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Sunday 28 December 2014

Ian Puleston-Davies confirms he is leaving Coronation Street

Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays Owen Armstrong, was interviewed recently on Uckfield FM, a community radio programme.  You can download the interview from this tweet below and listen to it on your PC as a zip file.

The radio show asked Ian if the rumour was true that he's leaving Coronation Street, he said: "Yes, it is true". He says that it'll be five years that he's been on Corrie and he's been getting a bit fidgety and it's "now or never" while he's got fire in his belly, to move on to other roles and more shows.

Asked what would Anna do without Owen on the cobbles, Ian joked that Anna might get together with Tim or even Norris!

Ian talks about Owen's ex-wife turning up on Coronation Street but denies that Owen will be leaving with Katy and Owen's ex-wife.  He said that Corrie asked him to stay on for an extra six months so that they could come up with a juicy exit storyline for Owen, but he had already decided to leave at the end of his contract.

We wish Ian all the very best for his future.

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Anonymous said...

Meh. Whatever. Bye Owen. Anna better NOT mess with Tim and Sally.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Owen, pity it's not Anna, Faye and Gary going.

Agree with Anon above, Anna better not mess with Tim & Sally!

vintgal003 said...

That is too bad....he is an excellent actor...I enjoyed the family dynamics!! Well then....bring back Eddie....he was a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Anna can hook up with Roy.

bluegardenia said...

Wow some of you are actually quite nasty aren't you? It is about time for Owen to go. And I rather like Anna...and by the way where was Anna when all this stuff with Owen was going on?
What I do not like however is this ridiculous storyline with the new family who bought Owen's house...give me a break...why on earth would these people move to coronation street? And secondly who thought that they could act? They are annoying and at least if Corrie wants to bring in an ethnic family please hire someone more pleasant who has some acting ability. I'm wondering if Corrie St. has seen it's best days. We have "Erica" who pops up from nowhere and immediately jumps into Nicks bed all in two episodes!!!! Then we have Tracey jumping into bed with Tony..oh please....I guess she needs something to blackmail Tony with...and all these unexplained absences of cast members...and the ridiculous Gayle/Michael/Gavin thing and the more annoying Kylie thing...are they so very hard up for stories/????

Frosty the Snowman said...

Ian P-D is already an established actor so no doubt will soon move on to other things. The PTB need to use this as an opportunty to freshen things up and get rid of this whole unpopular spent family and NOT keep on Anna to pair up with someone else.

BarrieT said...

I like Anna, she will get by as a single Mum and will have Gary as her man of the house. I feel that maybe Ian could see Stuart Blackburn not giving him a storyline but instead favouring all the people he has hired since he's been producer. Especially the awful Nazirs. Perhaps them moving into the windass house was the final straw for Ian.

abbyk said...

Owen was such a bully when he arrived, killing off Bill Websters business, and the Windasses destroyed Joe McIntyre, so I'm happy to see the long arm of soap justice ruining their lives. Nooooo, don't pair Anna with Roy or Tim; she isn't good enough for Roy, and Tim has finally settled in. Who ever said Norris, yes, that would be a punishment befitting the crime.

Tvor said...

Owen was never really all that likeable. they softened him for a bit but he's been vile to Gary lately. I do like Anna. Yes, the Windasses were not very nice at first and were the first straw in the camel's back to Joe's downfall but I guess we're supposed to forget all that now. Since then, Eddie became a favourite and Anna more sympathetic. Tough and gobby, but sympathetic too. I have liked Gary as a character with all his ups and downs, impulsiveness and selfishness and also kindness. I won't miss Owen really though the actor is good and he'll do well. I won't miss Katy either.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm in the minority but I liked Owen and thought he and Anna were good together.Granted he was not perfect but he always tried his best even with Gary getting him help for his PTSD which sadly didn't work.After reading that Callum is staying on,I'm more disappointed in Owen's exit in favour of a character whose storylines will consist solely of stalking David and Max.


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