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Monday 29 December 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Mon 29 Dec

Monday 29th December
STEVE’S AWFUL SECRET IS DISCOVERED. When Michelle reminds Steve they’re taking Amy to the panto this afternoon, he does his best to appear enthusiastic, but Liz can see his heart isn’t in it and whilst nobody’s looking Steve slinks off back to bed. Meanwhile Eileen and Michael are concerned to discover they’ve not been paid. When they can’t get hold of Steve, Andrea phones Lloyd in Spain who assures her it must be a bank glitch and gives her the account details. But as Andrea accesses the Street Cars bank account online, she’s horrified to see that the business is £10k overdrawn!
ANNA NEEDS ANSWERS FROM GARY AND ROY. Roy is interviewed by the police. Full of self-loathing, he describes how he thought Gary was one of the teenagers who’s been hounding him. He admits that he hit Gary repeatedly with a cricket bat and deserves to be punished. In the hospital, Anna’s shocked by the extent of Gary’s bruises and further appalled when he confesses to trying to steal from the café till. In an attempt to protect Roy, Gary lies to the police, telling them that Roy only hit him once. The police officer is sceptical. Will Roy pay the price for his unreasonable force?
GAVIN FEARS LEANNE MIGHT EXPOSE HIM. Leanne returns to the bistro as manager. When Gavin suggests they should put some modern art on the walls, Leanne’s impressed and Gavin’s pleased to have won her over. But when Leanne demands a reference from Gavin’s previous employer and his national insurance number, inwardly Gavin panics.
ELSEWHERE Norris shows Ken, Rita and Emily his new satellite map on his tablet. As he zooms in on Coronation Street, they notice a cloud of strange white smoke outside No.1. Having checked the date the photo was taken, the day Blanche died, Norris wonders if the white apparition is Blanche’s ghost! Nick treats Erica to a Spanish lunch in the bistro followed by a Spanish siesta in his flat.

Monday 29th December
STEVE IS FORCED TO FACE THE MUSIC. Eileen, Michael and Andrea study the Street Cars bank account, flabbergasted by Steve’s apparent spending spree with the firm’s money. In his bedroom, Steve listens to his messages, knowing he’s let Amy down over the panto and that his financial mess has finally caught up with him. Liz finds Steve hiding in his bedroom and demands to know what’s going on. Steve drags himself downstairs and tries to bluff his way out, telling Eileen and Andrea it’s just a cock-up at the bank and he’ll sort it out. But when Eileen and Andrea start listing all the transactions Steve’s made on the account, Steve feels the pressure building. How will he respond?
THE TIDE TURNS AGAINST ROY. Roy admits to Anna how he repeatedly hit Gary with the cricket bat, even as he tried to escape. Shocked, can Anna forgive Roy? Meanwhile Kal breaks the news to Alya that Gary’s in hospital after trying to break into the café. He warns her that Gary’s nothing but trouble. Will Alya heed her family’s warning to stay away from Gary or are her feelings too strong?
GAVIN’S IDENTITY REMAINS A SECRET. Gavin steals the real Gavin’s national insurance details and hands them to Leanne. Will he get away with his deception?
ELSEWHERE Erica explains to Nick that she’ll no longer be returning to Spain as she has to stay and look after her mother. How will Nick react to her news?

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club penguin said...

Poor Roy ��

Anonymous said...

Can Anna forgive Roy?? For pummeling her delinquent idiot of a son who broke into the cafe to steal from Anna's friend and employer? Ridiculous!

Does Roy have any previous criminal convictions? If not, how could he possibly end up with anything beyond probation and possible mandatory counselling or anger-management? This situation has "mitigating circumstances" written all over it.

Unknown said...

Anon 2:08, lmao!

Anonymous said...

...."Norris wonders if the white apparition is Blanche's ghost"????? Oh come on, as if!!

Jonathan said...

The whole Norris has seen Blanche's ghost sounds about as exciting and interesting as the time Vera saw Ivy's ghost

Jonathan said...

I mean you can't introduce an actual ghost on to the show so there's only one real conclusion to this story so what's the point? Other than making Norris look like an idiot

Anonymous said...

I don't call what Roy did "unreasonable force" in the least. If I owned a business and saw someone trespassing after hours, I'd have done the very same thing as Roy.

Zagg said...

Why is Andrea accessing the Street Cars bank account? Everything is online, so Lloyd could easily do it and she is not part of the business. They are really contriving stories just to keep her in it. The situation is ridiculous.
And this Roy /Gary thing is ludicrous. Can Anna forgive Roy? What? Lame-brain Gary is a thief, a despicable person who would steal from their neighbor. I don't care how much pressure he was under. No excuses and zero sympathy for this waste of space character.

Anonymous said...

Roy is innocent! Its self-protection!

Roni said...

Anna: I didn't think she could get any more annoying. She should be begging for Roy's forgiveness and hoping he doesn't fire her sanctimonious behind.
Sinead: Aaaahhh, I thought she was smarter than she is now being portrayed. She had to have known that Roy was being bullied and how the heck did she know that it was Gary? He had his hood covering his face. To tell the police that Roy was culpable and leave out the other pertinent facts has now put her on my "Annoying Character, must leave show soon" list.
Ayla: shaking my head as there are no words to express my dumbfoundedness about this absolutely idiotic storyline. She may exit stage right.
Andrea: did I hear correctly when she said "our drivers"? Is she one of the owners now? Why oh why wouldn't Lloyd take her with him to Spain.

Rosie said...

Oh Amy! You little star, 'I see dead people' such deadpan humor, a real Tuesday Addams. Loved seeing her wind up Norris.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:08 Roy was once arrested and charged with kidnapping Wayne Hayes, but I believe the charges were dropped. (Does anyone here remember for sure?) At any rate, it's not his first time in prison.

ChiaGwen said...

Wonderful scene with Amy confessing supernatural goings-on at the Barlow's to Norris...haha, 'I see dead people'...and the look on Norris' face. Almost took my mind off that increasingly annoying Andrea and what was she doing going over the Streetcar accounts anyway!!......she could have shown Eileen how to access them as she did get the password from Llyod...but she certainly had no business going through them herself as if she were a part-owner. Oh, I don't like her at all.

Steve said...

Yes - this story is stupid. Anna's reaction in particular is beyond belief


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