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Sunday 16 November 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update - the Weatherfield Sour

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Peter’s out of prison this week but prefers to pop off to Portsmouth. Sorry, couldn’t resist the allure of alliteration.  There’s a lot of hugging and crying to be done before he goes though – Simon, Carla, Ken, Tracy. Even Leanne looks on as Peter’s taxi leaves the Street with what could have been a tear in her eye. Or perhaps it was a steely glint.

Cilla also leaves this week, she’s off to whence she came and this time, takes Fiz with her. Fiz offers to go with her mam to look after her until she recovers from falling down the stairs, but not before Cilla and young Craig do a bit more bonding. It’s too much for Chesney to take, seeing Cilla act like a mum to Craig when it’s more than she’s ever done for her own son, and so Chesney doesn’t wave his mum off when she goes. And Cilla doesn’t offer a family farewell either.

Anna offers to give reading lessons to Tim and while they’re planning to meet in secret, Sally gets wind of something not right. She wants a date night in with Tim and even dolls up in a lovely red frock only for Tim to disappear into the night and across the road to Anna.  Sally thinks Tim is having a fling with Anna, she doesn’t yet know that Tim can’t read and he’s too ashamed to admit it.  Why he doesn’t just text Sally and tell her all of this I don’t know, he managed to contact daughter Faye by Faycebook all those months ago.

And finally this week (sorry it’s so short, but not a lot right happened), Steve takes himself to the Bistro for a pint where he downs the new cocktail, a Weatherfield Sour. “Is it named after Tracy?” he asks, as it leaves a nasty taste in his mouth.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Much of what's been happening recently hasn't been plot development but plot device. Cilla coming back out of the blue to facilitate Fiz's departure; Anna giving Tim literacy lessons so there can be hilarious misunderstandings with Sally; the car seller collapsing in the car so that Luke and Maria can get together.

Simon's time is up and would end naturally if Jane Danson wanted to move on. He needs to go upstairs to wash his hands until there's a proper storyline for him.

Another ridiculous turn of events will be the entire Nazir family moving into the Street. There's really no need for the grandparents to come to (if that's what's being planned) as the children are grown up now.

I miss Chris Gascoyne already and hope he comes back in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the point of the Nazir family on Coronation st. The mother is an arrogant bore with a holier-than-thou attitude. I always liked Dev, maybe some of his relatives would have been a better choice to move into the street.
I hate to see Peter go, he should take Simon with him.

ChiaGwen said...

Dev's two Aunties should have come back instead of YasMEAN and Shariff. (2 deadly boring characters)....could have been comedy gold having the Aunties interacting with Mary about the children.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that it seems a total waste bringing in the boring Nasir's instead of exploring some characters from Dev's past, especially after the death of Sunita and with him alone with the kids and all (I know Mary is there but his family would want to help, wouldn't they?).

Simon totally should have left with Peter, even if he kidnapped him in order to get custody of him - give Leanne something else to be emo-snarky about.

Anonymous said...

I agree Peter should have taken Simon with him. Totally unrealistic that Fizz would leave her job and her family to look after her mother. I thought they were so hard up the way she kept bleeting on to Jason about the loft conversion. But then again Fizz and Tyronne are constantly in either the pub or the café so wonder they never have any money.


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