Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bev Callard's not leaving Corrie

Saturday mornings in our house start slowly, gently, quietly. Sunny Jim pops out to the shop to buy The Guardian and we spend the morning reading it together over breakfast, listening to BBC 6 Music. 

Anyway, he came back from the shop this morning saying 'You'll never guess what was on the front of the Daily Star today!'.  As you can see from the picture above, their shocker headline suggests Bev Callard, aka Liz McDonald, might be making the move south from Weatherfield to Walford.

Not so, thankfully.

Surprised by the headline, Sunny Jim opened the Daily Star to read the story inside.  And the 'story' is nothing more than Coronation Street actress Bev Callard watches the rival soap on TV.

Ah well, makes a better headline than 'Woman watches Telly'.  Made us look, anyway, and blog about it too!

Bev Callard has tweeted in response to the Daily Star's front page today - two words - "As If!"

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vintgal003 said...

Thank goodness!! Love our Liz....long live my favourite landlady!

Cobblestone said...

My God! The tosh that so-called 'newspapers' shovel up these days! That is pretty pathetic, even by the Star's abysmal standards!

Alan Taylor said...

Never believe what the papers say or we would all be in shit Street bev belongs in corrie and corrie only x

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