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Thursday 26 May 2016

Corrie wedding of the year

The past four days have been filled with drama on Corrie. Excellent stuff, too! The wedding of the year did happen which surprised me, knowing that Nick was going to find out the truth about the affair and the blackmail/betrayal to do with the Bistro sale and move to Devon. He was ready to forgive the fling but the betrayal weighed on his mind a lot heavier and then the stress got too much for him.

I had to wonder, has this wedding now taken the record for shortest wedding in Corrie history? Tracy and Steve's only lasted to the reception but they had to drive from the chapel to the Rovers. Nick and Carla got married in the same room as the reception so I reckon they probably win this dubious award. Nick finally realized that he couldn't handle Carla's self destruct mode in the long run. Nice Nicky, Doormat Nicky, he might have forgiven her over and over but looking down into his future, it looks like he just couldn't do it. Roy didn't look too happy with Carla, either after her shenanigans may cost Cathy dearly. I'm sure she'll be ok but Roy may not be so quick to forgive Carla, either.

Gail went from being Carla's best friend back to being her worst enemy and that smack she gave Carla was a shock. You might resort to physical violence on behalf of your child if your child is a little kid but it really isn't called for when your son is pushing 40. Then went Round 2 with Nick leveling one at Robert's jaw for calling him "mate". Tracy seems to have burned some very big bridges with her family, too.

There were pretty frocks, and one or two frumpy ones. Tacky wedding gifts abounded. Carla was probably the glummest looking bride I've ever seen, barely cracking a smile at all while previously stressed out Nick was relaxed and happy. Audrey uttered a Phrase of Doom reckoning things couldn't get worse for the Platts, and, yep, things got worse right enough. 

I had guessed that there would be a vehicle through the side of the Grannex which would unearth Callum's body but I thought it would be Carla's car. I guess it wouldn't have had enough weight to do the kind of damage needed where the breakdown truck did.

I've put some blog posts over on State of the Street, with a running commentary as I watched the episodes, along with lots of screen captures. Have a look:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Top marks to everyone this week! Great performances!

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CK said...

After such a disaster of a wedding why was the music turned back on for the guests to mingle, eat and drink and be merry?! Like LEAVE already!

Anonymous said...

Why I enjoyed Gail's slap:
Carla has gotten away with the following:
Covering death of factory girl working overtime for her.
Tormenting Maria and trying to lure Liam from her even when she was pregnant.
Running over Stella while drunk.
Developing a 'drinking problem' while in pursuit of Leann's husband Peter.
Marrying poor Tony Gordon although she did not love him.
Stringing Frank Foster along up until night before the wedding.
Gambling away the factory at the expense of her workers.
Taking Michelle for granted and causing her such anxiety.
I am sure there are other things....
So when you consider all that she has gotten away with.....Gail giving her that slap was the best thing ever!

abbyk said...

I think what I've enjoyed most this week, besides exciting plot twists, is the relative lack of spoilers. The whole dress buying seemed pointless filler until we realized that you'd need a truck to crash through the grannex. Who has the only truck? The slap, Amy seeing through Tracy's bad behavior and Ken (finally) doing something, Jenny being Jenny, Robert dumping Tracy but ruing having to leave Ken behind, and my favorite, Jonny locking Tracy in the closet, so much good stuff made better with the element of surprise. It was so much better without knowing everything in advance. More, please.

Ancient corrier said...

Not only was Carla the glumness looking bride her face didn't move at all! Through all the tension, stress and angst those perfectly arched eyebrows didn't move one fraction of an inch, her face was as cool as ice. I sat fascinated, watching for some sign of emotion, but nothing happened!


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