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Sunday 28 December 2014

Some Corrie New Year's Resolutions

I'd like to start by saying I hope all our loyal Coronation Street Blog readers had a wonderful Christmas. I don't know about you but I was left seriously underwhelmed by the festive editions of Corrie this year. They just lacked that traditional Christmas magic.

However, I've decided to start the new year afresh. The run up to new year always leads to many of us making resolutions for the year ahead, setting out our hopes, dreams and aspirations. So here are my Corrie new year resolutions for 2015.

First of all, I must try not to launch into a verbal tirade every time either Liz or Michelle appear on screen and criticise, deride or treat the lovely Steve in an altogether harsh and unfair manner. This will be a tough habit to crack, especially if Michelle is pouting with her arms folded like daggers.

I must give the Nazir family a chance. Even if it is downright preposterous that they have moved into that house in Coronation Street. Even if they have no chemistry as a family and do not work as individual characters.

I must work hard to accept that no matter how much I try I will never, ever like Sophie Webster, the most ungrateful, unpleasant, whinging Christian in the history of prime time television.

I must not cringe every time Andrea appears or jumps onto Lloyd's lap in the cab office. Which is practically every time she appears.

I must live in hope that when Owen and Katy's exits finally come about they will be both short and painless for the viewers. In the meantime, one of my resolutions is to hit the mute button every time either appears on my television set.

I must not scream and shout at each and every one of Corrie's totally rubbish romantic pairings. Nick and Erica sounded like fun but made me shudder. As did Tony and Tracy (make me shudder that is, not sound like fun). And Leanne and Kal don't provoke a strong enough reaction to even warrant a shudder. Can Sean's budding romance with his vicar please not be cringeworthy? Sean seriously needs to grow up, act his age and be seen to have some form of character development.

I resolve not to make a face worthy of a Gogglebox close up every time any of the following things happen: Tracy says something horrible; Dev over-acts; Sharif attempts to act; Michael acts like a wimp; Izzy over-reacts; Maria simpers; Simon is treated like he's five years old when in actual fact he's started to shave; Leanne either frowns or stomps; Nick treats his mother like dirt; David calls his mother "Gail"; Rita plays it all "sweet old lady" or Ken's kimono represents the best attempt at Corrie comedy.

I hope and pray that 2015 will see the Platts and the Wind-strongs rested, allowing other characters to have a look in. Let's hope this new year sees Steph and Luke flourish, Jason and Eva get a proper storyline, Julie get her cheery, 1950s self, perched pertly behind Dev's counter (ahem), Roy find some happiness (not in the form of Mary), Audrey take centre stage in a storyline that does not involve a conman or a cross dresser, Rita make reference to the fact she's still married to Dennis and plenty more of Sally and Tim. 

And please, please, please can Deirdre return soon, ready to get stuck into her stuffed marrow once again?

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Llifon said...

Brilliant! Couldn't agree more!

I'd love to see Audrey have a front burning storyline.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Thanks! It feels like ages since she's had one!

Blythe said...

I'd like to start by saying I thoroughly agree with every one of your beefs. Every one is on the money. I bet so many viewers feel exactly the same way about every one of those references you made.
Thank you Graeme, really enjoy your take.

The People said...

Dear Coronation Street Quality Control Dept.,
Please listen to Graeme about this stuff. It has so many valid points, in fact, all of them are valid and he speaks truth for all the people. The people want better. The people aren't stupid. The people are disappointed in your lack of caring. Just follow up on these points made in this article and the show will immediately improve immensely.
Sincerely, people who give a darn even if you don't.

Anonymous said...

The above four comments could have been written by me - I couldn't agree more. However, I could not have written the actual commentary which is so succinctfully expressed. Thank you.

Anon. (from Canada)

Anonymous said...

I've actually been enjoying Corrie's storylines of late. I guess I am just more forgiving than most who watch the show. I often wonder if there's so much wrong with it, why people bother watching? I mean, if the show has gotten that bad, why waste your time? I do have criticisms sometimes, but not terribly extensive ones on the latest storylines. Several of the storylines people complain most about (Kylie's drug addiction issues, Liz and Michelle's reactions to Steve's depression - I mean, WE know what's going on, but they don't and it's not uncommon for those not in the know or even suspecting something like this to be all sympathetic right off - all they see is Steve losing the plot), isn't far from reality. I also like the Nazirs and am enjoying them on the street, Yaseen especially.

Blythe said...

Well Anonymous 18:23 welcome to the club.
You see, people keep watching because they have a strong tie to the show, please read Stevie Dawson's latest.
This forum allows serious viewers to express our frustrations and also our pleasures of this show that is very near and dear to our hearts.
It is never a waste of time to get together on a regular basis with family members or friends or even and especially alone to tune into a favourite program.
It is also never a waste of time to drop your daily routine to take time to sit down and expect that the next bit of television pleasure will transport you to some quality 'away time' from day to day crap.
Yes, there are expecations, Coronation Street is the longest running soap in history has a standard to live up to. Plain and simple.
When the folks responsible for it slack off, or as I said above, excel, it's nice to have a forum to share that with.

ChiaGwen said... must be reading my mind - I am in total agreement with all your comments! So well if only those that have the power to improve Corrie heed your advice. Thanks for the good read!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Thanks, that made me laugh out loud!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice how flirtatious Nick and Leanne were in Friday's episode? I have a feeling the two working together could lead to something more.


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