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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Coronation Street Weds 7th October episode review

Welcome to my first Wednesday review of October. Being totally honest, I didn't enjoy tonight's episode as much as I have been enjoying Corrie lately but one storyline continued to play out spectacularly.

In tonight's episode we learn that becoming Mrs Metcalfe has not changed Sally one bit. Performing her usual trick of crossing generosity with snobbishness, Sally has bought her new husband a 'more professional' looking van for his business. As she gives him a talk about how he can further improve his business, Tim looks at his new wife, wondering what on earth he has been sentenced to. Of course, he knows. As Tim jokingly blackmails Kevin into moving his shiny new toy every few days to keep it safe, Sally then whisks her current ever-stubborn project off on their honeymoon.

"I haven't got a son"
"No, but it looks more professional. And they won't know that Craig's not yours"

More of the constantly growing Connor congregation (Conngregation?) drama unravelled tonight as Johnny arrived at the factory to assume his role as Carla's new business partner. Alya flutters over him with coffee and small-talk and the workers are very apprehensive. Rightly so though, as Johnny failed to show much sympathy for Beth when he learned about Hope's cancer, only bothered about the 'substandard' knickers Beth has produced.

When Johnny looks at the Underworld accounts, Carla is forced to explain why the business in so much debt. Apart from the ushering in of never-before-mentioned relatives, there is something else I dislike about this storyline. Carla is supposed to be a strong woman. She came from a poor background and although she married into money, she kept that money going when her first husband died. Carla Connor is not weak, and yet over the last few months, she has depressingly become the woman she was never meant to be. Alison King is one of the best  actresses the show has ever had, and her ability still shines through, but the whole storyline seems rather contrived to me. However, I do hope Johnny does something to get Carla back to the woman she used to be.

"Who would you prefer? Team Johnny or Team Aidan?"
"Team Carla! You know where you are with her, give or take the odd hangover"

The saving grace in tonight's episode was the continuation of the ever-tangled web of the Platts. Sarah is jumpier than ever and looks about to crack any moment. She can't concentrate at work, she is overly worried about Bethany and when Michelle reads in the Gazette that a body has been found in the canal, the poor girl goes into crisis mode. For some reason, Sarah has been lied to by Kylie and David. As far as she knows, Callum's body was dumped in the canal. She doesn't know that he is cosily tucked into Gail's manhole under cement. The calmness Kylie has been experiencing as of late is whipped away when Gary and Tony tell her there is a problem with the building work and the cement may have to be removed and the process restarted.  Sarah is getting worse by the second and by the end of the episode, in a fit of desperation, she goes to the police, much to Kylie's dismay. Killing Callum off was the twist this storyline needed and tonight the storyline was executed further by two of the show's finest actresses.

"You're worried that I'm going to give the game away. But the more you keep me in the dark, the more likely that is to happen"
"The less you know, the better"
Elsewhere, Roy has booked tickets to the symphony. He intends to take Cathy, albeit reluctantly, but as a surprise. However, when Ken and Rita are enjoying a meal in the café, he and Ken connect over a piece of music playing. Ken explains that classical music is helping him with his grief and Roy jumps at the chance to invite him out. This begs the question- does Roy like Cathy at all or does he still feel she can't replace Hayley? We all know Cathy will never live up to Hayley but we also know that Hayley would be cheering Roy on.

"I think it's really lovely how you two are getting on. It's quite romantic in its way"
"Remind me to order more black pudding"

Overall, a rather quiet episode with some good moments. The Platts continued to play out their story brilliantly and it was just lovely to see Ken and Rita sitting together at the café. It was so lovely, in fact, that I am going to post a picture of it below.

Thanks for reading!

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vintgal003 said... your summaries...the photos you selected with captions..(am really loving that)...Tim & Sally yah!!!! Kylie, Sarah and David all continue to impress!! Roy & Cathy....well....we will see on that one!

Dolly Tubb said...

Great summary, Jordan. I thought the sideways look Tim gave Sally was priceless when she told him about the new extendable hose and now there isn't a window he can't clean in Weatherfield!
I agree totally about Carla Connor, she is so out of character at the moment. I quite like Johnny so far, but an entire herd of Connors in one go is a bit overwhelming. We had 'Connoration Street' not too far back with Paul and Liam and Michelle and Ry-yurn I and Ry-yurn II and I hope this story line isn't a regressive step for Carla.

John McE said...

Sally, the knicker-stitcher can suddenly afford to buy Tim a customised new van, which she must have bought when he was still telling her to get lost? Not exactly believable, is it?

Anonymous said...

Agree about Carla..she has (had) more gonads than anyone on the street and yet has joined the idiotGail club it seems - a shadow of her former self.


Tvor said...

Loved Sally calling Tim to the taxi, "(all cheery and happy)Tim!.... Tiiiim!.... TIMMMM!!! (all sweetness and light gone out the window)

I think Roy did exactly the right thing. He hadn't asked Cathy to the concert yet, so it's not as if he stood her up or changed their plans. His friend is grieving and Roy offered him company and a pleasant evening. I would do the same thing. Anna annoyed me with her churlish warning that Cathy wouldn't be happy if she found out. Why would she? If she discovered she was going to be the one asked to the concert and was told why she wasn't, she'd approve, I'm sure. /rant over

Anonymous said...

Sally got half of Kevin's lottery winnings. I expect she used that money to buy the truck.

Lily Bigfield said...

Agree about the Anna comment Tvor. She is such a misery. And for gawd's sake woman, clip back that dangling, manky hair! That's my rant over too!

Laura said...

I agree with that hair in her face!! It's been ridiculous all this time, how could Roy allow that in his cafe? How simple is a bobby pin??
And perhaps Cathy would find out about the symphony tickets if Anna got drunk and blurted it out!

Anonymous said...

I also figured Sally had used her lotto winnings to buy the van and no doubt that was going to be her next level of attack in trying to win Tim back, if he had not married her. Extra bonus that it has turned into a wedding present, I guess.

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