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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Jenny Bradley - mad and bad or misunderstood?

The return of Jenny Bradley to Coronation Street has been teased in The Sun's TV Magazine. By way of Digital Spy we can bring you details of her return.

Jenny was last seen being carted off by the cops in Hull earlier this year when she kidnapped Kev's son, Jack.

I was hoping that her return would see her bonding with Rita much more but it looks as though Jenny will not return as a reformed character.

In an interview with The Sun TV's magazine, current Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn says that Rita will take Jenny in.

He told The Sun TVMag: ‘When Rita comes across Jenny, she is very broken and full of guilt.

"Rita still looks on her as a daughter and, despite the protestations from everyone around her, she gives her a roof over her head.

"There’s a period of healing for Jenny, but bit by bit, as we reboot and rebuild, the Jenny of old, who was manipulative and ambitious, is going to return."

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There wouldn't be much point in Jenny returning if she was going to be a nice person! I imagine Rita will refuse to believe Jenny hasn't reformed despite what Emily and Norris tell her. She must about the same age as Tracy, and just as clever. Wonder if this makes them great friends or arch enemies.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kevin doesn't fall for her manipulations though.
As for Rita it wasn't so long ago that she considered Tina, another manipulative character her daughter and it seems history is going to repeat itself with Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, David, Kylie, Rob, Jenny, Tony, Simon, Todd. Don't you think this show has enough villains? Corrie will soon turn into Guy Ritchie film.

Tvor said...

Ah good. I love a manipulative Jenny!

Cobblestone said...

Hmm. What is a villain, though? (Anonymous @16:22) I don't regard David, Kylie, Tony, Simon or Todd as villains. They are simply complex people who happen to have done bad things, made foolish decisions or otherwise behaved badly. Jezz Quigley, Alan Bradley, Richard Hillman and Mad Maya wee villains, in that they were consciously doing things they knew to be wrong - and didn't care - over a sustained period. Corrie isn't a cartoon, with good guys in white hats and baddies in black. Ena Sharples could be an abusive, censorious old bag: was she a vaillain? Hilda could be a malicious gossip: was she a vaillain? Vera, by dint of not being very intelligent, could be absolutely vile to people: but she was not a villain.

Don't mistake me. Any one of the above listed COULD develop into a villain if the writers so chose. Charlie Stubbs was not a vaillain to begin with, but was turned into one. I think David is, at some level, deranged, and can easily slip into villainous territory, but the writers allways drag him back. Whether he should have been forgiven for some of his stunts (ditto Tracy) is another question. But currently he does not operate in the show in the capacity of a villain. Simon has been behaving very badly, but he's a damaged teenager, scarred by his experience. Given what he's been through, it's almost inevitable that he would start acting out eventually. If he was your child/grandson/nephew, would you want the label 'villain' slapped on him?
I think having flawed characters like the above is what makes the show relatable. Let's face it, we have all done something we're not proud of at some point in our lives (unless you happen to be Emily Bishop).

Anonymous said...

@ Cobblestone - love your comment and completely agree - ELK

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