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Saturday 14 May 2016

Corrie weekly update - Carla's cava palaver

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Tony’s funeral takes place and Jason’s in bits. Phelan takes advantage of Jase’s emotional state and tells him he’ll help him sort his dad’s finances out. Yes, I bet he will too.  Jason doesn’t want his mam at the funeral but she turns up anyway while Jason’s in the middle of a reading, and he chucks her out of the church.  After Jason slept with Gemma last week, Gemma realises she’s left her hair scrunchie at Eileen’s and goes back to get it. Eileen invites the lass in and then, in what I felt was a rather odd scene, Eileen proceeds to give Gemma a good talking to about men, life, the universe and everything including and especially related to the history of the Grimshaws.  Poor Gemma had to stand and listen to it all as she awaited the return of her scrunchie.  I do wonder if this scene is leading us somewhere, perhaps Gemma will turn out to be pregnant with Jason’s child and she’ll move in when Jason leaves and moves out? Who knows?
Roy returns this week from looking after his mum Sylvia in Hastings. It’s so good to have Roy back, it feels like everything is all right again and we didn’t even know that it wasn’t.  But poor Roy comes back to turmoil when he finds Cathy’s installed a new coffee machine at the caff she doesn’t know how to use. Worse still is when he finds Alex upstairs in the flat, drunk, with some of his mates, and they’ve smashed a windmill that Roy and Hayley brought back from Amsterdam. It takes a while for Roy to get used to the idea of Alex living with him and Cathy, but he tries to make it work.

Craig has his heart broken this week when Caitlin tells him she’s leaving to move to Dundee.  She gives him a kiss and hands him back the red rose he’s given her on their date.  When he tells mum Beth what’s gone on, she’s ready to kill Caitlin for hurting her son.

Tim books a mini-break for him and Sally and she’s hoping he’s whisking her away to Puerto Banus (it’s on Spain’s Costa del Sol, I looked it up).  Anyway, it’s Blackpool and when Sally finds out she’s not best pleased. In fact she’s so snobbish and displeased about the mini-break destination that she has a right go at Tim and he, quite rightly, goes in a huff.  The factory girls take the micky when they find out what’s going on. Anyway, this leads to Johnny and Jenny (who I’ve given the celebrity name of - wait for it - Johnny and Jenny) to talk about Blackpool and Jenny tells her boss that’s where her dad died when he got hit by a tram. So Johnny suggests a trip to Blackpool to lay ghosts to rest.  Sally and Tim? Johnny and Jenny? In Blackpool you say? I feel some outside filming coming on next week! Watch out for the trams!

But the big storyline this week has been Carla’s hen night and Nick’s stag night, which took up almost all of the Friday night double episodes. I really enjoyed these episodes a lot, as Corrie always does a great hen party and this was no exception.  

First – the hens.  Along with Carla there was Maria, Kate, Caz, Beth, Michelle, Cathy, Sally and Gail. Yes, Gail. All the hens were dressed in black and wore long black wigs, all trying to out-Carla Carla, and failing, but it was funny to watch.  They head to a bar in town, get very, very drunk and when the DJ leaves his booth, Carla takes the mic and the girls join in singing It’s Raining Men. Do people really still sing that song outside of Weatherfield?  Gail decides she’s Carla’s bessie mate after hosting a pamper party at her house earlier in the week for her daughter-in-law-to-be.  And so Gail pushes Kate out of the DJ booth, Kate falls over and Gail goes mental. The cops are called and Gail assumes they’re strippers so she’s all over them shouting “Off! Off!” and trying to pull their regulation trousers down. That’s when the hens get arrested, all of them, and they’re taken to the cop shop.

And now – the stags. Nick is there with David, Luke, Dev, Johnny, Aidan, Kirk and Robert in the Rovers. But it’s not a happy gathering as Nick storms out when he starts having trouble with his brain injury symptoms again. David follows Nick out of the pub to the smokers’ shelter where Nick tells his brother he feels he has no choice but to call off the wedding to Carla. And so as all the stags inside the pub are singing ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ (a personal favourite of mine, it has to be said), Nick’s suffering outside.

The fellas leave the stag do and head to the cop shop to pick up their wives and girlfriends after they get the news that they’ve all been arrested.  And when Nick gets Carla back to the flat he breaks the news to her that he can’t marry her.  Carla has trouble taking in the news which has come out of the blue. “Did someone spike my drink?” she asks. “Am I hallucinating?” but all Nick does is storm out of the flat, away from Carla and slams the door behind him leaving Carla, stunned, on the sofa, alone.

And finally this week, Liz has gone on holiday to Spain. It’s a last minute holiday to explain the absence of the actress who plays her as she recovers from depression.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone can tell me why Jason is mad at his mother now?I'm no fan of Eileen's per se but she has been very supportive to him as he grieves for his father.
It's getting ridiculous the number of friends Jason has alienated due to his anger and grief.It almost makes me look forward to his exit.
I also was disappointed that neither Cathy or Alex apologised to Roy and yet it's him that has to make the effort to make the living arrangements work to their liking.

Anonymous said...

perhaps Gemma will turn out to be pregnant with Jason’s child

Nonono please NO, that is just lazy plotting. :( Every woman under 50 doesn't HAVE to have a baby, or a baby scare!

Under what authority can Jason throw people out of a funeral? It seems far more disrespectful (to me, anyway) to act as though you can dictate who should or shouldn't be mourning. It's not about you, Jason.

Seems like Cathy is back to doing whatever she wants. Why wouldn't she take Alex back to her own house? I know it's full of junk (albeit better than it was) but there's far more room than in that tiny flat.

Tvor said...

The hen night was raucous and a lot of fun even if Gail was ridiculous. I normally enjoy Gail, even comedy Gail, but with this wedding and her instant BFF-ness with Carla, I am finding her over the top and a paraody of the character she used to be.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Jason doesn't attach any blame at all to Tracy. He's blaming Liz for his dad leaving, but if he hadn't have been plotting and scheming and getting jiggy with Ms Barlow, then surely his dad would still have been around

coconno196 said...

Exactly right. Who can blame Liz for dumping Tony after him not only being unfaithful to her with Tracy, but also trying to con her out of the pub? Then Jason blames Eileen too because Liz is her friend.
Tracy's reaction to Nick's "returned" brain damage symptoms was ridiculous. Apart from the utter lack of sympathy for Nick, she said something like "that stupid cow Carla is ruining get my plans again". How on earth is Nick's illness Carla's fault, and why didn't Robert say that to Tracy?
I'm also annoyed with Cathy practically bullying Roy by moving Alex in. It would make much more sense for her to finish decluttering her own house and live there, especially as it seems she and Roy don't yet have a physical relationship - references to Alex taking Cathy's bed.

CK said...

Why was Kirk at Nick's stag night? It's been asked before but don't these people have other friends?

Anonymous said...

Christine K: Always find it hilarious that the stag and hen dos only feature people from the street--whether or not they are friends with the person, they will be there, while meanwhile there are never any outsiders! Only adds to the in-breeding on the street. :) jeanie

CK said...

Also Tony's funeral had like one or two people not on the Street. You'd think someone as charismatic would have tons of people show up. At Carla's hen do what was the damage that was done to the DJ booth? All I saw was some piece of glitter covered cardboard that fell over.

Cas said...

Great scenes between Eileen and Jason in the graveyard, they were really touching.


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