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Friday 13 May 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 13 May

Friday 13th May
NICK MAKES A HUGE DECISION When the hospital tries to phone Nick, he kills the call and covers, making out it was a wine company. Carla’s none the wiser. Nick’s stag do takes place in the Rovers with Johnny, Dev, Aidan, Robert, Luke, David, Tim and Kirk. David finds Nick in the Rovers back yard clutching his head. Nick admits he lied about being given the all clear and his brain injury is worse than ever. He’s unable to control his temper and frightened he could hurt Carla at any time. Reaching a decision, Nick announces that the stag do is cancelled and the wedding is off. David and Robert are stunned.
THE HENS HIT THE TOWN Each dressed as Carla, the hens (Beth, Kate, Michelle, Maria, Sally, Caz, Gail, Kylie and Cathy) set off to a club in town. In high spirits, Gail and Kate wrestle over the DJ’s microphone, each wanting to say a few words about Carla. In the scuffle, they damage the DJ’s equipment and club manager intervenes.
JENNY’S FORCED TO FACE PAINFUL MEMORIES In the factory, Sally reads out the clues Tim’s given her regarding the surprise mini-break. When Jenny works out that their destination is Blackpool, Sally’s gutted. When the factory girls rib Sally by sticking pictures of Blackpool to her machine, she rips them down and thrusts them at Jenny ordering her to put them in the bin. Johnny finds Jenny alone in the factory, crying over the pictures of Blackpool. Jenny explains how the last time she visited was to identify her dad’s body. Johnny offers her a comforting arm.
ELSEWHERE In an attempt to find some common ground with Alex, Roy studies some computer game crib sheets on the internet. Cathy’s impressed. Sinead calls in the caf√© and finding Roy struggling with an Xbox, offers to give him some pointers. Craig sets off on another date with Caitlin who drops the bombshell that she’s moving to Dundee.

Friday 13th May
NICK TELLS CARLA HE CAN’T MARRY HER Robert and David listen with incredulity as Nick explains his brain damage has returned and he doesn’t want Carla to marry him out of pity. Having returned home, Robert confides in Tracy that Nick wants to cancel the wedding. Tracy’s furious, convinced he’ll want to get his hands on the bistro again. Nick breaks the news to Carla that much as he loves her, he can’t marry her. She’s stunned.
JOHNNY HAS ADVICE FOR JENNY When Johnny finds Jenny in the Rovers back yard gazing at the stars, he suggests she should return to Blackpool in honour of her dad and offers to accompany her.  Jenny’s touched.
TIM LETS SALLY DOWN After a call from Sally, Tim announces that all the hens have been arrested. The stags arrive at the police station to collect their drunken other halves. Sally’s miffed to realise Tim hasn’t turned up. Having been released without charge, the hens return home and Sally rails at Tim for failing to come to her rescue. But Tim calls her a snob and explains he booked the break in Blackpool hoping they could rebuild their relationship. Sally’s taken aback.
ELSEWHERE Clearly on edge, Sarah carries Harry into the annexe and talks to Callum’s dead body telling him how much she hates him. Craig offers to move to Dundee to be with Caitlin, how will she respond? When the Xbox fails to work, Roy suggests a game of Monopoly instead. Alex is underwhelmed. All set for her romantic evening via video link, Sinead’s gutted when Chesney bails, explaining he’s stuck at a beach party. Together Roy and Alex come to the aid of a drunken Cathy.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy's "impressed" that Roy struggles to relate to her lay-about, useless, drunk of a nephew whose been invited to live with them without Roy's previous knowledge or permission? Great gal, that Cathy.

Nick's "brain damage has returned"?? What's that, like herpes?

"stuck" at a beach party is not how most people would describe it, Ches... good bye and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

I think the new producer's first job should be to cut down on overly detailed synopsis' being available before the episodes screen. I've drifted away from Corrie over the past year to the point I rarely ever watch it now but reading a preview like this means that actually, I don't really need to see it at all!

It's not a criticsm of the blog - more a fact that, unlike soaps such as Eastenders or Emmerdale, Coronation Street seems determined to "tell all" in advance. This has made it less essential viewing, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

A. Dear Tracy...a sale is a sale. If Nick want's the Bistro back your dumb boyfriend can just say "No!" It's that simple. No drama involved.

B. If Sally talked to me the way she talks to Jenny--she'd be a few teeth short of a smile.

abbyk said...

What odd guest list choices: for the stag, why Luke and Kirk, and why no Roy or Steve? They have no relationship with Nick. At least Tim is his mothers bff's husband. Ditto the hens: what are Beth and Cathy doing there and where are Audrey and Sarah?

Please, I know that for dramatical purposes, Roy needs to play nintendo with Alex. Realistically, I'd rather have seen Bethany and Simon commiserating and getting into a a spot of trouble for being just a little to young to be included in the festivities for the filler. I also know dramatical is not a word but sometimes it just works.

Anonymous said...

abbyk,I think Cathy was invited out of respect for Carla's friendship with Roy.I am disappointed that Nick didn't invite Roy either for the same reason.That good man is having a bad week in terms of being shown little consideration.first by Cathy and Alex and now Nick.


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