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Saturday 21 May 2016

Corrie weekly update - Zero to Hero and a Whistling Surveyor

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It’s been a busy week on the Street this week. We’ve had an extra episode as Corrie gears up to its annual ratings-chaser of a big week next week before the voting in this year's Soap Awards closes.

It’s all about Carla and Nick this week as their wedding plans steam ahead. But Nick’s rages and moods, symptoms from his brain injury, continue and he tells Carla he can’t marry her. “I am nuts!” he yells at her. “Nuts!”  Yes, Nick’s nuts. He stays out overnight at Gail’s and Carla’s worried sick. She finally gets him to confess what’s going on and goes with him to see the consultant at t’hospickle to get Nick’s brain scan results. The results show that physically Nick’s fine but he has to avoid stress. And yes, the consultant did use the word ‘chillax’. Carla convinces him that she’s fine with what’s going on and the wedding’s back on. But then Nick tells her he can’t face the stress of moving away to Devon and so their move’s off. This is news that Tracy Barlow doesn’t like the sound of and she and Carla have a stand-off in the middle of the Street. “Move – or I’ll blab with a capital B,” Tracy tells Carla to which she replies: “You ruin my life and I won’t be responsible for what comes next, ok? And I promise that with a capital P!”

Carla and Johnny have a heart to heart in Roy’s Rolls and she admits that Tracy’s blackmailing her over her fling with Robert. Johnny tries to protect his daughter and threatens Tracy at the door of No. 1.  Meanwhile Roy gets a sense of what’s going on and suggests to Carla that he thinks it’d be more appropriate for Johnny, her dad, to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Elsewhere this week, Tyrone becomes a fully licensed cab driver and Kev agrees to Kylie’s demand to interview Freddie for a job at Webster’s Autos.

Another big storyline this week has been the regular Corrie seaside day in Blackpool.  Sally storms there with Sophie by her side to sort out Tim, who’s taken Kev and Jack away on what should have been hers and Tim’s romantic mini-break. Now then, I’ve been to Blackpool and romantic it is not. I won’t go into details but I once stayed in a B&B so grotty that I got an electric shock from the wash basin in my room.  Anyway, Sally turns up just in time to see Tim shoveling fish and chips into Kev’s gob in a seafront café and she’s livid. Livid. But as it was her own fault that Tim went with Kev she’s got no one else to blame. As she’s having an argument with Tim and Kev in the café, Jack runs off, right into the path of an oncoming Blackpool tram. Fortunately for Jack and the sake of a wrapping up a storyline, Jenny Bradley is in Blackpool at the very same time, having a day out with Johnny Connor. It’s Jenny who saves Jack’s life and she’s hailed as the hero of the hour. The Weatherfield Gazette even run an article on her – from Zero to Hero(ine). 

Despite the fact that Jack’s still alive because of Jenny’s intervention, Sally continues to snipe at her at every opportunity. You can imagine what she’s like when she gets wind of Jenny wanted to become a machinist at the factory. Jenny bats her eyelids at Johnny Connor and asks to be trained up on the sewing machines. It’s a request he doesn’t deny.

Preston’s Petals is robbed this week by the mystery parishioner that Billy is having trouble with. Billy confides in Todd that the lad is his brother, Lee, and he’s a heroin addict.

Izzy gets more cannabis to help control her pain and ends up being arrested for possession of drugs. She also gets an additional charge of assaulting a policeman when she accidentally rams the dozy copper with her wheelchair. She gets taken to the cop shop and this makes her miss Gary’s day in court for dealing cannabis to her. Gary’s given a suspended sentence and a telling-off from his mum, who’s got a scowl on her all week. “We’ve all done stupid things,” Izzy tells Anna. “You should know that better than anyone!”  Gary offers to move in with Izzy to help her cope with little Jake. I love these two together, I love them more than any other Corrie couple I’ve ever watched on screen (bar Roy and Hayley, of course).

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sally's anger at Jenny is because she saved Kevin's child who was fathered because of his affair with Molly? Perhaps Sally still considers Jack a reminder of Kevin's betrayal and the destruction of their marriage even though Tyrone seems to have forgiven him.

coconno196 said...

And yet again someone saunters into someone's place of work to make a social arrangement, Kevin inviting Izzy round for dinner. They really should have their pay docked for all the interruptions, also for using their phone, sloping off shopping etc during the working day.

On a positive note, I was impressed with little Jake's chats with Gary and Sean. He said more in those two short scenes than Jack Webster ever has, and was very natural too.

Anonymous said...

I found Izzy's strip search, and her helplessness to defend against the humiliation, one of the most viscerally harrowing things I've seen on CS. Kudos to the writers and to Cherylee Houston.

Anonymous said...

Sally seems to spend way too much time hating on Jenny and using Jack as the excuse. I don't believe that Sally even remembers that Kevin fathered Jack with his best friend's wife, as she sticks her nose in way too often.

coconno196 said...

Yes, the strip search was very upsetting. In Izzy's place I'd have just handed over the cannabis, but maybe the police would still have had to complete the search?

Cobblestone said...

Seriously? Sally's grudge against Jenny was fuelled by her kidnapping of Jack. You can't seriously be suggesting that Sally would have preferred Jenny letting Jack die under a tram?

Tvor said...

Sally is still very protective of Kevin and of Rita and her hatred of Jenny comes from Jenny's behaviour with Rita in the past so she didn't trust Jenny from the get go. And the fact that she nearly took Kevin's son from him only cemented that hatred.


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