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Tuesday 30 December 2014

A Corrie Blogging New Year

Season’s greetings to all Coronation Street Blog readers and contributors – I hope you had a much happier Christmas than most Weatherfield residents!

As Christmas is a time for reflection, I would like to say that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to contribute to this Blog since the beginning of the year. I have realised, though, that I never introduced myself. I just turned up back in February and started wittering on. With a few days left in this season of goodwill, I hope you’ll forgive me and allow me this opportunity to say ‘hello’ properly and explain why I’m here.

My name is Martin and I’m 32 years old. Coronation Street has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born in the North-West of England (Wirral – 40 miles from Manchester) but spent most of my childhood just outside of London. Corrie was never missed in our house, wherever we lived.

I have vague memories of Brian Tilsley’s death in ’89 but a more vivid recollection of the McDonalds arriving on The Street later that year. I have a particular fondness for 90s Corrie – even when it got a bit crap. I’m looking at you, Derek Wilton. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I have a replica garden gnome in my flat.

Arthur is one of many pieces of Coronation Street memorabilia bought for me over the years. Perhaps I’m looking back through the rose-tinted Deirdre glasses of my youth but I have a Free The Weatherfield One T-shirt which takes pride of place in my collection.

I was moved by Stevie’s recent blog about the bond he shares with his Grandma, which is strengthened by their mutual love of Coronation Street. It was exactly the same for me growing up. Whenever we visited my grandparents up north, we would watch Corrie together. Coronation Street is therefore ingrained in my DNA and wrapped up in the memories I have of relatives who are no longer here.

If I ever felt homesick at University, I’d turn Corrie on and be comforted instantly by that warm feeling of familiarity. Whatever is happening in my own life, Corrie is always present – a faithful friend that has been there for me through thick and thin. Whatever mood I’m in, I’ll feel better after escaping to Weatherfield for half an hour.

So, that’s why I love Coronation Street. But how did I end up here? Well, a few years ago I started writing about Corrie on Facebook, much to the bewilderment of 95% of my friends. I would do silly statuses on the trials and tribulations of Corrie characters simply because I enjoyed doing so. An example from February 2013 (and a blast from the past):

“Lewis Archer (the man, the legend, the hair) left Weatherfield in a blaze of glory on Friday night, with Gail McIntyre's life savings sitting pretty in his offshore bank account. It wasn't his most elaborate ruse because, let's face it, seducing and fleecing Gail is like stealing candy from a particularly placid baby. But as revenge missions go, it was exquisite, executed with the elegance one would expect from the debonair conman, cad, fraudster, thief, lothario and gigolo (whose CV also includes some recent front-of-house experience at a HIGH-END BISTRO). The sad thing is that he genuinely loved Audrey, actualleh. But then Gail had to go and ruin it all. Gail may have been left heartbroken and penniless, as a result of her meddling, but at least she won't go hungry. Not with those 500 jars of olives stacked up in the kitchen, which Audrey no doubt hopes she chokes on. To quote Lewis Archer (if that IS his real name), "chi cento ne fa, una ne aspetti" - WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.”

Is Gail still making her way through those olives?!! I don’t know but these ridiculous ramblings proved quite popular despite the fact most people I know don't watch Corrie (or at least, claim not to).

Less popular was my version of Vernon Tomlin’s seminal 2008 pop hit “(Don’t Fall Into) The Mason’s Arms” which goes to show that you can’t win ’em all. But if you fancy a laugh, get your lugholes round this:


I still think Ian Reddington should have released it as a Christmas single and told him as much when I bumped into him at Glastonbury one year.

I have long admired the great work that Glenda, Diane and all the other bloggers do here but didn’t think there would be room for little old me. However, my fiancée persuaded me to give it a go so that people who actually know what I’m going on about might read my stuff.

I was delighted when my first blog, “HayleyCropper - more than just a character in a soap”, went live on 9 February. I am still the New Kid on the Blog but absolutely love being part of the team.

I’ve been sporadic in my posts so far (14 blogs in 11 months) but have been fortunate enough to interview some members of cast and crew, visit the new set and have enjoyed writing pieces whenever I’ve been inspired to put fingers to keyboard.

I am excited about getting stuck in during the New Year. My main Corrie Blogging resolutions are to up my blog rate and get more involved in commenting on the site. And I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow bloggers for the first time.

Sadly, not many of my friends are into Coronation Street despite my attempts to extol its virtues (“gritty drama juxtaposed by the very best of northern wit” is my standard line). It is therefore fantastic to have this site where all of us who share a love of Corrie can come together to discuss our favourite soap.

I would like to thank Glenda for giving me the opportunity to join the team and to wish everyone who posts and comments on the Coronation Street Blog all the best for the New Year. I am confident it will be another vintage year for the Blog and hope it will be a good year on screen too.

By Martin Leay
Twitter: @mpleay 

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Glenda Young said...

It is a joy to have you on the team Martin and next month and February will be fantastic for you (and all of us too!!! sssh....)

Tvor said...

"Joy" was the word I was going to use as well, as in, your posts are always a joy to read!!! Keep up the great work and blog on!!

Zagg said...

It's always great to read your blogs, Martin.

Dime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dime said...

I love your witty posts they are a pleasure to read.

maggie muggins said...

Thanks for telling us about what Corrie means to you, Martin, and looking forward to your blogs in 2015!

vintgal003 said...

Well a basketful of thank you's Martin, for your fine blog posts....this Canadian fan has been a Corrie addict since the 80's....long may she reign!! Cheers, Valerie :)

Martin Leay said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and for being so welcoming - and a very Happy New Year to all. Here's to 2015! :-)


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