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Wednesday 10 December 2014

Will Tracy Barlow be Tanya Pooley Mark II?

After reading blogger Scott's wonderful post about Tracy Barlow, and thinking about upcoming spoilers, something occurred to me.

First, let me take you back in time to 1994 or thereabouts.  You may remember that barmaid Tanya Pooley stole Des Barnes from the lovely Raquel. Do you also remember that, after it all blew up in her face, Des dropped her like a hot potato, Bet fired her and Tanya, bent on revenge, decided to steal (Ooh Baby) Charlie Whelan from Bet?

I remember squealing "Don't Do It!" when that long haired predator sobbed on Charlie's shoulder and moved in for the figurative kill. He was helpless to resist. In the end, he and Tanya drove off in his rig, with him apologetic and her smirking triumphantly. He did come back, tail between his legs, not really expecting Bet to take him back and we never saw him again after that.

Now. We have spoilers telling us that Tracy is going to have a fling with Tony. I have been expecting that ever since Tony started dealing with Tracy and Rob and we saw a hint in the summer preview video showing Tony and Liz, with Liz morphing into Tracy. It's going to happen, folks, and sooner than later.

I reckon, though it could start slowly, that it will heat up to a fizzy chemical burn. In a way, though I do like Liz and Tony as a couple, I can see Tracy and Tony as well. I think they'll have a lot of chemistry and I think Tony will end up infatuated by Tracy's charms. She'll lead him around by the nose much as Tanya did Charlie and when it all comes out, and it will because no affair stays secret forever, Liz will hit the roof.

Will that mean the end of Tony? Possibly. Or maybe Tony will shack up with Tracy right under Liz's nose. I like the character and I like the actor and it would be a shame to lose him but it may be inevitable. Tracy being a Barlow, she won't disappear, or not for long. Unless, of course, Liz gets her talons into those brown locks. I wouldn't bet against Liz in a fight against anyone much less Tracy flamin' Barlow.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

There are some similarities between Tanya/Bet/Charlie and Tracy/Tony/Liz. Older men sucked into relationships with younger women and the older women maybe too weary to fight back. However, the big difference here is that Tanya was only on the Street for a year and had no ties. Tracy and Tony son't be long-term because he won't want to be bothered with Amy. I can't see Steve taking his daughter back to live with them. If this new storyline means Tracy returns to her sneering, gurning and grinning, I call it a damn shame. They had a chance to turn Tracy into an interesting character but obviously the writers prefer her in panto-mode.

Zagg said...

Personally I can see Tony with Tracy before the pairing of him and Liz. I have always thought they were ridiculous together. Liz looks like a tired old country western singer slapper and Tony is kind of happening and cool. In the real world, he wouldn't give her a second look. It never made sense. I so wish they would tone Liz down a notch or two. She is NOT Bet Lynch, but it seems they are desperately trying to make her a Rovers icon behind the bar. I do like Liz, I just find her a bit cringe worthy at times.
Can you imagine being Steve and how embarrassing she must be as a mother? Yikes.
Maybe Tracy could use someone like Tony who would not take her crap.

Tvor said...

But then, Bet Lynch often looked tired old country western singer slapper! That was part of the attraction Charlie felt for her!

Anonymous said...

Humpty, maybe the older women are too SMART to fight back.

Anonymous said...

After all the times she cheated on Jim and kept quiet about Tina and Peter while allowing Carla to be served by her husband's mistress,I'm looking forward to seeing Liz being betrayed by Tony.Then she won't be so smug feling like a fool as Carla was.

abbyk said...

Stealing your mom's best friend's boyfriend, that's just gross.

The.HR.Doctor said...

"Tony is kind of happening and cool."

I kinda see him as the Terry Venables of the down and out class...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Have to agree with Zagg. Tony is what - mid 40s, he wouldnt look twice at 60 year old Liz who always looks like one of those grannies on My Big Fat Gypsy wedding. Its been one of the most daft pairings in Corrie. To be with someone like her would make him a laughing stock and lose any Street "cred" which he would find so important I am afraid.

Tvor said...

I reckon Tony is in his 50s same as Eileen, though the actor himself could be a tad younger. I can't see Eileen going for a man much younger than herself when she was in her early 20s. I actually think Liz really is Tony's type, rough and ready, a bit cheap, self confident, smart and sassy *and* she owns a pub!


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