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Friday 19 December 2014

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 19 December

Note, only one episode tonight.
Friday 19th December

TONY HELPS TRACY TO DEAL WITH BAD NEWS. Tracy’s on edge as it’s the day of Rob’s sentencing. Leanne feels for Tracy and persuades Peter to extend her deadline on the rent but Tracy refuses charity and vows to pay up. As Tony and Tracy set out to pick up the dodgy electrical gear he tries again to push the idea of a partnership but Tracy refuses to back down. However when she gets a call to say Rob’s been sentenced to 25 years she collapses in tears. Tony’s taken aback to see Tracy so vulnerable and advises her to choose whether to wait for Rob or move on with her life. As Tony assures her she’ll have no trouble finding a man she seizes on his words and suddenly kisses him. Will Tony be able to resist Tracy’s advances?
STEVE DRIVES HIMSELF TO FURTHER DISTRACTION. Tyrone and Kevin scoff when Steve agrees to pay extortionate prices for more parts for his kit car’s refurb. Weary, Kevin insists on payment towards the work done so far. Steve promises to sort it.
NICK LEAVES STEPH IN THE LURCH. Liz is amused to find Nick has spent the night with Erica. Nick then skives off work to spend the day in bed with Erica. With Nick AWOL, Steph recruits Gavin to help out at the bistro.
ELSEWHERE Alya and Gary both feel wretched. Carla reels from the news of Rob’s sentencing. Eileen, Liz and Michelle assure her she’s not to blame but Carla knows that Tracy will think otherwise!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm Nick is 3O - Erica is the same age as Gail - late fifties/early 60s - bit tacky if you ask Frosty. Why is Gavin still hanging around Moaning Michael if he is not his real son, its not like he is rich or anything. Dont really see the point of it all.

Rossie said...

Either he feels he somehow has an obligation to the real Gavin, it will be interesting when their history is revealed. Or I think more likely he is lonely, down on his luck, and is attracted to being part of a family.

Humpty Dumpty said...

'Gavin' has got stuck with one lie after another. I'm guessing the real Gavin has got all the voice mail messages and has chosen to ignore them. Wonder if the stress of the reveal will cause Michael to have a fatal heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, I think I detect a double standard. First, Nick is 34, not 30, (played by an actor who is almost 42 and looks even older). Erica is supposed to be in her early 50's, not 60's, (played by an actress who is 51), so there's less than 20 years between them in the program, and in real life it's less than 10. If the sexes were reversed and it was the man who was this much older would you find it so tacky? I suspect not.

Anonymous said...

Anoynymous,I don't know about Frosty but I did think it was tacky when Tracy was with Dev and he was much older than her and she even made a play for her grandmother's boyfriend too!
That being said,considering how the Platts are already dominating stroylines to the exclcusion of other characters,I don't think Nick as someone's 'toy boy' was really necessary right now.

Frosty the Snowmman said...

So Erica invites herself to stay at the Rovers and now is treating it as a knocking shop! Doenst Amy live there? Have these dreadful women no regard for others? If I were Steff I would tell Nick to stuff his Bistro that he seems to have no interest in. Perhaps its time for a change of ownership.


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