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Saturday 8 November 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 8 2014

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Cast your mind back to last week’s Weatherfield wedding of woe when Rob did a runner.  He runs all the way to a B&B and rings Tracy to ask for some cash. She’s beside herself with grief, realising she’s gone and lost the one bloke in the world who didn’t realise she was a complete and utter nutter.  

Tracy tells Amy to take the day off school and the two of them have a duvet day watching telly. When Ken returns home, Tracy takes off and rings Rob, arranging to meet him and run off with him. She even packs a bag, it’s all prepared. But when she meets Rob on the run, and he wants to run further and faster away from the cops, they turn up and nab him. Tracy couldn’t do it after all, she’d called the police and Rob gets cuffed and taken in while arrangements for Peter’s release take place.

Roy’s windows get egged by the hooded young ‘uns hanging around the caf√©.  Todd does his best and chases them off and Roy puts a good work in for Todd with Jason and Eva.  Todd wants to get close again to his family and arranges a family meal at the Bistro, but no one turns up.  He wanders into town, on his own, and gets beaten up by some more hooded young ‘uns.  He’s badly beaten and ends up in hospital with a crying Eileen by his side.

Over at Jamila House, Yasmeen organises a talk on first aid. Katy’s pretty head is turned by the arrival of Mark the motorcycle medic, and to be fair, he’s a strapping young lad.  Katy decides there and then after years without a storyline, she wants to become a paramedic.

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Upintheattic said...

This was a stellar week for Corrie. I loved the conclusion to this very long tiring storyline. These 2 actors carried it off brilliantly. Did anyone notice when Audrey took over the flatiron from Maria, to finish Yasmeen's hair, they both handled it by the heated plates? For those of you who don't know, that would caiuse a very nasty burn.

Now looking forward to Tracy's revenge on Carla, now that we have all learned this week and last, that Kate Ford can indeed act!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why should Tracy wreak revenge on Carla may I ask? She was viler than vile yesterday - HELLO NEWSFLASH - she was the one that dobbed Rob in to the cops to save her own skin. I cannot stand this woman, who after sobbing and wallowing in it, forgot him in about half an hour and will soon move on to Tony.

The Todd business is frankly boring now.

Anonymous said...

The whole YAsmine thing with the library and the community centre is soo boring. Hope that storyline ends soon.orderss

Anonymous said...

Ok I thought I'd offer my opinions on Friday's double bill episodes, but I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here.

A few weeks ago we had Peter's trial(quite a big event) followed by the episode of Peter's sentencing (which was a non event). Hearing about an innocent character get a life sentence should be a big shock but it was treated almost like filler. Its like the producers thought "Look, you all know Peter is going to walk free so whats the point in building it up?" which highlights two of the current problems for me. One being the sheer number of spoilers. The identity of the deceased character to die in the upcoming van crash storyline is "being kept under wraps" but I guarantee by the end of next month you will know their identity, whether you look for spoilers or avoid them. The second problem being that most storylines feel like they're thrown together. Like whoever is responsible has a stereotype of soaps (Lots of shouting, affairs, murders, false imprisonments etc) and creates storylines simply to appeal to that lazy stereotype.

Now Rob's exit on Wednesday was promised to be "explosive" but that cliche proved once again to be untrue. It wasn't very explosive. But I didn't mind it. It was much better than a suicide/presumed suicide. If they don't bring Rob back within the next 12 months for a random story where he dies then the prison he will recieve will be a nice touch of dark for the storyline.

However the next two episodes were neither explosive nor interesting. Todd being permanently scarred should be interesting until the make up department decide they can't be bothered putting new make up on and Todd's skin is healed by Christmas. But it was so spoiled in advance it has no effect on me.

Another thing that should have been interesting is the aftermath of Rob's arrest. Sure, the plot Tracy will have to get back at Carla takes time. But I'm talking of the immediate shock in the show's community. Michelle mentioning the fact Tracy owes her money for the wedding was a nice touch as money is usually handled weirdly in soaps. To acknowledge our characters don't have money to throw around was a nice tough until you have a Anna deciding that now that her family is in serious debt her prime concern should be teaching a neighbour to read because literacy teaching has always been part of her character apparently and its not as though theres an experienced English teacher living on the street.

Anonymous said...

(I had to cut my comment into multiple parts because of character limit)

But aside from the wedding money thing the rest of Rob's murder storyline aftermath seemed stale. It seemed confined to only a few select characters. Even some characters that were involved are left out like Rita, Steve, Tina's mum, Gail and David. In fact the silly paramedic storyline had more scenes than the "murder of the year".

And what kind of offended my senses was the line "You'll be hard pushed to find anyone not affected by Tina's death". I know that by having that line spoken we're all meant to just agree and go along with how big this story was but for me it actually drew attention to the fact the direct aftermath was so understated.

Meanwhile the paramedic himself didn't seem to do much medical stuff. All I can recall is him announcing himself, announcing the first aid lesson was over, announcing he needed the toilet in the Bistro and then announcing he was back from the toilet in the Bistro. That and the "You'll be hard pushed to find anyone not affected by Rob" line put me in mind of a scene from Star Trek Voyager (an unrelated show I know) where a character creates his own TV show for the rest of his shipmates. In one episode he introduces a crewmember who can juggle very well. The only problem being that the studios didn't hire a juggler so the juggling act took place off screen. And I don't mean just off our screens but the screens of the characters themselves. No "Here's a juggling act" and then a cut to the characters watching the show before cut back at the end. Literally the entire show within a show made no sense!

And thats how I feel about a paramedic that isn't very paramedicky or a shocked community whose reactions we don't see. Its not enough to just tell us something. Otherwise you might as well tell us that Peter is an alcoholic but have him vanish off screen everytime he goes for a drink.

Ok so after that rant, why am I still watching Corrie? I guess because I had similar feelings about EastEnders last year and yet I can't get enough of that show right now. And I'm sure Corrie can improve.


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