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Saturday 27 December 2014

Bring back Coronation Street eco-warrior Spider Nugent

Anyone who knows me (hello!) will know that my favourite Coronation Street male character was Spider Nugent.  I know, I know.  Anyway, Martin Hancock, the actor who played Aunty Em's favourite nephew has been interviewed by The Express. 

It's one of those 'where are they now' type of interviews and Martin talks about getting the role of Spider on Coronation Street. He says:

"The casting director of Coronation Street, June West, came to see the play and thought I might work for the role of a new character they were developing. So I went for an audition for eco-warrior Spider Nugent in London, as they were auditioning a lot of people all over the country.  When my agent rang, I thought she was joking when they said I was going to be Spider. I went to live in Manchester for a five-month contract, with an option to extend it if the storyline worked. It was an amazing experience. My mother was thrilled as Coronation Street is almost a religion in New Zealand. She was really proud of me."

As to the future, Martin says: "... well, I may go back to Coronation Street one day. Who knows when Spider Nugent might return?”
Oh go on, Corrie, take him back and soon - and Toyah could return too!

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Nikki NZ said...

Spider yes!! So many storylines are possible for an Eco-warrior character. And it would give Emily a new lease on life. They could watch those TV box sets he sends her together. (Remember when Emily ditched a babysitting job to watch Breaking Bad? And I loved her side reference to Orange is the New Black the other day. Having just started watching it myself, I totally understood her reservations about the shower scenes!!!)

Anonymous said...

There are too many characters[new and returning] on the Street right now pushing underused ones out of storylines so I don't think there's a need for Spider to come back right now.However if he was to return,I hope he's friendlier to Norris this time instead of threatening him as he did during his last visitbecause he didn't believe Norris' suspicions about Richard Hillman being Maxine Peacock's murder during a botched murder attempt on Aunty Em.Methinks Spider still owes Norris an apology.

AmandaB said...

Eughh nurrrh horrid smelly no mark as far as I'm concerned. Plus he couldn't act to save his life.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE Spider - bring him back, the sooner the better!

vintgal003 said...

Yes.....I totally agree...both Spider and would be greatly to see what they have been up Leeanne would have her sister back! Heck..might as well have Les as well....he can see what a lovely lad Chesney has turned into!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to use Spider's political beliefs to compare then and now, to see what's changed on the ecological and environmental fronts since his last visit. With all the concerns on this topic appearing regularly in the news, the citizens of Weatherfield could at least acknowledge their existence in the form of Spider!

Frosty the Snowman said...

No don't bring back Spider Nugent. Lets just leave him as a good memory of a popular character. He would no longer now be young but middle aged and probably rather wierd. Frosty has always said some characters are of their time and Spider is one of them.


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