Sunday, 1 May 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards April 25 - 29

Billy Ballistic award: I did not see that coming!

Gossip Boy award: Yes, Sean, you really are a huge gossip.

Too Much Information (for Zeedan): Yasmeen recalling canoodling in a phone booth and reassuring her she still has a sex life.

Eulogy: Liz and Eileen talking about Tony's big personality, and how he could make you feel like a million dollars, or worthless, but it was never boring.

Pot stirring award: Phelan, with a perfect little piece of passive aggression or subliminal suggestion which sent Jason straight to the pub to shout at Liz, exactly as intended.

Stylin' award: Really liked Zeedan's outfit, from the skull shirt to the zips on his trousers.

Profound award: Sean's right. Even if it hurts to remember, it's not so bad either. We need to remember our loved ones and the things we loved about them.

One of those days: Kylie got bumped into twice, and had drinks spilled on her both times!

Musical amabiance: "End of the Line" by the Traveling Wilburys when Todd found out that Phelan is moving in.

High Noon award: Phelan and Johnny are now glaring into the sun at each other across the cobbles. I think Johnny's probably a worthy opponent, too.

Lines of the week:
Phelan "It's a building job, not a fashion show"
Phelan to Todd "Shouldn't you be playing with your pansies?" Todd "Wow. Homophobic, pig ugly and twisted. My mum's really hit the jackpot this time."
Yasmeen "What does a step ladder have to do with first aid?" and then "You might want to wipe that lipstick off your neck. or is it imaginary blood?" (Yasmeen wasn't born yesterday)
Michelle "Isn't it better to tell him?" (parallelling her situation to Carla's) Carla "And risk losing him? No, I'd rather live with the guilt" (because you've done that so well)
Tim "It's not the same going in the Rovers when the barmaid looks like she's going to cry in your pint"
Zeedan "You're my gran" Yasmeen "Doesn't mean I don't have a sex life"
Sean "I'm an events bee, a factory bee, and a bar bee"
Phelan "Wind'em up. Watch 'em go"
Zeedan "I'm a chef. My knife is my life"

There won't be any awards next week as I'll be away over the weekend. By the time I've caught up, it'll be into the next week of Corrie.

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Anonymous said...

Рhelan has a great Dennis the Menace haircut in that рhoto above ;)

Anonymous said...

Better for who? award to Michelle who doesn't even consider not only her hyporocrisy for being upset at Liz for not telling her about Peter's and Tina's affair because Carla is her friend but put Liz in the same position knowing about her and Will and also the possibility of telling Steve about her fling with Will would result in him possibly sinking into depression again especially since her accusation of Steve who also knew about Peter and Tina of having blood on his hands when Tina was murdered resulting in him suffering depression.

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