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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 9th May

The episode starts with a flustered Gemma and a topless Jason. Someone's been working out! Thank you, Corrie gods, for letting us have a glimpse of that bronzed torso once more. I'll shut up now: I am, in the words of Leanne, old enough to be his...older sister.

A night with Gemma has not improved Jason's mood as he bans Eileen from Tony's funeral and gets tetchy about the hole in his suit. Later, Gemma returns in search of her lost scrunchie and finds Eileen instead, who gives her a piece of advice about not letting men walk all over you. "I was so grateful that I let him treat me like dirt," she says of Tony. In return, Gemma counsels Eileen: "Everyone deserves to say goodbye to the people they love", which convinces Eileen to ignore Jason's prohibition and turn up to the church for the last rites, much to her son's fury and disgust. Jason turns his anger from Liz to Eileen and accuses her of never loving Tony and stopping him being a part of their lives. Eileen refuses to leave, and in a lovely scene, we realise the problem isn't Eileen or even Tony's death. but Jason missing having a dad growing up. He is angry and upset about all the missed years. "You're made of tough stuff, you're gonna be OK", Eileen tells him. He is a chip of his mother's block, after all. They bond over Tony's favourite whisky but as Eileen goes to find Todd and Sean, Phelan takes her place and gets the last word, about empire building. Jason's troubles aren't over yet.

Roy has come back to Weatherfield for Hayley's birthday, but finds a moved picture in the cafe, Alex and his pals getting drunk in the flat and breaking things, and a new cappuccino machine that doesn't impress Gail as it's not as good as Nick's that does four espressos at once. Even Cathy's offer to sprinkle some Ovaltine on it doesn't convince Gail. She is organising a pre-hen hen do (a chick party) for Carla who's gone from being the daughter in law from hell to flavour of the month in Gail's eyes, splashing out as she does on Freshco's finest Scotch eggs and pink Lambrusco. Carla has other things on her mind, which is offering sage advice to Roy when he gets upset about the aforementioned changes in his home. "Different isn't so bad," she advises Roy when he complains about the chaos surrounding Cathy, and like Jason he softens, changes his mind and asks Cathy and Alex to stay.

Despite Gail's insistence that Sarah put up the bunting for Carla's pamper party, the new mum is still in meltdown mode, convinced that Harry can sense the presence of "the drug dealer with the silly swagger" under the Grannexe.

Meanwhile in the Tinker-Brown household, Sinead skypes Chesney, who is still in Portugal with Joseph, and Craig goes on a date to the Bistro with Caitlyn McGuinness, who is as unimpressed with the beef "cappuccino" as Gail was in Roy's.

Apologies in advance that I won't be able to do a review next week - like Liz (and Ches), I am off on me hollybobs.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter.

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Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that Roy is the one who has to apologise for being angry at Cathy and Alex both of whom owe him an apology when he has every right to be angry after seeing damage in his flat done by Alex and his friends.
When is Alex going to learn responsibility and respect for others?

Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree completely. Cathy had absolutely no business moving Alex into Roy's flat without asking him. Are we supposed to like Alex? I don't, I find him to be quite a handful and why should Cathy have to take him on? Where is his self-absorbed mother hooked up with another bloke I'm sure.

C in Canada said...

I'm in agreement with Anon above. Cathy invited Alex to stay without consulting Roy (I'm sure Sylvia has a phone!) and they both abused that trust Roy had in both of them.
I'd be angry too.

Anonymous said...

He never will, it's the plain truth.

Flo said...

Glad to see I wasn't the only one annoyed with the Roy and Cathy part of the episode. It was a fiasco to start and then suddenly wasn't and everything all swept under the rug.

And yes, Nessa is hooked up with another bloke, there was an episode with Alex upset because she was going to move to Scotland and he didn't want to go.


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