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Sunday 21 December 2014

Corrie Weekly awards for Dec. 15 - 19

Money Pit award: Steve's car, and Tyrone's right, that "statement" is more like Bank Statement.

Full On award: Erica. I'm not sure Nick knows what's hit him.

Wind up award: I think half the reason Nick decided to have a fling with Erica was because Gail said he wouldn't be interested!

Musical Ambience award: "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" playing to Nick and Erica's first kiss. "Let's Get it On" when Tracy was coming on to Tony. An old fashioned cry-in-your-beer country song was on the jukebox when Carla was reeling from finding out about Rob's sentence.

Luddite award: Sally doesn't trust Alya's list on her phone!

Fashion win: Alya looked great in this outfit.

Lines of the week: Sean to the family "Nobody be themselves, act normal!" and "Nobody say anything irreverent in front of the reverend!"
Liz "Erica's harmless. More front than Brighton but there's a very good heart beating under that cleavage"
Gail to Erica "You stay there! You're not leaving till he (Nick) chucks you out!!" (You lose, Gail)
Erica to Gail "You're son's got a lovely bum" (Gail would know, she's diapered it enough!)
Nick "I've just forgotten something" Liz "The way home?"
Liz "It (the club) is so posh there is not one single rude cocktail on the menu"
Leanne about Tracy "Has she ever heard of a reasonable conversation?" Todd "Welcome to my world. Every day is a roller coaster ride of joy"

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Anonymous said...

Noooo Tracy luv step away from muscular Tony. He's a badun!

- Pod

Frosty the Snowman said...

Local Pub or Knocking shop award: The ghastly Erica pitches up and invites herself to stay at the Rovers all over Christmas with no regard to Steve whose pub it actually is. Then after being there 5 minutes she is bringing men to someone else’s home to shag – nice, especially as isn’t Amy living there? Should put a red light outside Liz.

Caveman award: The scene with Tracy and Tony was unintentionally hilarious. One minute he is mumbling he loves Liz and is a one woman man, the next so overcome by the charms of scruffy Tracy that he more or less throws her over his shoulder to carry her to the bedroom. It was more like a Carry on Film.

Great Businessman Award: Nick never seems to give monkeys about his Bistro and is happy to pursue his own pleasures while leaving others to work their socks off on his behalf. He did it with Leanne and now with Steph. Time for a change of owner for the Bistro in 2015 perhaps?

Builder of the Year award: Why would Kal have even asked Garrah to put in saunas in his gym after he nearly killed a neighbour not so long ago knowingly putting in the wrong flooring? Gary and Owen seem to be the only builders in Manchester. Ever heard of Checkatrade?

Al Capone award: Todd with his “scarred” face. Tis hardly a scratch. What a lot of fuss over nothing.

Enough said award: Not going to comment on the Nazirs, although the way they all simultaneously “turn up” in the same place passing by has become a joke in the Frosty house. I suppose it is Panto season.

Wim said...

For me, the line of the week was Tracey's description of how Rob saw her as "Joan Rivers with the body of Kate Moss". ��

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Norris for quite some time. I really miss him. I wish the writers would utilize more of the actors instead of shoving the . Nazirs down everyone's throats.

Anonymous said...

Low point of the week: the insufferable Nazirs!!! Seems like they're in every scene.


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