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Friday 12 December 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 12 Dec

Friday 12th December
GARY AND ALYA ARE CAUGHT RED HANDED. As Gary and Izzy chat about Jake, it’s clear they’re getting on well. Izzy secretly hopes it could be the start of a reconciliation. But Gary’s only got eyes for Alya and revealing he’s still got the keys to No.6, Gary suggests they meet there for a secret tryst. An excited Alya and Gary sneak into No.6 and share a candlelit supper. But just as things get steamy Yasmeen and Kal suddenly appear. Alya’s horrified.
CAN DAVID EVER TRUST KYLIE AGAIN? Despite the fact she’s struggling without her drugs, Kylie does her best to make amends and goes all out to be a good mother and wife. David remains sceptical and when Kylie’s phone buzzes with a text, David picks it up. Will it be from Callum? Kylie tells David how sorry she is for hurting him. Can their marriage survive?
AUDREY GIVES MARIA SOME RELATIONSHIP ADVICE. Maria admits to Audrey that much as she likes Luke, she’s worried about the age difference. Audrey tells her grab a slice of happiness while she can and stop overthinking it.
ELSEWHERE Beth discusses her wedding dress design with Sinead, while Kirk asks a delighted Chesneyto be his Best Man. In the salon, Julie pampers herself in readiness for her date with Dev, clearly smitten.

Friday 12th December
GARY AND ALYA’S WORLDS IMPLODE. Kal and Yasmeen stare incredulously as Alya confesses that she and Gary have been seeing each other. Unable to contain his fury, Kal lashes out and punches Gary, dragging him out onto the street. Izzy’s devastated to realise what has been going on. Leanne does her best to calm Kal down but he’s furious to realise Leanne already knew about Alya’s relationship with Gary. Leanne tries to make Kal see that Alya and Gary’s situation isn’t any different to their own, but Kal refuses to listen and insists that Gary isn’t good enough for his daughter. Alya’s gutted as Kal lays the law down, banning her from seeing Gary. Feeling terrible can she talk Kal round?
DAVID DEBATES HIS AND KYLIE’S FUTURE. David demands to know who Kylie’s dealer is. Kylie lies to him telling him it’sMacca. But when Callum texts Kylie demanding to see her, will her lie be exposed? Kylie’s terrified about what Callum might do next. When Max tells David and Kylie that he’d like David to become his real Dad, her fears are exacerbated.
SPARKS FLY ON LUKE AND MARIA’S FIRST DATE. Maria and Luke enjoy their first date at the bistro and when Luke realises he’s lost his keys to No.9, Maria’s only to happy to suggest a nightcap at hers. However will their plans be scuppered by a ‘helpful’ Steph?
ELSEWHERE Over dinner at the bistro, Julie’s swept away by Dev’s chivalrous manner. When he invites her back for a nightcap, will she accept?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Kal is really becoming quite dislikeable as the control freak father. It could be believable if he wasnt carrying with the rough hatched faced Leanne Battersby - another quite ridiculous pairing.

Does anyone care about Kylie and her antics? No? Thought not, just go.

Anonymous said...

No Frosty, I don't care about Kylie in the least. OK, she (the actress) needs to go on maternity leave but surely they could've written a storyline where she goes off to look after her sister who has had a bad fall or something.

I was disheartened to read that Callum is going to be a regular fixture. Can't stand him and he can't act for toffee.

Zagg said...

I agree. Unfortunately, the writers are not very good at coming up with exit stories for the Mothers-To-Be. Fiz going off to take care of Cilla was equally ridiculous.
Now that Rob is gone and that whole story is over, they are trying to put the Nazirs front and center with all the Kal/Alya/Gary thing. Who cares? They've tried to build this up like it was a big deal. It's not. It's just another young woman in a list of women who have thrown away their education to assume some BS job on the street and/or hook up with a loser. Amber & Jenna immediately come to mind. It's not interesting and just seems silly and degrading after so many have done it before. Plus Gary and Alya have zero chemistry. Romeo & Juliet they are not. And who could blame any parent for wanting to kill him. He begs for a baby, dumps the mother, tries it on with the surrogate, almost kills a man and is now drooling over his best mates daughter. What a catch!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The row between Kal and Alya about his hypocrisy has been a long time coming. There have been hints that they've fallen out before. We should have heard more about that by now. I would have liked to see Alya discussing her late mum with Yasmeen. As it is, none of the Nazirs are in the slightest bit interesting. Have the writers turned no 6 into a four bed house to accommodate grandparents, Kal, son and daughter? If not, Alya should move out to live with Steph and Katy (who will be leaving shortly, anyway). Gary's character has been ruined; he was brilliant in the post stress disorder syndrome storyline. He and Izzie seemed to split up overnight.

The Nazirs would have worked better if Kal had never been written into the story. Alya could have got a job in the factory and then the grandparents moved on to the Street to provide a home for both grandchildren. The tension between the generations might have been a better fit.

Beth said...

The Nazirs are dreadful. Every single one of them and bring nothing to the street. However they'll stay as long as Stuart Blackburn stays as they are his 'creation'.


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