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Monday 30 May 2016

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 30 May

Hello and welcome to another manic Monday on the street.

We start off in Sun Hill, I mean Weatherfield nick, as Gemma turns up to denounce David. She must be pretty convinced that David dunnit to go to the police, given her chequered record with them. Mind you, everyone's convinced David did it, even his own mum, who couldn't have murdered anyone: according to Beth, Gail only bored (three of) her husbands to death. Callum's mum is particularly convinced, turning up to give David a well aimed and well deserved slap. David tries to implicate first drug dealer Denton, then Mr Grimshaw, although at least he has the grace to dither and drink some water before naming and blaming Jason.

Despite the Weatherfield's police force well known propensity for imprisoning the wrong person, David is convinced that Jay-boy won't be sent down because of lack of evidence. What, then, is David's game plan? To distract the police whilst he thinks up a better suspect? (Tony?) Jason might be two spanners short of a full toolkit, but he knows that David is trying to fit him up and David whispering in corners with Sarah isn't going to help any.

The Platts have moved into Carla's flat, not that they have had much time to "degirlify" it, what with spending most of the two eps in the cop shop. They spend the rest of it debriefing in the pub, leaving the kids that they're so anxious to protect with Audrey, then Gail, then Bethany. Johnny, meanwhile, is anxious to get in touch with Carla so that he can run the payroll. Her password isn't merlot or m3rl0t£ or even Carla4Nicky4eva, but #blessed, which is something I've never ever heard either Carla or Michelle say. But the most important thing we learned tonight was that Audrey will never shout into a clown's mouth. Too right.

Meanwhile, Chesney has returned from Portugal and Sinead turns down £150 for two hours modelling work to hang out with him in a truly frightful neon-pink ruched blouse (Sinead; Chesney is in double denim). Chesney, however, is concerned about Gemma, who is very upset about Callum, talking about her erstwhile friend's thoughtful side, specifically the time he stole a guinea pig ("Ginger Ninja") from a client for her. Chesney accompanies her to Prima Doner, leaving Sinead to get drunk in the pub before throwing a pity party for two (invitees: Sinead and Aiden) at the factory. Like Chesney, Aiden is supportive of his employee's whiny woes, but unlike Gemma, Sinead misreads his sympathy and moves in for an unwanted snog. Given that Chesney's idea of an apology is a (free) kebab from his workplace, you can hardly blame the girl.

Someone who hasn't misread the situation is Cathy. If it were me, I'd have faked amnesia to get out of the failed proposal, but Cathy has more chops and at the Red Rec, Roy accepts her offer of marriage, telling her that Hayley told him that he must go paddling again. "It was a metaphor, of course." Let's hope that they will paddle on together.

Apologies in advance that I won't be around to do a review next Monday: I'll be sunning myself in Spain. See you in a fortnight.

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Anonymous said...

What's fascinating about that photo is that Roy looks like the less awkward of the two - he is progressing! :)

Sinead needs to kick Chesney to the curb, scrape her shoe, and move on!

Beth said...

I like the Gail of Monday night. She wasn't whiny, silly, batty eyed, just straight up and her mood was on the button for what has gone on under her Granexe. We saw a colder, harder Gail which suited the episode and not the daft idiot they've turned her into the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Platts move into Carla's flat and not Audrey's?It's not their property?!Ir's hyporcritical for Gail to slap the woman who cheated on her 'golden boy'then take over her home!
I disagree abour Roy as I thought he looked the more awkward of the two.I don't think he's ready to marry Cathy and only accepted her proposal out of obligation due to the accident.
In time,I think Roy will have second thoughts especially since Cathy and Alex are a 'package deal'and he may not he ready for their chaos.
Roy likes a quiet simple life.

Shells said...

I don't understand 2 things:
1. how did the Platts get access to Carla's flat? That wasn't explained.
2. After 2 or 3 weeks away, wouldn't the first thing on Chesney's mind be some sexy time with Sinead? (it was on Steve's mind when he returned to Michelle!) There's no way he'd opt to help out Gemma instead. lol!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Nck's flat they moved into.? Something was said about it

Rapunzel said...

Shells, I think Chesney and Sinead had their sexy time at the expense Sinead's modeling job. It was only when they emerged post-sexy time that Chesney got diverted by Gemma's dramas

Shells said...

Ha ha, thanks for the clarification. I'm sorry to be the one to have introduced speculation into Ches and Sinead's sex life, lol!

Kate said...

One thing I am confused about - how did the police nail down the night that Callum was killed?

Anonymous said...

Agreed KAte and why has it not been mentioned that Gemma supposedly had contact with him via cell phone...that would throw a monkey wrench in the works.


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