been such a solidly dependable trooper.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Harsh though it may sound, viewers quickly get used to a character not being around. Kevin wasn't missed much though he's slotted back in due to his friendship with Tim. I doubt whether Emily would have many storylines if she returned. She would pop up in the Rovers from time to time as she did before. Like others, I hope Eileen Derbyshire is in good health and suspect that she will quietly leave the Street.

Anonymous said...

Sadly there is no space for her anymore. The show has taken a dark turn with nasty characters and anything goes morality. It no longer needs its moral compass.

maggie muggins said...

I hope Eileen is enjoying some time off, but would like to hear Emily Bishop's stories about Spider in Peru. I always liked how the character was a church-goer, but would often surprise us with her fun-loving side.

Anyway, I miss her scenes with Norris (where is he lately?) and Rita, always good for a giggle with her quiet sarcasm towards his fustiness.

Unknown said...

I emailed Corrie about this matter the other day! (Sad yes I know) here was the response I got: Dear Conor,
Many thanks for your e-mail. As reported in the press Eileen is taking a break from her filming commitments but will be back.
Best Wishes, David

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comment above. There is no longer a place for a moral compass on this version of the show. This dear lady has served a great many years in this business and I for one hope that she is enjoying a wonderful retirement out of the public eye.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about the morals of the show being at an all time low - how they can have that pervert Phelan back is unbelievable, I will continue to FF through every scene he is in until he's out. Great actor, but the character is unredeemable and sick.
I hope Emily returns, but staying in Peru would be a novel final exit!

Jane said...

Can't see her returning, not like she was a major character and had very few scenes as it was and they were just sitting in the pub having a sherry..sorry to say I don't miss her but hope she's ok. I gave up on Corrie over the stupid Yasmeen and Sally business and crazy storyline of Leanne getting pregnant by Steve. I thought this new producer was here to improve things. Get rid of Sally and Yasmeen and


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