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Monday 15 December 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Mon15 December

Welcome Erica! What an interesting woman and what a ball of energy. Of course, it stands to reason that Gail would not like her, and that before she knows of any involvement with her precious older son. Eva is not too keen either; probably not thrilled to be overshadowed by an attractive, vivacious fifty something woman receiving a warm welcome from her employer.

We learn that the postcard she sent to Liz has only just arrived, shortly after Erica herself, so Liz has no idea that 'Shirley' (Valentine) is on her way.  Tony loses no time to get acquainted with Erica but Erica immediately backs off the second she knows that Tony 'is taken' by her good friend, Liz. Of Erica, Liz says she's 'harmless - more front than Brighton, but there's a very good heart in that ribcage.' These two women have been and still are good friends who have helped each other through difficult times.

Erica will not be here for long but she should shake a few feathers during her short stay.  It is clear though that her mother is not her favourite person. Of the woman she has come to help she says she is about to 'visit the cow that begat' her.

In the bistro, Erica, fed up of waiting, helps herself to a drink and leaves the money by the till. Gail takes great offence at that. She tells Nick to chuck her out. When Gail catches Nick giving Erica an apologetic smile, she is incensed and ends up leaving the bistro herself.

Yasmeen shows some wisdom tonight and warns her son, Khalid, that he is going about the Alya/Gary situation in the wrong way. 'Don't go turning them into Romeo and Juliet,' says Yasmeen. In the cafe with Alya, Yasmeen speaks kindly to her grand-daughter, advising her that she must take the relationship between herself and Gary very slowly. Yasmeen apologises to Alya, and tells her that though her father seems angry, it is actually the case that he is afraid. 'Mum taught me to stick with what I believed in.' Yasmeen continues, kindly and wisely, saying to Alya that if Gary is worth it, he will show patience and understanding.

In the meantime Kal has sacked Gary and offered the work to Owen. Gary is getting grief from all sides, Owen giving him a ticking off about his responsibilities to Jake. Gary swears that Jake comes first.

The Kylie and Callum storyline is hopefully drawing to a conclusion. Alarming for Kylie to see her ex-boyfriend and father of her son Max seated in Audrey's salon, having his hair cut by David. Perhaps this story has been going on a little too long, Callum appearing more like a caricature than a character - a pantomime villain, flashing the cash and threatening Kylie. 'You're a thrill seeker. You'll be back. We both know it.' Will she? Will Kylie really be tempted back to her old ways despite all she has to lose?

It's difficult to see Kal as anything other than a bit of a hypocrite. So, he's older, but is he wiser? Kal himself is with Leanne who is not a Muslim, just as Gary is not a Muslim. Alya must be at least 21, or even 22 if she is a graduate and now working.

The date with Billy was fun - for the viewers, if not so much for Sean who seemed unable to relax. On the menu is toad in the hole but Sean is keen to call it a sausage dish, as he feels toad in the hole sounds heathen. Great stuff writers!Also, 'Don't say anything irreverent in front of the reverend.' Todd is his usual painful self, but that spoils nothing for Sean or Billy, thankfully. He seems to have had an interesting past, spending time on dance floors in 'deep denial'.  Billy gets a 10 from me and it would be wonderful to see Sean and Billy enjoy a lasting relationship.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Yasmeen's relationship with her granddaughter shows a softer side but I really wish the writers would see that treating Roy so disrespectfully (no 'please' 'sorry' or 'thank you') is definitely not funny. As Ena Sharples might say: 'Good manners cost nothing.'

Ruth owen said...

Yes Humpty, it does jar when people don't use basic manners - especially to the thoroughly decent soul that is Roy.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yesterday's episodes were again dominated by the Nazirs, almost pantomimely all passing by at the same time. More ridiculousness with Kylie and Liz invites her brash in yer face friend to stay at the Rovers without a thought for Steve. Apparently the Corrie figures are well down and Frosty is not surprised.

Mr Egberts said...

I thought Sylvia or Kim Tate or whatever her name was bloody annoying and Liz invited her to stay for weeks over Christmas without a thought for Amy or Steve! I am almost rooting for Tracy when she pinches Tony off her!!

Rossie said...

It was nice to see Yasmeen showing a softer side. So at least we can say that she is two-dimensional, which is a considerable compliment compared to the rest of the Nazirs who are totally cardboard.
I'm starting to think that Yasmeen has potential, hmm worrying!

Anonymous said...

I find the scenes with the Nazirs painful. Alya is the exception. Kal has always been an extremely awkward character and I don't think they work on the street. Or rather, they might be able to, but not in such ridiculous storylines!

Zagg said...

Why would Eva have any opinion about Liz's friend? It has nothing to do with her at all. Ridiculous.
The Nazir clan, the Ayla/Gary thing....just make it stop, please.

Zigg said...

Yup, I agree with Zagg. Ridiculous. Make it stop please. The Nazir family is so FORCED and dominant. Not fair to so many other characters and stories. Gary and Alya!!! What the opposite of heaven is that?
Bye Gary.

Beth said...

We are almost into Christmas week which is meant to be the pinnacle for any soap and I've never known Corrie to be so dire. No wonder the figures are so low. I switched off for months catching up via this blog. There have been glimpses of the old Corrie when they step up the dialogue but it just makes me realise how truly spoiled we used to be when we were served lashings of fabulous dialogue, warm humour and great acting in every episode. If they think moving the Nazirs into the street is going to help then I can only shake my head in disbelief. I think I prefer the Windbuckets and that's saying a lot!


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