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Coronation Street Weekly Update, December 20 2014

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“Lizzie!” she screamed when she came into the Rovers. “Erica!” Liz screamed back at the sight of her old mate who had breezed in from Spain. Erica! (the exclamation mark is compulsory with this woman) has only been in the show five minutes and so far has managed to upset Gail, get a job at The Bistro and bed Gail’s golden-boy Nick.
The Nazir family move into No. 6 this week. Kal sacks Gary from the gym job and gives the work to Owen instead. As you can imagine, this causes friction in the upstairs flat where the WindStrongs are now living, all cooped up together in a birdcage of a home.

Over at the Salon, Callum turns up for a haircut. Well, that’s what he says he’s there for but Kylie’s beside herself with panic that he’s turned up at her place of work after she gets a new phone so he can’t contact her that way. Why she didn’t just block his number and save herself some money, I’ll never know.

Billy the vicar is invited to tea at Eileen’s house with Julie and Todd along too. Sean warns them all to be on their best behaviour. “And don’t be irreverent in front of the reverend!”.  None of them are, and the tea goes well. Sean’s puzzled by the luke-warm text of thanks that Billy sends him afterwards, as he was hoping for something more.
Tony’s spotted Tracy’s money problems at Barlow’s Buys and tells her he’ll invest in half of the business but she’s not keen on sharing it with him. However, they work together to get some more dodgy gear to sell in the shop and Tony takes Tracy back to his old flat.  She’s in bits as she’s just found out that Rob’s been sentenced to 25 years in jail. Mind you, Tracy was sentenced to 15 years and was out in a matter of months. So, Tracy’s in bits in Tony’s lair, the bedroom door is open and there is only one thing that can happen. “No, no,” Tony protests as Tracy seduces him. “No! I’m in love with Liz,” Tony protests as Tracy starts kissing him. “No! I’m strictly a one-woman man,” Tony protests as he lifts Tracy and carries her into the bedroom.  A nation averted their eyes.

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