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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tabloid teasers from 'A Corrie Source'

There are a couple of unofficial but nonetheless interesting stories in the tabloid press today.  None of them have any official comments, they're all from 'a Corrie source' - or Mr Curry Sauce - as we like to call him/her here on the Coronation Street Blog.

Mr Curry Sauce has been talking to The Sun today saying that Corrie cast members are in fear of their jobs as new producer Kate Oates starts thinking about who she might want to keep, kill or cull from the current cast.  There are reports that some of the younger cast are fearful that they'll lose their jobs when they've taken out mortgages for the first time.

Another Curry Sauce talks to the Mirror to say that the story in The Sun is a load of mushy peas. They say, and I quote: "Producers do not tend to come in and hold meetings with individual cast members - with about 60 cast on the show this would be a huge undertaking. One-to-one meetings have not been discussed. Kate has made it clear that she will not even start to look at the Corrie job until after she finishes Emmerdale and has had a holiday.  (Indeed, we blogged this fact here)

"It seems like the tipster is just whipping up a story out of nothing - and it's a story which seems to rear its head every two to three years when there's a new producer."

Another story in The Sun today from Mr Curry Sauce is one that I do hope is true. It says that Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald, may be returning to work within a few weeks.  Simon is currently taking time off work for personal reasons.

Mr Sauce says: "He is very keen to get back to work and it looks like he is on the mend. He seems like he is doing well."

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Tvor said...

Yes, every time there's a new producer, the tabloids wheel out the same old same old. Without checking, i'd venture that they even use the exact same text, just changing the name of the incoming producer and maybe moving a few sentences around. It does make sense that there really isn't any one on one meetings.

And I do hope Simon is on the mend and feeling better after a break.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Corrie without Steve is no Corrie at all. Hope the actor is feeling right about life!

Unknown said...

Leave Roy alone. Get rid of that whinnying woman.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that behind that pleasant smile is a producer willing to seriously consider culling this enormous cast - first time mortgage holders or not! The cast size has gone beyond ridiculous, particularly since only a few of the cast seem to be on screen the majority of the time!

Anonymous said...

About a dozen characters on Emmerdale have died in the past 2 years. I don't know how much power Kate Oates will wield as the showrunner of Corrie, but if Emmerdale is any indication, I should think quite a few of the Corrie cast should be very concerned.

Anonymous said...

i like Luke , Maria , Steph , Andy and nazirs....
I have not seen them over here yet but am not looking foreard to CAZ, Kate , johnny etc....keep those who want to stay but use them in a more intelligent way ....not stupid storylines ..I like a large cast ....aswe know they film certain plots while they film others in advance .It is a street you have to have a large cast to represent community adn fill bistor and pub ...etc... gym .

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