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Saturday 13 December 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update - deckchairs, vicar and a basque

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It’s family fun day at Jamila House, organised by the Nazirs. But the only family not having any fun are the Nazirs. To be fair, Maria’s not having the best day of it either after she sticks mascara in her eye. There’s a photographer taking family photos and Sally wants hers redone as she reckons Tim looks confused. The Nazirs are central this week to the show and I’m still warming to them. I do however admit that I love Yasmeen and if any of the others have to leave, and I hope that they will, then Yasmeen must stay and the petition starts here.
Alya’s not-so-secret relationship with Gary comes out into the open this week after the pair of them sneak into an empty No. 6 for snogging and chips. Alya chucks gravy all over Gary’s top. “Ooh, you’ll have to take that off,” she purrs, as you knew she would, just as Alya’s family walk in through the front door of No. 6 when Gary is shirtless, as you knew he would be, and as you knew they would do. It was all rather predictable, but if a spilt pot of chip gravy serves up the end to Alya and Gary’s going-nowhere romance, then so much the better. More gravy, please. That Gary and Izzy aren’t back together is a crying shame, to my mind.
David and Kylie have another falling out this week after he follows her to the dodgy Dog and Gun pub and finds her taking drugs in the ladies loo. She swears she’s not taking any more and lies that ties have been cut with the estate, the pub, and her past. It’s just a matter of time before actress Paula Lane goes off on maternity leave and Kylie disappears or David chucks her out. Elsewhere at the Platt’s, Michael decorates the outside of Gail’s house in Christmas lights, there’s a count down to the switch on, which doesn’t.

Elsewhere this week, Sally loses her new posh sofa and her new posh friend. Diane the sofa woman from Hale Barnes storms into Sally’s house when she finds out that Kev lied to her about his mate Barney he’d sold the sofa to. There was no Barney, of course, but Sally did have Diane’s sofa and she wanted it back. And what Diane wanted, she got. Sally’s left fuming, friendless, sitting on deckchairs in the living room with Tim. I love these two together.

Emily brings Billy the vicar into the Rovers for a drink, he’s taken over in the parish of Weatherfield. Sean welcomes Billy into the pub and admits to Emily he’s already met Billy. The two men have dinner in the Bistro later on and clearly have chemistry. “You work in textiles. I work in the church. We’re both men of the cloth,” says Billy.

And finally this week, preparations begin for Beth and Kirk’s wedding. Beth wants summat tasteful to wear, a basque like Madonna’s and Sinead offers to run one up, with plenty of bing on it for Beth’s big day. With some encouragement from Beth, Kirk chooses Chesney to be his best man.

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Crazy world of Athur Brown said...

Decent quiet type man of God gets entwined with self obsessed, shallow, middle aged Sean. More ridiculous pairings like the stunning Uni educated Muslim girl Alya and violent mental health issues mate of her Dad's that has a child with a girl in a wheelchair always furtive looking G Windbucket. Same as hatchet faced fire starter Leanne and Kal. 60 year old Liz McMutton and 40 something cool guy Tony - all would never happen apart from on a soap!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The problem with the Nazirs is Kal. The grandparents should be bringing up the kids, allowing some inter-generational tension and Yasmeen could still have been a community activist in her retirement. As they are now, not working for me.

I'm making a big plea to the Corrie writers. Please give characters friends of their own age. For starters, give Yasmeen a friend so she can show another side to her currently 2-dimensional harridan image. Pantomime and sitcoms (into which territories Corrie often strays) know the value of a best friend to confide in. Apart from the oldies, the drinkers in the Rovers are mostly family groups. We see them all together at home and then we see them all together in the pub. Very boring.

Anonymous said...

You've lost your flamin' mind, if you support Yasmeen as a character of interest! She's about as appealing as a cardboard cutout with a loudspeaker built in.

Defrost Indoors said...

Yasmeen is rather offensive, like the time she wanted to book a cab but refused to give too many details, implying that Steve or Lloyd would rush over and burgle their place if they knew she wasn't home, which is offensive on several levels. The Nazirs as a unit don't work for me -- two generations max would have, or a generational cohort alone i.e. grandparents raising the kids, or Kal and the parents, or Kal and the kids. Zidane is just gross; get rid.

Louby said...

It's a crying shame that Jimmy Mistry hasn't had one decent line since he started. Kal had potential when he arrived as a personal trainer to sort Nick out, but he's had a face like a slapped backside ever since. Doesn't work with Leanne, for either of them. I wouldn't be surprised if he left before too long. .........and I expect the Alya/Gary thing will be milked for much longer.

Anonymous said...

I guess they thought if a loud-mouthed Muslim matriarch (Zainab) would work on EE, it would work on Corrie too...nope..FAIL.


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