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Thursday 26 May 2016

Pics: Coronation Street villains who’ve been killed off

On Coronation Street the villains usually get their comeuppance, and several have met their end in a rather grisly manner.

Out of 157 deaths in Coronation Street’s 55 years, there have been 20 murders and eight were suicide. As well as evil Callum Logan, eight of the deaths have been other characters the Street’s residents were glad to see the back of...

Back in 1968, Joe Donnelli murdered Elsie Tanner’s second husband Steve, held Irma Barlow and Minnie Caldwell hostage and later threatened Stan Ogden with a gun before shooting himself dead.

Jenny Bradley’s dad Alan stole from and cheated on Rita. When she found out in 1989, he tried to suffocate her. Rita fled to Blackpool where dastardly Bradley was hit by a tram.

Drug dealer Jez Quigley made Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby’s lives hell and was  behind the death of Tony Horrocks. Following a beating from Jim McDonald, Jez died from a punctured lung while attempting to smother Steve in 2000. 

Richard Hillman charmed and married Gail before leaving Duggie Ferguson for dead, fatally hitting ex-wife Patricia with a spade, trying to kill mum-in-law Audrey and killing Maxine Peacock while attempting to murder Emily Bishop. In 2003 Hillman kidnapped his family and drove them into a canal. He was the only one who perished. 

Builder Charlie Stubbs psychologically abused fiancée Shelley Unwin. When she dumped him Charlie moved on to Tracy Barlow but had an affair with Maria Sutherland. Tracy sought revenge in 2007 by making out that Charlie was abusing her before hitting him on the head with an ornament and killing him. 

Carla’s second husband Tony Gordon bullied pensioner Jed Stone to sell his house to line his own pockets, had her brother-in-law Liam murdered after finding out about their affair, escaped prison, set fire to Underworld and died in the blaze in 2010.

John Stape kidnapped Rosie Webster, married Fiz in prison and on his release committed identity fraud. He suffocated Colin Fishwick’s mum, murdered Charlotte Hoyle and held Charlotte’s parents hostage before dying following a car crash in 2011.  

Co-owner of Underworld, violent Frank Foster raped Carla in her flat after she called off their engagement, and, in 2012, was murdered in the factory by his mother Anne. 

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Anonymous said...

Jez Quigley is the best genuinely terrifying villain of all time. Awesome actor who is equally dark and dastardly in other great shows like Rome.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, couldn't agree more. Jez Quigley was the epitome of villainy, played to perfection by Lee Boardman.

I can still hear his great voice "Steven James McDonald, come on down!"

Lateboomer said...

Aww. You can't *really* include poor John Stape as a villain! All he ever wanted to do was teach....

Daithi_c said...

Why is Charlie's photo there, it should be Tracy who
murdered him and got away with it (in the end).

Daithi_c said...

Charlie's photo shouldn't be there,
it was Tracy who murdered him (premeditated too!)
and eventually got away with it.

Anonymous said...

hey and where is Rob who murdered Tina


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