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Thursday 19 May 2016

Coronation Street Weds 18th May episode review

"Well, you rock a suit..."

Hiya! It's just Jordan with my thoughts on this week's Wednesday trip to Weatherfield.

We start off in Izzy's flat where she rocks the 90s side ponytail and discusses the most important event of the day ahead with Gary. It's the day of Gary's trial. Remember that? The trial for when Gary was caught trying to score some cannabis for Izzy. In other words, what I refer to as the 'news item' storyline continued last night and unfortunately dominated the episode. After having a scene of typical panic with Izzy, Gary is seen allowing Jake to open one of his birthday presents early. After all, it may be the last time he sees his son for a while. Over in the caf√©, Izzy orders a cup of tea from Roy but is bombarded with a long-winded definition of some Greek word when Anna walks in. She's late because of a dishonest dry cleaner, whose "Back in 5 minutes" sign turned out to be a bit of a fib. Even though Gary has barred her from the trial, she has taken the liberty of getting his attire cleaned.
"That's how I got into this game. Scoring it for me old ma. She tried everything"
"I've tried everything"

Izzy has chosen today of all days to try and get her hands on some more cannabis. After failing to get some from her usual dealer, she is put in touch with another dealer merely called Marc.  He is insistent on doing the deal at Izzy's flat, an idea she initially refuses and feels uncomfortable with. Out of desperation, Izzy accepts and Marc follows her home. However, she really should have stuck to her guns because only moments after getting home, there is a loud bang at the door. It's the police. Obviously. One officer chases the new dealer out of the flat and the other detains Izzy and arranges for her to be taken to the station. In a completely contrived collection of scenes, the police officer is downright rude to Izzy and fails to notice that she is in a wheelchair. When the first car arrives, she asks if it is wheelchair accessible. It is only then that the officer attempts to find out, and speaks in a totally flippant manner. It's not accessible and they must wait for another car. The ridiculousness is heightened when the officer labels poor Izzy as being 'awkward' for not getting in the first car.  He then prevents her from taking her pain killers, violently snatching the box from her grasp. This drives Izzy insane, so she moves forward in her chair, reaching out to get them. She accidentally runs over his foot at the same time and he arrests her for assault. How ridiculous! The entire premise of this particular part of the storyline was silly. It was as if we, as the viewers, are not beeing given a chance to decide whose side we are on. By  having a bafflingly stupid police officer akin to a pantomime villain, we are almost being forced to root for Izzy. And after all that, we don't even get to the trial.

"The car - can we take a chair? It's a huge electric... thing"

Elsewhere, a journalist has turned up at Underworld. He wants to do a story on Weatherfield's latest hero, Jenny Bradley.  As we saw in Monday's episode, she dramatically saved Jack from being ran over by a Blackpool tram.  Unfortunately for Jenny, press interest will regurgitate the past. She doesn't really want to be bac in the papers. The journalist who turns up at the factory seems to think that her 'story' would make for good reading. Oh yes. Jenny left her child in a paddling pool a few years ago and he drowned. Now she's done what any normal person would've done in that particular circumstance. Makes for an excellent story if you ask me. Not. When the journalist wants a photograph, she is even more hesitant but Jonny manages to persuade the rest of the staff to stand with her for support.  Everything that is happening to Jenny right now is in aid of her inevitable romance with Jonny. I am all for Jonny and Jenny as a couple. I think they'd work brilliantly and Sally would be mortified that she's bagged the boss of the factory. But do they have to build the relationship through silly setups?

"It's such a moving story. A woman suffers bereavement, then mental health issues and saves a life"
"You really have done your research"

And to finish- we finally got an answer about the identity of the mystery man who has been harassing Billy lately. Todd is outside the flower shop cleaning the windows when he spots that someone has snuck in and is helping themselves to the content of the till. It's Lee. Gary and Billy notice what is going on and there is a scuffle between the three of them, Lee eventually breaking free and running away. Not long after, Todd threatens to call the police. Billy begs him not to.

"He's my brother"

A bit of a thin episode if I'm honest; a very weak structure throughout of a very contrived, and sometimes silly, nature. However, I am very pleased that Billy has finally revealed his secret and I am looking forward to the soon-to-be pairing of Jonny and Jenny.

As always,

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous indeed, that policeman was an insult to the Police and an insult to actors in general.

Sophie Bird said...

I was hoping that Lee was a rent boy who had been rented by Billy.

maggie muggins said...

Thanks for your Wednesday blog, Jordan. I agree, the way things were written, opportunities were lost and both Izzy and Jenny were literally bullied by 2 jerks. Not a good way to make a point about disability and women in the media.

I love that Corrie does issue storylines, but sometimes I despair at bungled, overdone and off the mark episodes like this one. All of the points trying to be made about medical marijuana and lack of access for people with disabilities are important. I cringed at the way it was done here.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that Stuart Blackburn is attempting to sabotage the show, creating as many implausible storylines as he can, making it as difficult as possible for the new producer, leaving her to clean up his mess.

Anonymous said...

Corrie has been much, much better in recent weeks / months, although unfortunately all 3 episodes this week so far seem to have nose-dived in quality again.

I'm not familiar with last night's writer (Debbie Oates), but I was really surprised by Monday's episodes as they were written by the normally superb Damon Rochefort. If only Chris Fewtrell and Simon Crowther could write every episode!

Anonymous said...

Re Sophie bird. What? Billy announced that Lee was his brother. Really hope he didn't "rent" his own brother. Worst episode in a long while btw xx

Cobblestone said...

Didn't appreciate Sally bitching about Jenny again, after she'd agreed to start over. This inconsistency of tone is a consequence of passing from one writer to another with inadequate oversight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing an honest review, Jordan.


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