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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Corrie cast facing Twitter and mobile phone ban

There's a story in today's Mirror that says when new Corrie producer Kate Oates takes over next year, she's going to clamp down on spoilers and leaks. 

There's no official source for this storyline, just a TV Insider who is quoted by the Mirror so read the following with the usual caveat.

The TV Insider told the Mirror that Kate Oates "plans to ban mobiles on the set, detests photos of work scenes and location snaps posted on Twitter and is ready to sack any cast member or production worker caught chatting about future storylines away from the studios.

"While she was at Emmerdale nothing like that ever appeared - but she has been surprised to see what Corrie stuff gets on the internet from the cast.

"And another massive bug bear to her is the leaking of plotlines. Again, it never happened while she was at the helm at Emmerdale, and she hates that loads of Corrie stuff is getting out before it’s on screen".

Michelle Keegan, who played Tina McIntyre on Corrie, once caused outrage when she tweeted a picture of her script which gave away the storyline ending as to who was the father of Kylie's baby.

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John McE said...

I'm as guilty as the rest in reading spoilers, but on the rare occasion something happens in the programme that I don't already know about, I always enjoy it far more. So all power to the new producer, and I hope she succeeds. But to do so she'd have to stop supplying detailed synopses to all the papers, TV Times etc. too.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kate! I'm counting the days until your takeover, the show is at its lowest ebb in its entire history at the moment! Bring back the good times and the fans will (hoĐÇefully)return :) John H

Anonymous said...

Good. Tell the press office too.

Anonymous said...

I always thought SB was the main source of the leaks for his "explosive" or "massive" plotlines. Once he is gone I doubt it will be a problem.

Stevie Dawson said...

Corrie definitely has too many spoilers, so it's hard to avoid them even when you're not looking. They've put a lot of effort into special TV ads recently but they leave very little to the imagination, or are just misleading (like the Callum 'You Better Run' ad which didn't reflect the storyline at all).
As for behind the scenes shots, they should definitely be limited too so we appreciate them more.

Humpty Dumpty said...

We wouldn't have so many spoilers if there were fewer explosive, sensationalist storylines. Proper character-driven stories with a couple of edge-of-the-seat ones would be much better.

Tvor said...

There's definitely some major leaking going on, whether it's from Blackburn or someone else. I wouldn't mind a few less spoilers but I do love them. Is it true, though, about Emmerdale spoilers? I don't follow the show so I don't know what the spoiler situation is like. It's true that there seems to be more of them since blackburn took over.

Having said that, I've heard this statement before, "banning all mobiles etc" and it certainly hasn't happened yet. It might just be the same old same old when a new producer is coming. the first thing you hear is "Oh, all the actors are afraid for their jobs, nobody is safe!" and then "every actor will have a one on one with the producer", which is a bit silly with a cast over over 60.

Anonymous said...

In recent years I have much preferred Emmerdale over Coronation Street. Although I much prefer Emmerdale I am glad Kate Oates is leaving as the show has become one sensational storyline after another recently, and one life threatening situation practically ever week (be prepared to see A LOT of Weatherfield General). She also seems to be great at overexposing certain popular characters to the point that they are often no longer popular.

There has been some great surprises during her time in charge such as Kerry already being married which was only exposed at her wedding reception, or Rachel turning up to give evidence at Charity's trial that sent her down. Charity giving birth to baby Moses whilst in prison without anyone knowing she was pregnant was also a shock. Although one of the biggest spoilers during her time in charge was 'Who Shot Robert' recently which leaked out but that down to SoapSquawk giving it out.

Anonymous said...

I've actually stopped watching Emmerdale until she leaves.

Too OTT and horribly violent.

Some stuff does work, yes. But it's been crowded out by the continual violence.

I agree with the above post regarding some characters.

Certain characters have reached saturation point and have turned into nothing short of cartoon characters.

Veteran actors have been ignored and down-graded.

I can't say I'm actually looking forward to her arrival at Corrie. I'm worried she'll alienate some of the much loved veteran actors and they'll leave.

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