Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow gets a deadly diagnosis

Well, this sounds interesting.  Last night on Coronation Street when Johnny locked Tracy in the storeroom at Underworld, she cried out "I've only got one kidney," and "I need my medication."  Always nice to see a storyline's not been forgotten, eh?

Anyway, today Inside Soap magazine reveal today that Tracy will end up in hospital again. She's going to get struck down with a mystery illness. But if she expects any sympathy from her nearest and dearest, she can think again because they turn their backs on her.

Tracy is going to contract an infection in her working kidney. It's not the first time she's suffered this and she collapsed from an infection once before. 

She lost her kidney back in 1995 after taking an ecstasy tablet which caused kidney failure. Deirdre's Morrocan toy-boy, Samir Rachid, donated his kidney to her and it was taken from him when he died after being beaten up on the canal path.

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Anonymous said...

I expect she will persuade Amy to donate her's.

Diane said...

Persuade? Unless Kent locks up Amys kidney with her inheritance money from Dierdre, Tracy will just snatch it...

C in Canada said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal.

Anonymous said...

Since she's a minor,I don't think Amy is allowed to donate her kidney without her father's Steve's permission. I hope he isn't pressured to give consent by Tracy or Ken.
Perhaps it's the opportunity to kill Tracy off?

Anonymous said...

Dare I hope that this one-dimensional and dreary, predictable character is to be killed off? If this is down to the new producer I swear I will never say a bad about her ever.

Louby said...

I thought she got both kidneys, as Samir died?

chartreuse said...

I distinctly remember that they didn't because I thought they would and was surprised. After all what could they do with the other one so quickly? Thinking about it (and the fact that you really need only one) there was probably another recipient who remained unmentioned and unnamed.Maybe a doctor or nurse here could explain with more authority!

donna harris said...

I am surprised there are the few odd people who still speak to Tracy... at all.

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping that a storyline will come up where we get to find out who Amy's real father is. Paternity tests were never done so now would be a good way of squeezing a test in. Amy is probably too young to be a donor but she could whine about wanting to know her blood group and that would show if Steve could not be her dad. Such fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

You never know, Carla may donate her a kidney

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