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Monday, 2 November 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 2 November

Have I missed something? Has Alya kidnapped, tortured, then murdered someone? She may be a Muslim, but there is no guarantee that Muslim women are virgins at marriage any more than Christian girls, Buddhist girls, Jewish girls or Hindu girls are. Alya was drunk; she initiated sex with Jason. It is not a hanging offence. Perhaps she has been too honest with her family. She could have lied, quite easily, and Jason, a very decent young man, could have been perceived as the predator. But it wasn’t like that. Perhaps Alya sought  distraction from the heart wrenching grief she felt at her father’s death. If so, that would be psychologically convincing. No matter the cause. While Zeedan sees it was a mistake, he nevertheless goes after Jason, thumps him, really hurting Jason, who is not long out of hospital after the beating by Callum. Sharif can barely look at her, though in fairness Yasmeen is doing what she can to bring the family together to discuss what has happened.

Alya sees Zeedan on the balcony, laying into Jason and puts him straight saying that she was at fault. Eileen, who is somehow in the vicinity, shouts to Zeedan that Jason is only just out of hospital. Eileen then tells Alya and Jason that she disapproves of their sleeping together behind Gary’s back. Odd incident that.

Anna is worried about Gary who didn’t come home last night. She questions Alya as to his whereabouts. That would be reasonable enough except that this is played out in front of all the staff in the factory, which renders it all rather farcical. Alya admits to what she’s done, Anna asks her if this sleazy incident was worth it and Alya says it wasn’t – in front of all her work mates.

Mary can’t find the sellotape and Norris suggests that a poltergeist might have moved it. Norris is clearly put out by Mary’s new friend and in his usual fashion thinks that undermining them is a good idea. He may not want Mary himself, but she is his not to want. Brandon seems keen and Mary warns Norris of the ‘green-eyed monster’ which she believes is bothering him. Mary has 2 dates tonight: 6pm with Brandon and 7pm with Dev.

As a keen fan of Mary and having recently listened to her speak of her sense of loneliness and her feeling of being left behind, it is a shame that already tonight, the budding romance between her and Brandon is perhaps already doomed. He receives a phone call and claims it is from his mother. However, it feels somehow untrue. The big money is on a wife.

Brendan and Mary do seem ideal for each other on the surface and he clearly admires her quick wit. He also accuses her of skepticism regarding the story he is telling.  Mary counters, ’Au contraire Brendan, we must leave no stone unturned when it comes to the paranormal.’ And, right there in the background, one of the very best tracks ever made is playing. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell singing ‘You’re All I need to Get By.’ As Dev says, ‘She deserves some happiness.’ Looks like she’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.  

Nessa is pulling all the stops out, praising Ken for his work at the chalkface, stating how undervalued teachers are today, comparing the lack of respect granted towards British teachers as compared to those in Venezuela. Ken seems to be lapping up Ness’s company and, she tells her sister Cathy, that she could listen to Ken’s voice for ever. Cathy throws in a warning about his recently being widowed, but Nessa is determined to let the friendship develop and let it ‘run its course.’ Ken has had Nessa’s company for some time as she has been helping him chugging – charity mugging.

Kylie’s ironing fairy is doing a good job though Kylie herself is very on edge. At the salon she seems preoccupied as well she might and Audrey guesses that she and David have had a row. Eva is also fed up. She is upset that ‘my Jason’ has slept with Alya.

The 2 friends get together and though central Manchester is not affordable, the Bistro is within reach. David is uneasy about this and is anxious that under alcohol’s tongue-loosening quality, Kylie will confide in Eva about the murder of Callum. Kylie arrives home drunk at ‘quarter past a freckle’ and in the time it takes David to fetch her a drink of water, she has fallen asleep on the sofa, he was sleeping on. He covers her with a blanket.

Max and David have been working on their family tree. Max questions David as to why people get married several times, 6 in Gail’s case. David suggests that it is because they want to become good at it, practising a lot. Max understands the need for footballers to practise, players such as  Messi and Renaldo. Gail must be due home soon.

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Baby Fish said...

I agree, the Nazirs are too invested in Alya's hymen.

Anonymous said...

The bright spot in the show was Mary and it has already been leaked by Corrie staff that Brendan is married and is 60, which is quite a bit older than Mary, but that isn't as important. It just makes me laugh how Corrie leak the previews and therefore cut out any suspense for the viewers, although lately I find the writing lacking in any originality and we can pretty much predict the future without using a crystal ball - to coin a phrase "same old, same old"

Anonymous said...

Once again nobody takes their job seriously. David tells Audrey a "funny" story about a customer within earshot of another customer. How unprofessional. If I were that customer I'd give up that salon. Then Anna storms into the factory demanding to see Alya, everyone stops work to listen to the ensuing row. Aidan should dock their wages.

Anonymous said...

Anna had no business being there. It's not a public workplace. She should have been sent away and told she would have to speak to Alya after work. Smelloid

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