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Saturday 27 December 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update, December 27 2014

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Season’s greetings to you all and I hope you’ve had a good one. Christmas on the cobbles was less quiet than usual. No exploding turkeys, no tears over unwanted presents or unwanted babies, no Santa stuck up a chimney. Just a missing sofa and Roy battering Gary Windass half to death. And on that note, without any further ado, here we go with the Christmas week update from Coronation Street.

Roy’s not saying much but we all know he’s struggling to cope on this, his first Christmas without Hayley.  The local yobs are giving him a hard time in the café before Leanne and Carla get heavy and they scarper. But they soon return to torment poor Roy and he ends up locking himself away in the upstairs flat.  Meanwhile, across the road in another upstairs flat, the Windasstrongs gather. Gary’s skint and borrows Faye’s Christmas cash to buy Jake a present, but it’s one Anna’s already bought and so Gary takes it back to the shop and drinks the refund in the pub. He goes back to the flat and breaks Faye’s one and only Christmas present of a pair of headphones, argues with Owen then storms out to spend Christmas on the sofa of a mate. Broke and in despair, and let’s not forget he’s still suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome after his time in the army, Gary takes Anna’s keys to Roy’s Rolls and lets himself in, ready to rob the till and steal what he can. Roy hears someone downstairs in the caff, thinks it’s the yobs breaking in, picks up a cricket bat and heads downstairs to give the hooded intruder a good whollop over the head, over and over again. Roy’s distraught by his actions after his moment of madness and feels even worse when he realises he’s just beat up Gary. Gary’s taken to th’ospickle and Roy’s taken to the cops. Both Gary and Roy are kept in overnight.

Christmas at the Rovers is all fun and games as Tracy flirts with Tony, Steve showers Amy with gifts he can’t afford and even makes it snow for her with the help of polystyrene balls falling from the bedroom window.  He asks Michelle to help him out in the bedroom with his balls (make your own jokes up) but when she leans in for a kiss he backs off. Michelle wonders what on earth’s going on.  Liz notices summat’s up with her son, but no one realises just how far Steve is sinking into depression with no support and no help and no one to talk to.
Gail’s not best pleased to see Erica getting her talons into golden-boy Nick, but her mind is soon taken off that when Michael gives her a new set of pans for Christmas.  Soon after, she sets away to see Sarah in Milan.  

Over at Sally’s, she plans a soiree and invites new neighbours, the Nazirs. They’ve got chickens, you know. Anyway, Sally tells Tim she wants him to get her a sofa before the neighbours come round. This Tim does. With the help of Kevin – and Tim and Kevin together are fast becoming my favourite double act – Tim gets Sally’s old sofa back from Kevin. But Kevin wants it back, so Sally doesn’t have it very long. She’s too embarrassed to have the neighbours in to sit on deck chairs so calls off the nibbles and the Nazirs, for now anyway.
Kylie left this Christmas, driven away by Callum in his car. Callum’s got drugs and a scowl. David’s left with the kids after he throws Kylie out when he finds her with Callum’s drugs and scowl in the house.  It wasn’t the best leaving scene that there’s ever been, but it did what it had to do as the actress takes maternity leave.

And finally this festive week on Coronation Street, Nick asks Leanne to return to work at the Bistro. She says yes, but gives him two conditions. One – that she’ll return as manageress. Two – that the Bistro is given a makeover. Nick agrees to both and they celebrate with Erica and Steph with a bottle of bubbly. 

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This week’s writers were Julie Jones (Monday double), Jan McVerry (Christmas Eve), Joe Turner (Christmas Day double), John Kerr and Mark Burt (Boxing Day double). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

I know it's wrong of me but I get secret joy out of Roy pummeling Gary with a cricket bat. I'd love to see him pummel several other folk on the Street as well - it could become his new hobby and that'd please me just as well!


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