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Thursday 26 May 2016

Coronation Street Weds 25th May episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. And what an episode I have to review for you tonight.

As we all know, it's Corrie's 'big week' of the year. It's the week which two years ago saw the death of Tina McIntyre and an explosion of carnage in last year's events, all conveniently tied in with the Britain's Got Talent finals. Those lucky residents of Weatherfield- they're always too caught up in a deadly drama to get the chance to be inundated with it.
"I don't see how things can possibly get any worse for this family"
This week's episodes are cleverly set over one night. I really enjoy it when Corrie does this. By picking  up exactly where we left off, we get a much clearer idea of what is going on without any awkward time lapses in between. So, tonight's episode started momentarily after Nick had suddenly had a change of heart during the reception and decided that he didn't forgive Carla's infidelity at all. Despite Jonny's persuasion, Nick is being his usual stubborn, monotonous conveniently brain-damaged self. He drones on about how much Carla has lied to an audience of the families. Later on, out on the Street, he childishly lectures Robert before punching him. Gail cannot stand to see her son upset so marches right over to a tearful Carla and gives her a hard Corrie slap. I have to say, this is probably the one and only time I have not been pleased to see a Corrie slap. In what was a rather powerful moment, Gail tells Carla to walk away and never return.  Audrey and her fascinator decide it would be best if Gail was to leave the Bistro and stay with her whilst Carla and her pipe-cleaner  are in a total daze. Even Roy is struggling to comfort her, but says he will drive her away from all this madness. When Roy gets held up, Carla walks over to her own car, removes Max's toy parachute from the roof and climbs in.
"You're not a mother. You don't understand. You hurt my child.
I hurt you"
Fiz and Tyrone are still shopping for the perfect dress for the wedding that finished ages ago. When their search seems to be in vain, Fiz suddenly finds a dress which is aesthetically perfect, but not financially. However, being the daft softy he is, Tyrone persuades her to let him buy it for her. Even though they are really struggling, he thinks she deserves a treat. They begin their drive home with the technically unneeded dress. Only a while before this, Cathy was talking to Alex about a wedding vs marriage and Alex ended up persuading his aunty to propose to Roy. After thinking about it, she decides to go for it. Outside, by the café, she gets down on one knee and pops the question. Roy's mind is in a totally different place, having frantically ran over from the Bistro to fetch his car keys. He says no, but I am hoping this was just in the confusion of the moment.  Roy gets into his car, waiting for Carla, who is already setting herself up for a destructive drive.

"It's a bit wet down here but- Roy Cropper, will you marry me?"
"What? No.. no. I can't...I have to get the car!"
Jenny had just been in the Kabin with Rita, explaining to her the events of that afternoon. Rita is grilling her for information, but Jenny maintains her innocence. She fails to mention that she made the world a better place by keeping Tracy locked up in a cupboard in the factory for hours. However, I am sure that Rita can see through her like one of her sweet jars. As she leaves the Kabin, Jenny notices that the paper boy is situated much further away than normal, so she goes to move the heavy thing. After we see her drag him back to his rightful place, we see that Tracy has stepped outside to see what is going on. Carla notices her there, The Wicked Witch of Weatherfield smugly grinning at the now manic bride behind the wheel of her car. Roy has parked in an inconvenient place, waiting and watching out for Carla. Tyrone and Fiz drive into the Street but are blocked by Roy. They wait for him to move, but Tyrone decides to try and manoeuvre round him. Jenny and Tracy stand watching the mayhem ensue.
"Crikey! You need to go on a diet!"
"You saw it. She tried to kill me!"
"It's a shame she missed!"

Carla can't help herself and drives towards Tracy. The smug look on her face is replaced by an open jaw as she leaps out of the way. Carla ultimately decides to avoid her but in the process, she knocks Cathy over, who is just stepping out of Dev's after making an emergency chocolate purchase. Tyrone frantically moves in order to avoid the out-of-control Car-la and spectacularly parks the truck he has borrowed from Kevin right in the Grannexe. It's all a bit of a mess really. Cathy is unconscious on the ground and Roy rushes to her side, borrowing Alex's phone to call for help. Carla herself seems to be little more than shaken up and merely watches as the Platts run across to the Grannexe. Kylie and Sarah gather the children and take them outside and send David to go and inspect the damage caused to the cemetery. Outside, the emergency services have arrived on the Street, having stamped their loyalty card on the way in. When Cathy is being lifted into an ambulance, Roy coldly ignores Carla as she calls for him. As it turns out, Fiz actually got to wear her posh dress to a big event after all. David joins Sarah and Kylie outside and confirms their fears.

"How bad is it?"
"It's bad. When they pull that truck out, they're gonna find Callum's body"

An absolutely fantastic episode tonight. Marvellous performances from the whole cast, but I'd like to single out Alison King as Carla - a great actress and wonderful character whom I and many others will miss dearly - and Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny- a character who has fast become one of my favourites. I wish her many more years of cobble drama.The only thing that is bothering me is Nick's reaction to the whole thing. I know he's got that silly brain damage card to play, but aside from that- why is he that bothered that Carla had a one night stand? Both of them have been unfaithful in previous relationships and it's not as if what Carla did even mattered in the grand scheme of things. But I understand that there has to be a story- and what a story this is turning out to be.  As long Britain's Got Talent is running, we are guaranteed at least one week of solidly fabulous episodes a year. 

As always,

Thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, man! you know brain damage isn't a card to play? It's a real thing that effects real people. Like I guess they could have portrayed it more effectively in the past but Nick isn't putting it on or being childish, dude's got brain damage, it's pretty offensive for you to suggest that. Also stop misleading, Nick did forgive her infidelity, it was more months of lies, and the contribution to the loss of his business. I don't know maybe watch more closely next time...

Shells said...

I hate to say it - but I do kind of agree with the earlier poster about Nick. Sorry! I don't even think it was primarily to do with Nick's brain damage, except that he was overwhelmed perhaps more easily by the piling on revelations. He forgave her, but it was the sheer number of lies that he couldn't process, and realized he can't trust her. I thought it was a bit melodramatic yet effective when he realized he cannot tell when she is honest and when she is manipulating him. It was a sad realization. How can you proceed without trust?

abbyk said...

I think the point Jordan was making was that for months and months, there were no visible brain damage issues. We assumed he had recovered. Then, when we need a reason for Carla to leave, it acts up again. Kinda like David's epilepsy, only affects him when it suits a story. Assuming he's only been acting normal until he let us see the real problem, then no, he and Carla probably are not well suited. She is a lot of things but patient nurturer isn't one of them.

Stupid stupid stupid that they got married only to get it annulled. Stupid stupid stupid that he is that bothered by a one night stand, considering what he did with Leanne and Kylie. Stupid stupid stupid Tyrone. Stupid stupid stupid marriage proposal by Cathy. But what fun was it to watch. Was it Jonny who yelled there are 3 kids in that house -- luv him more every day, esp with that sartorial sense. And, for once, Ken did something.

Am I cruel to wish that Carla had done in Tracy?

Anonymous said...

The whole wedding scene did not do it for me at all. Just too many coincidences and unlikely happenings.

Sorry, but Corry jumped the shark this week!

Tvor said...

I think Nick's decision had far more to do with Carla turning on the self destruct button every time things go wrong. It wasn't the affair as such, it was why she did it. It was the lying and scheming to get the Bistro in Robert's hands rather than just tell him about the fling in the first place. I think he figured she'd never change and would end up damaging their relationship in the long run and he just didn't have the strength to face it time after time.

Rapunzel said...

I'm very glad that Carla didn't die.

Ancient corrier said...

Tvor, that's exactly what it was. He couldn't face a future of not knowing when she would lie her way out of anything.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I wasn't surprised that Nick married Carla and initially forgave her. It was when he realized that there were more lies and manipulations. The 10,000 that she gave Tracey to enable Robert to take the one thing Nick was proud of, the going to Devon and leaving was a little more than just a one night stand.
The brain injury is not entirely believable either...conveniently pops up and then disappears. Adds to the boring Nick's character though to know from time to time he can go "Nutty Nicky" with a growly voice. Sort of a Weathy Jekyl and Hyde

Anonymous said...

A total train wreck of a many parts were shoehorned unbelievably so that we have this "explosive" conclusion. I just want this thing quickly over with...

Flo said...

Did the line that Fiz said as she was reading a text bother anyone else? Fiz has worked for Carla for years, yet she reads it as "the bride slept with the chef". I would think that whoever texted it to her would have texted that Carla slept with Robert or Carla slept with the chef. This isn't just casual gossip, all of the people there were people who knew all the characters well. It came across as sloppy writing to me.

Anonymous said...

Re Flo. She also said that not all of the text had come through, due to phone problems, so not sloppy writing after all

Anonymous said...

Wow, some serious aggression out there people - it's a TV SHOW. Is that one of the writer's posting those nasty retorts or what?!

In this particular case, Nick's brain injury is clearly little more than a card that this soap and it's writers conveniently play to further story lines.

I would hope that no one with a brain injury or defending those with a brain injury would actually use Nick's circumstance to demonstrate the real challenges faced by real people who actually have real brain injuries. I can't believe anyone would think that any soap character effectively represents any real person facing the same circumstances in real life.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,I thought both Nick and Gail were hyporcrites as Nick did sleep with Kylie,which Gail knew about blackmailed David into doing a DNA test on Lily while Gail hoped Nick was the father!
I did wonder what was the point of Tyrone's and Fiz's scenes?
I was relieved that Roy said no to Cathy's proposal as it was during a terrible time and I don't think he's over Hayley.
As for Cathy,I don't think she loves Roy but proposed so she and Alex can have security,ie Roy's flat and café.

Flo said...

@Anon 00:01 Enough of the text came through that she knew that the "bride slept with the chef"--which to me was just uncharacteristic for her character in how she said it. It was like she was talking about someone she barely knew.

@Anon 16:00 I agree what was the point of the whole Tyrone and Fiz thing? They could have just as easily had Tyrone go out on a call because he needed the money and had the same effect. The set up was just weird. There were plenty of ways that they could have had him out in the truck.


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