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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Victims of circumstance

I've made it clear that I hope the Wind-strongs will be rested in the months ahead. We know Owen and Katy are leaving in 2015 and I'm not sorry. While the Pat Phelan storyline had its moments (mainly Phelan and his gob on a stick wife), they have dominated for too long now.

That said, I have found Gary's recent altercation with Roy to be an interesting development. Yes, I know there is only so much Windass angst and misery we can stand, but I think the reactions to Gary's run in with Roy have been illuminating. They have certainly provoked strong debate in our house.

As much as I love Roy and appreciate that he's had a truly dreadful year, there is no excuse for his attack on Gary. That said, I can't really blame him. As well as Hayley's sad demise, Roy's delicate hold on life has been rocked by the persistent, unpleasant bullying from a bunch of thugs. Given his recent troubles, he was in a heightened state of anxiety and that must have played its part when he found Gary in the cafe. 

I also feel sympathy for Gary. When you are told often enough that you are rubbish and a complete waste of space, sometimes you can't help but fill that role. He has been put in a desperate position. He has no money, no job, no support from those around him. He has been humiliated and treated like the lowest of the low. While Gary's main problem is controlling his temper, he has been repeatedly goaded by the deeply unpleasant Owen for such a long time now. It is very uncomfortable viewing.

Yes, Gary should not have punched Phelan, but he was just defending his mother. However Owen is wrong to blame Gary for all their misfortunes. It was Owen's greed that brought them to Phelan's door in the first place. Also, the family has ganged up on Gary after they got it into their collective brain cell that he wanted to get back with Izzy. Izzy and particularly Katy (has she not learned anything?) have judged and treated Gary really harshly. At no point did he suggest he wanted to reunite with Izzy, as i frequently scream at my television!

I must also take Anna to task over her treatment of Roy. I do like Anna, the character has developed nicely over the years. I can understand her shock at what Roy has done to Gary and her primary instinct is to defend her son. However, it would also have been appropriate for Anna to at least reference that Gary was at fault in his attempt to rob from the cafe. Anna may soften in her stance towards Roy when she realises how much she needs her job.

i also think it is interesting how Roy's attack on Gary has divided the Corrie community. It is probably true to life that older characters like Norris and Rita would defend Roy's right to defend his property, while younger characters like Sinead struggle to see past the violence of Roy's attack on Gary.

While I often moan that Corrie is too depressing or the drama is too heightened or extreme, I do think the issues raised from this recent storyline are thought provoking and important. As far as the performances are concerned, anything involving David Neilson and Mikey North is bound to be extremely watchable.

As for Owen, I can only hope Pat Phelan makes a return to the street and plays some part in Owen's exit. That would at least make it more interesting. 

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Tvor said...

I'm in total agreement here. It is a bit odd that Anna would have any understanding for Roy's predicament at all and Gary should never have tried to rob a friend. I sympathise with him up to that point. I enjoyed the PHelan story because the actor was soo good at being creepy. I too have been hollering at the screen every time someone dumps on Gary up to now, too.

LindaSonia said...

I'm also in total agreement. Owen can't leave fast enough for me. I'm not crazy about Gary but the way Owen speaks to him is beyond despicable.

Anonymous said...

Anna's behaviour towards Roy is disgraceful; she should be ashamed.

Frosty the Snowman said...

For the first time Frosty has to agree with what young Chesney said - that Gary should not have been robbing Roy in the first place - enough said. Anna needs to be booted out on her santimonous backside, cannot bear this character. Quick to crictise her son when he broke FayE's toy, she sides with him when he tries to steal from her boss. The woman is touched.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I agree that Anna's behaviour has been dreadful - Frosty you are right!

abbyk said...

Very perceptive post, Graeme, but ultimately I agree with Frosty. I admire Mikey Norths talent at portraying an anguished young man, but Gary is a dolt. You don't do crime in your own neighborhood (did he not pay attention to his Uncle Len?) And you don't cut off your family's only source of income. You do go to the job center, every day. You do day labor to get out of a jam, esp when you have skills. I'm an oldie, no sympathy for Gary. Anna, n you should be ashamed.

Zagg said...

I agree with Frosty and abbyk. Where does Anna get off being pissed at Roy? Her loser son is to blame for this entire situation. He is not a 10 year old who can hide behind Mommy. Enough with the bad behaviour and excuses. And Roy or anyone has a right to defend their property and livelihood from an intruder. Who knew if he might have had a gun or knife to use on Roy? Roy got the upper hand. Period. This trend of being soft on thieves and burglars is ridiculous to me.
Once they make that decision to break the law, all sympathy goes out the window.

Ruth owen said...

I was particularly disappointed in Mary, the way she shunned Roy who has been a good friend to her. Is friendship so fickle? Could she not remember how she felt when Dev started going out with Julie?

It would have been better to have Mary give Roy sympathetic treatment as it would have been more consistent with her character.


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