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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Corrie weekly update – a jaunty scarf and a jailbird

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Carla and Nick get engaged this week after Carla first asks Nick-nack to marry her. He then pops the question back at her in front of their families in the Bistro. “I’ve survived the Barlows, I’m sure I can survive the Platts,” Carla muses while being given the evil-eye by Gail. 

Michael’s nominated for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan of the Year award by Dee from Station Road. It’s an address that Michael remembers well as he burgled it once and now he feels guilty as he’s the bees knees for Dee. This storyline threw up two mysteries for me. Number one – why have Gail and Michael not started divorce proceedings?  Number two – why did we not know until now that Fat Brenda has a husband. A husband! And by the by, we’re not allowed to call her Fat any more, it’s just Brenda for now.

That moment when Sarah Platt finds out she's pregnant
Sarah returns from Milan and goes on a date with Aidan in the Rovers. She gets very, very drunk, stumbles out of the pub and in front of Tim’s van that throws her to the cobbles. At Weatherfield General, the nurse tells Sarah that she’ll be fine, and so will the baby. The baby? Yes, Sarah is four months pregnant. Yes, it is Callum’s child.

Craig’s girlfriend Caitlyn sends him a text saying her dad is out and she has the house to herself and does he want to pop over to see her. Craig takes this to mean that Caitlyn wants to move their friendship on, you know, to doing it. You know, it. And he’s scared, is Craig. He confides in Faye that he’s not ready for you know, it, and sends Caitlyn a text to say he’s not well. She calls round to see Craig only to find him at home with Faye, gets the wrong idea, storms out, he storms after her, boy makes up with girl and some tentative hand holding goes on, which was sweet.

Over at Underworld, Jonny goes to the Annual North-west Haberdashers Christmas Dinner Dance and gets his picture in the Weatherfield Gazette.  When Sally overhears him and Kate talking about having lunch at the Bistro, she manoeuvres lunch with Sophie there at the same time, throwing Sophie and Kate together. We all saw this coming a mile away but for this fan, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. When Sophie was with Sian, every time they came on screen together, a white noise filled my ears to block out the screech. I’d forgotten that white noise, I’d forgotten the screech. Last night it came back to me all over again. I slumped a little further down on the sofa and pulled a cushion over my eyes. At least Sally will be pleased Sophie’s getting it on with the boss’s daughter.

And finally this week, we end with a shot of Rob Donovan in his prison cell. He’s banged up for the murder of Tina McIntyre, you’ll recall, and it looks like he’s going to cause bother from the big house next week.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Susan Oudot (Monday); Damon Rochefort (double Wednesday); Martin Allen (double Friday). 

Glenda Young
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Tvor said...

I kind of like Kate and Sophie together. I would prefer they turn out to be really good mates but it's inevitable they be romantically together. Kate is fun and might bring Sophie out of herself and make Sophie fun like she used to be when she was a cheeky kid. I liked Maddie but never thought she and Sophie were that well suited, and Jenna was a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

the best part of last night's episodes was when Nick popped the question to Carla and I really have to give kudos to the person that picks the background music - it was so perfect that it actually brought tears to my eyes. I just don't understand the viewers who have nothing good to say about them being together and I really hope they come up with a better name than Narla. That is just plain rude.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sally so eager for Kate and Sophie to hook up? Kate is engaged and Sally is well aware of that. I'm not that fond of Kate.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but after two pregnancies, I find it hard to believe that Sarah didn't realise she was pregnant until now.It's nothing more than a recycling of when she was pregnant with Bethany but was too late to have an abortion.Of course she'll be too late to have an abortion again and keep Callum's child.Is this the best the writers can do?!

Rapunzel said...

I really love Carla and Nick together. It's the kind of mature, equaly relationship that many people discover after years of dysfunctional ones.

Please writers, leave a bit of time before deciding how to write Carla out for Alison King's sabbatical. You don't necessarily have to break them up. What if she left for other reasons (eg she could decide to spend six months walking the Camino de Santiago track) and then returned having persuaded Nick to adopt a refugee baby?

Rapunzel said...

*equal. Where's the edit function when you need one??

Humpty Dumpty said...

Kate and Sophie work surprisingly well, and I'm beginning to like Nick and Carla. At one time, Nick and Leanne could have had the mature relationship that Rapunzel talks about but the writers decided otherwise. Carla is a tragic figure who enjoys only short bursts of happiness.

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