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Sunday 28 December 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for Dec. 22 - 26

Phrase of Doom award: Kylie "nothing and nobody is going to take away what I've got" How long did that last? Not long.

Unhappy Families award: Most of them, but the Platts Junior in particular.

You are my Rock award: Roy even used both arms to hug Carla. After she asked, of course.

Demonization award: Izzy is instigating her family against Gary when he didn't cheat on her and he didn't lead her on. They're acting like he is something they trod on and Katy is sticking her oar in far too deep and not helping matters at all.

Mr. and Mrs. Sensitive award: Norris and Mary giving Carla condolences, likening Rob to being dead now he's sentenced to 25 years in jail.

New Drinking Game: See Gary. See Alya. See Kal show up to threaten Gary. He must be stalking Gary or has a tracker on Alya!

Generosity award: Faye gave Gary her Christmas money to buy Jake a gift.

Pity Party award: Gary.

Musical ambiance award: "You better watch out, you better not cry" and "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake" Those and other similar lyrics while Callum is spying on Kylie from across the road.

Bad Timing award: Sally asked Maddy to mash the potatoes. Alya and Yasmeen were still peeling raw carrots. What's wrong with this picture?

Past their sell by date award: If Yasmeen has anything to do with it, those chickens will be in a pot before New Year.

End of his rope award: Roy. And unfortunately it was Gary that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lines of the week:
Mary to Carla "I'm sorry for your loss" Carla "He's (Rob) not dead" Norris "No, but he might as well be"
Roy "Sad waste of a life" Carla "Who? Rob or Tina?" Roy "Both"
Carla "Maybe you and me ought to shack up, Roy!" (Gulp!)
Liz to Steve "Here he is. Eeyore"
Sally "I love lists"
Yasmeen to Roy's offer "That would be too much to ask" (but you had hoped he would)
Tony "It's the stampede I don't fancy, when Tracy sits down at the table and the rest of us rush to the other end"
Sally "We can't recline on feelers"
Kylie "I love a white Christmas, me" (showering the drugs all over the cobbles!)
Liz about Tracy "Oh I wouldn't trust her with a sharp knife"
Sally "Sophie. I've embraced your Christianity, your decision not to go to university and your lesbianism. You owe me."
Leanne to the bully "You call me that again (skank) and I'll kick you so hard where it hurts you're gonna have three adam's apples" (and she would, she's a Battersby)
Erica about the Boxing Day sales "Try going out and coming back with someone else's husband!"  Tony "Don't come back with more than you can carry!"
Tracy to Tony "It's not the games I like, it's the winning"
Sally "My living room is a flaming squat! No offence, Maddie!"
Yasmeen "When nature calls, my lavatory is your lavatory"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Pointless tart award: Really what is the point of Erica, just a random gurning character that has pitched up to stay on and on over and after Christmas. The Rovers seems to be a freebie hotel for lushes.

Why are you even there award: Why was Michelle at Steve’s Christmas day lunch when they broke up ages ago?. Oh yes it was so she could whine and turn everything around to herself again. Does she not visit her nephew Liam or even her long forgotten son(s) at Christmas, the time for families?

Thick as mince award: Is Sian for real? She was awful to Roy and telling tales to the police when she knows what he has been through and it was pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that Gary had broken in. Hate her now and hope Chesney dumps her.

Head of stone award: If Garah had been whacked that many times with a baseball bat, he would have had more than a few cuts and bruises. This theme reminds Frosty of Brian Tisley when he was prosecuted for attacking a burglar.

Silly story award: The sofa fiasco could have been mildly amusing but was carried on for far too long. Do like Kev and Tim together though.

Untenable award : Gary is now irredeemable. The Windass clan have had ther day on Corrie, its time for them all to GO, and so say all of us.

Roll over award: Steph has been running the Bistro almost singe handed for months. Why would she just accept Queen Leanne’s return to take her job as Manager?

Zero personality award Maddie – bland bland bland.

Strange time for a holiday award: Gail going off to "visit Sarah" when David's marraige is imloding. Is Michael living there permanenty now? How much longer before Gavin moves in too I wonder?

Bah Humbug said...

Why was Andrea there at Steve's? Doesnt she have a daughter - Jess? Looks like this character is hanging around even with Lloyd gone.

Campest drug dealer award: Callum is too much of a pretty boy to be taken seriously - would have been more suited as a boyfriend of Tood or Sean.

Tvor said...

It seemed to me Gary got most of the beating around the back and body rather than the head. Poor Sinead just saw Roy following Gary out of the cafe and then bashing Gary out on the cobbles. She wouldn't have seen that Gary broke in. With stolen keys. I have been angry that everyone has been treating Gary far worse than he deserved but for this, attempting to rob a friend, he deserves contempt.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Tvor. It's Roy I feel sorry for but Sinead saw what she saw. It's unfortunate that what she saw was Roy chasing Gary and then repeatedly hitting him with a cricket bat even though Gary was cowering on the floor. I wonder if Beth should have been the one who witnessed it, though? She was always very insensitive towards Hayley and she probably wouldn't hesitate to land Roy in it with the police.

What I would like to know is, is anyone going to let Carla know what's happened to Roy? I think she would be on the first flight back if she knew, and the poor man needs all the support he can get right now. He definitely needs a good solicitor.

Zigg said...

What exactly are Izzy and Katy supposed to be sticking their oars in? I mean, is Gary really worth supporting? It's obvious you fancy him, but you are in a very small minority on that one.

Isn't that the same drinking game played when Alya and Gary met up every time the show was on when she joined the street. That was creepy.

Bad timing award..what's wrong is; the producer doesn't respect the viewers enough to think that details matter.

abbyk said...

Mom and Dad forgot my birthday: a tie between Sally and Kevin not calling Rosie, and Chesney and Katy not having a party for Joseph. (Compare and contrast with not-even-his-Aunt Rita having a wrapped present ready for David)

Pushed over the edge: another tie. Roy, for snapping under the combined weight of the fear of being older and scared, and the shame of needing pretty women to fight his fight. Gary, for committing a singularly stupid act out of desperation of being broke and mercilessly harassed by his family. You have skills and a drivers license, love. You shoulda gone to the job center, or paid more attention to Uncle Len when you had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Anoynmous,Instead of Sinead who I agree has been ruined,I thought if Fiz had been the one who witnesses the assault,perhaps returning home from her mother's she would've called the police on Roy as she's wanted to call the police on Maria and Jason and was insistent on calling the police when Roy left after Hayley's death only to almost getting him in trouble.As for Gary,theonly way he can be redeemed is if he insists no charges are laid against Roy and admits totrying to rob him.

ChiaGwen said...

Yes, why no mention from Michelle of her bio son and switched son at Christmas, never mind going to see them! I now have to avert my eyes when Andrea appears on screen...either grinning maniacally or splayed all over Lloyd......and I thought Tracy's Cheshire grin was bad. I have high hopes Andrea's name is on the list of the bus crash casualties!


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