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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards, September 28 - 30

A short week this week:

Avant Garde award: I loved Craig's art and Sally's last ditch attempt at a proposal in the middle of the street!

Gift Horse in the Mouth award: Not only did Callum's mother wonder what was in the sandwich but wanted to ascertain what sort of ham it was. What the heck was that all about?

Waif and Stray award: Gemma might be a lot of things, but i didn't half feel for her when she said to Kylie that she didn't have anyone else.

Cucumber cool: David is very good at keeping his cool.

Miraculous metabolism award: Sally was a good way into the bottle of vodka and on a drunken crying jag. But when Rita started buying her drinks in the Rovers she seemed nearly sober.

Fashion flair award: Roy's pocket square with the R on it. Awwww.

Lines of the week:
David: "Gail's no Princess"
Rita: "Sally Webster does NOT wallow!" Sally: "Well she's wallowing now!"
Kylie to Sarah: "Are you thick as well as annoying?"
Sophie: "What if what you want doesn't want you?"
Sally: "I am going to marry that man by hook or by crook" Sophie: "Yeah, well you're gonna need a big hook"
Tim to Sally: "You think monogamy's the Scottish New Year" (Harsh)

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maggie muggins said...

Don't have anything to add, just chuckled again at monogamy = the Scottish New Year!
Still scratching my head at why on earth Callum's Mum would ask for something to eat, sitting uninvited at the Platts', then question what kind of sandwich and sort of ham! Most bizarre little scene in a while.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, the sandwich scene was bizarre but that really worked for me. Stress makes people say really stupid things, and it was meant to be light relief. Kylie and Sarah could have had a bizarre conversation over Callum's dead body. Sarah to Kylie, holding a wrench: 'What are you doing here?' Kylie: 'I came to use the loo.' Well, I would have laughed.

Anonymous said...

Always remember Reg visiting Curly's uninvited and then asking for a sandwich and 'got any 'am?' (ham) ;)

Rossie said...


Dolly Tubb said...

It was always a bit of a standing 'joke' in our house that at funerals you always got ham sandwiches. I did wonder if this was what was being refererenced ended by The Sandwich Scene at the Platts', perhaps it was meant to be some sort of wake?

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