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Thursday 25 December 2014

Preview of Christmas Day on Coronation Street

Thursday 25th December Hour-long (Christmas Day)
KYLIE’S PAST SHATTERS CHRISTMAS PRESENT Whilst Gail, Michael and David call in the bistro to see Nick, Kylie stays at home to prepare Christmas dinner. She’s horrified when Callum lets himself in and
presents Max with a brand new bike. Kylie orders Callum out of the house but Callum refuses to leave
and pulling out a bag of speed, offers it to her. Arriving back David catches them red-handed. Callum
introduces himself to David, explaining he’s Max’s Dad, Kylie’s ex and her drug dealer. David’s
horrified. Gail, Michael and Audrey return home to find David and Callum fighting. As her family life
implodes is Kylie about to lose everything?
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE FOR STEVE. Amy’s taken aback at the amount of presents Steve’s bought for her whilst Tony’s shocked at how much Steve has spent on food. Having promised Amy snow for
Christmas, Steve drags Michelle upstairs and they drop fake snow out of the window. Misreading his
signals, Michelle tries to kiss Steve. Having pulled out all the stops for Christmas, can Steve overcome
his depression? Meanwhile when Tracy grabs Tony under the mistletoe, how will he respond?
GARY’S NOT IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.At Faye’s insistence, Owen and Anna relent and invite Gary to join them for the day. But when Owen and Katy make digs at Gary for wasting Faye’s money on
booze, Gary loses his temper and accidentally breaks Faye’s present. How will the family react?
ELSEWHERE Yasmeen, Alya, Kal, Sharif, Zeedan, Sally, Maddie, Sophie and Roy run the soup kitchen. Gavin’s uneasy when Michael presents him with the engraved family tankard, having added Gavin’s name to it. Jason’s gutted when he realises he’s bought Eva the wrong perfume and further annoyed when Tony gives her the right one, much to Todd’s amusement.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Er why is Michelle even there at Steve's bash? No longer his partner, she should spend Christmas with her long forgotton son. Cannot stand this character.

Merry Christmas and a Frosty New Year to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas.

Looking forward to tonight's episode at 8pm.

It sounds like an Xmas Corrie cracker!!

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I also had the same thought about Michelle as I assumed they broke up?I wondered instead of lagging on to Steve who she claims has gone off her,why didn't Michelle visit her nephew Liam at Christmastime?It's ridiculous how quickly her late brother Liam's son is forgotten by his sister.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was sooooo heartbreaking. I know it's just a show, but I cried for Max and I hate David for not trying to help Kylie. What a sanctimonious awful character he is. Steve's behavior is similar to someone I know and it's making me rthink about what is going on there... I can see Michele still being around pub for work, but I see your point Anon about Liam.
cheers, MartesBC.

abbyk said...

David has given her chances, and if it were just the two them, he could give her another, but it isn't. There are two small children who are at risk. Yeah, it was a bit overly dramatical and he shoulda packed her off to a rehab instead of just kicking her out, but I think he made the right call for the kids. David has become very watchable, interesting character.

Who else thought Babaji was getting a new TV this year?

The Websters were the gift that kept on giving this year. Just wish Tim had spent a little time with Faye, and somebody remembered to call Rosie on her birthday.

Anonymous said...

abbyk.I agree with your comments about David who I think was at the breaking point and I was angry with Kylie who chose low life Callum and drugs over her devoted husband and the children.Of course if she returns [after the actress's maternity leave]David will be pressured to take her back as though nothing happened.Gail better be on his side this time too.


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