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Monday, 5 October 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 5 October

Monday 5th October Part 1
SALLY CLINGS ON TO HER WEDDING DREAMS As Sally makes last minute preparations for her wedding, Sophie's amazed to realise that Tim hasn't backed down and Sally's just banking on him turning up. Sophie tells Kevin she fears Sally's having a breakdown, refusing to accept the wedding is off. Bumping into Tim, Sally begs him to change his mind and marry her. Tim warns her that she will be a laughing stock if she turns up for the wedding. Will Rita be able to convince Sally that she's on a hide into nothing with Tim and needs to admit defeat?
CARLA'S ROCKED BY A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Carla works on a tough client, she's unimpressed by a distracted Aidan, who's studiously ignores calls from his dad. She's later stunned when Aidan's dad Johnny and sister Kate burst into the factory demanding to see Aidan. Carla's further shocked when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn't been entirely truthful about where he got the funds to buy into the business.
THE PRESSURE MOUNTS ON TYRONE Tyrone heads to work at the crack of dawn, leaving Fiz a note. Tyrone's exhausted as they later take Hope to hospital for a scan.
Elsewhere Yasmeen investigates private prosecutions. Sharif urges her to forget Tracy and focus on helping Alya and Zeedan move on.

Monday 5th October Part 2
WILL IT BE WEDDING BELLS FOR TIM AND SALLY? In the Bistro, staff and guests alike are embarrassed for Sally as she stands in her wedding dress waiting for Tim. Sally's resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim's not coming and as her guests desert her she's left stood alone like Miss Havisham!
AIDAN HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO Carla's incredulous when Johnny reveals where Aidan really got his cash from and rages at Aidan for lying to her. Aidan vows to make a success of his Underworld investment regardless of where the money came from, pointing out that Carla wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for him. But what will Johnny have to say about this? Meanwhile Michelle chats to Kate (third cousin) about her upcoming wedding to soldier Caz.
TYRONE LANDS HIMSELF IN HOT WATER Tyrone's exhaustion leads to a mistake at work. As he tries to pick up the pieces, Fiz struggles with the girls at home
ELSEWHERE Craig is stunned when Caitlin turns up on the street but does she have a good reason for missing their date? Will Yasmeen be able to prioritise her family over getting revenge on Tracy?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why was the 'wedding' on a weekday instead of the weekend?It makes no sense that the factory girls wouldn't be able to attend because they had to go to work and worse while Luke and Tyrone who's also worried about his gravely ill step-daughter have to work at the crack of dawn to fulfill the contract while Kevin comforts his ex-wifw who's been jilted at the altar]and deservedly so]?

Anonymous said...

Where could I buy Rita's outfit from ?

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