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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Alison King interview as Carla Connor leaves Corrie

Q&A with Alison King

In the run up to the wedding Nick wants to call it all off, what’s Carla reaction to this? 

We see that the symptoms of Nick’s brain injury are starting to return, he’s fearful about what it means for the future, which makes Carla also fearful, wondering what he knows about her one night stand with Robert. They’re coming from two different places. What Carla should have done is come clean at the start but because Tracy’s been manipulating the situation it’s all got out of control. Carla starts to think that Nick must know something but of course he doesn’t, it’s all about his injury and how he doesn’t want to hurt Carla, which makes what she’s done look even worse at the end of the day. So in the run up it’s unclear as to whether the wedding will even go ahead. 

Why doesn’t Carla recoil when Nick tells her about the extent of his brain injury and what it could mean for them?
She’s so stressed at the minute she doesn’t really think it through. She’d love him whatever but at this moment it’s just adding to the pressure cooker that is Carla Connor pressing self destruct as always. She’s finally found someone who’s good with her, who gets her, but of course she’s jeopardised all that because of her fling with Robert.

Why did she sleep with Robert?
It was quite out of character. She’d just found out that Johnny was her dad, she’d been drinking and Carla is so messed up because of her family anyway that she just couldn’t handle it. 

How is Carla feeling on her wedding day?
As the day approaches she’s hit by the enormity of it and the shame over what she’s done. A few throwaway comments from the girls as she’s getting ready really resonate with her and the pressure of her guilt starts to get to her. She just wants to get through the day, marry Nick and move away from the street where she can start afresh.

Does she contemplate revealing all to Nick?
She should have told him months ago but as time has gone on, and with Tracy’s interference, the lie has intensified making it harder and harder to tell Nick. She’d love to be able to come clean but she’s so scared of losing him.

On the day of the wedding is Carla worried that Tracy could blow the whole thing?
She’s sick with worry about what Tracy might do but she’s determined to get through the day. When Carla hears that Tracy hasn’t been seen for a while she starts to fear there’s something going on. And when she finds out that Tracy’s interfered with the wedding flowers she’s even more scared, convinced Tracy is going to do everything she can to wreck the wedding. She starts to feel more and more anxious, everything seems to be conspiring against her: Tracy’s trick with cancelling the florist, Tracy going AWOL, then Johnny’s acting weird when she goes to see him and the pressure of managing her guilt is really getting to her. It’s all becoming too much for Carla but she’s trying so hard to keep a lid on it, she’s desperate to stop her big day from unravelling. 

Why does Roy give her away?
She calls at Underworld with some cufflinks for Johnny but he can’t get out of the door quick enough which really unsettles Carla, obviously she doesn’t know he has Tracy locked away in the hope she can’t wreck the wedding! So Johnny doesn’t turn up to the Bistro in time and Carla turns to Roy to give her away who’s delighted. She’s emotional, fighting back the tears, as Roy leads her up the aisle. She loves Nick so much but she feels like a fraud.

What’s Carla’s wedding dress like?
Uncomfortable, it’s been squeezing me in for weeks! It’s quite traditional, very sweet, she wants to look beautiful for Nick and she wants the day to be perfect. The Bistro looks really pretty too, the art department have done an amazing job, lots of flowers and silver decorations.

Whatever happens we know Carla leaves the street, is her exit suitably explosive?
Well I’m shattered from filming so I hope it pleases everybody. I don’t think we could have put any more into it, it’s been emotionally draining.

What will you miss the most when you leave the show?
The people, cast and the crew, I can’t even talk about it without crying. I see more of them than I do anybody else so they’re my family and we all look after each other so much, that’s what I’ll miss the most. 

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