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Thursday 12 May 2016

Coronation Street Weds 11th May episode review

Hiya! Obviously, it's Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

I'll start off by saying that the majority of last night's Corrie was devoted to Sarah's impending meltdown and centred around Gail the Village Idiot's ridiculously over-the-top party to welcome Carla into the Platt clan. The ever-trying Gail heads over to the factory with an actual invitation for her soon-to-be-probably-won't-be daughter-in-law. She's already cleared everything with Jonny and Aiden so poor Carla has no choice but to accept the invite to her own hen-do/pamper party thing, albeit with a glazed smile and through gritted teeth. Back at number 8, Gail is whooshing around at full force, dithering about the canapés and sparkling wine she has bought to impress Carla. In the midst of all this, Sarah is gradually deteriorating. She's desperate to leave the house/graveyard in any way she can but when she announces she's leaving, Gail goes to stop her and the glasses of sparkling wine are strewn across the floor. Just as Carla is entering the house, Gail throws her cloth up in the air. No prizes for guessing where it lands. A mortified Gail tries to salvage her ridiculous party  and it's not long before Audrey, Gail and Carla are choosing which of three men they would take on a cruise, marry or go on an "intimate" date with and Bethany is plucking her grandmother's eyebrows.

"Do you know what, Gran? You should get these done every week"
"I have never suffered from excessive hair!"
All the while, Sarah lurks in the kitchen with Harry in her arms. She's racking her brain trying to think of an excuse to leave. In desperation, she holds a thermometer over a boiling kettle and dashes through to the living room to pass it off as Harry's temperature. She demands that he is taken to hospital and the Platt ladies naturally follow suit and the party is broken up. Carla is devastated, I'm sure. At the hospital, the doctor assures the family that baby Harry is fine and that baby's temperatures can change easily. This, to any other mother, would be brilliant news. Not to Sarah. This means she has to go back home, something which Sarah can not do. Kylie can see right through all this, confronting her sister-in-law on the way out of the hospital. She gives her a pep talk, telling her she has to simply deal with the fact there's a dead body buried under the house.

"We can't be in that place where he is"
"Callum is dead. He can't hurt you"
"Yes he can, and he will if I don't get away from him"

Elsewhere, we got to see more of the fabulous Dolly Rose Campbell as Gemma, the latest loveable chav to grace the cobbles. To apologise for the lack of communication since they slept together the other night, Jason invites her to the pub  after work. In true Gemma style, she turns up looking ridiculously chavtastic (maybe a little too much so) and awkwardly plonks herself opposite to the lady she only addresses as "Jason's mum". It is clearly a shock to her that the drink she was invited out for appears to be a Grimshaw family gathering, but she makes the best of it by ordering a voddy and coke. There is certainly far less action between herself and Jason than there was the other night. Jason sits slumped in the corner of the booth. As well as this, Todd is chiselling away at Billy, trying to find out what it is that he is hiding.

"All right...?"

To remind us of that pesky brain damage, Nick ignored and then returned a call from the Consultant and we welcome Kyran Bowes into the cast as the second incarnation of Jack Webster. Tim has been left looking after him as Kevin has let him skip school. Tim is desperate to bring his marriage through the rough patch it is obviously going through and has booked a holiday for himself and Sally. He turns up at the factory with Jack, who is dressed as a pirate, to announce said holiday to his wife. Silly Sean did some bleating about poor Billy and their cancelled foreign holiday but Tim has decided to keep Sally guessing about the destination of their holiday. I imagine wherever the destination is, it will not live up to Sally's expectations and some more Sally/Tim comedy will ensue.

"Are you and Sally friends again?"
A good episode but its sole purpose was most definitely to bridge the gap between Monday and Friday. A quiet episode with a few good moments of comedy.

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