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Friday 14 November 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 14 November

Friday 14th November
PETER PREPARES TO SAY GOODBYE. After agreeing to rent the bookies flat to Owen, Peter calls in the pub and tells Steve and Michelle he’s leaving. Michelle’s glad to see the back of him whilst Steve wishes Peter well. After arranging for any rent to be paid to Leanne for Simon’s maintenance, Peter breaks the news to Simon that he’s moving to Portsmouth. Simon’s clearly upset and when he launches himself at Peter, begging him not to leave, will Peter be persuaded to change his mind?
LEANNE IS SHOCKED BY GARY AND ALYA. Alya finds Gary alone in the builder’s yard. They kiss
passionately until they realise to their horror, Leanne’s watching and quickly break apart.
SALLY AND TIM GROW INCREASINGLY APART. As Tim arranges another reading lesson with Anna, Sally notices their hushed conversation and is immediately suspicious.
ELSEWHERE Kal confronts Tony about Zeedan’s paltry wages. Zeedan’s fuming and orders Kal to stay out of it. Cilla admits to Fiz and Tyrone what a dreadful mother she’s been and reckons it’ll be best for everyone if she moves back to Wolverhampton. Fiz insists that she’s going with her to help while she recuperates. Worried they’re not spending enough time together, Michelle rearranges the rotas so that she and Steve have to work together. Will her plan pay off?

Friday 14th November
WILL PETER LEAVE THE STREET? Simon’s upset, blaming himself for not believing in his own Dad’s innocence and causing him to want to leave. Peter assures Simon it’s not his fault. Carla finds Peter and a tearful Simon on Maxine’s bench. Carla joins them and promises Simon she’ll arrange for him to visit his Dad in Portsmouth whenever he wants to. Will Simon let his dad go?
LEANNE’S A RELUCTANT KEEPER OF SECRETS. Leanne confronts Gary and Alya, demanding to know what’s going on. Alya admits they’re seeing each other but she doesn’t want Kal to find out. Will Leanne be willing to lie to Kal and keep their secret? Meanwhile knowing how small the bookies flat is, Izzy offers Gary her sofa. Owen and Anna secretly hope they might be getting back together.
SALLY THINKS THE WORST OF TIM. Tim struggles on with another reading lesson but when Sally discovers Anna missing from the café and Tim turns up 40 minutes late for his lunch looking sheepish, Sally puts two and two together and comes up with five, convinced Tim is having an affair with Anna.
ELSEWHERE Michelle’s looking forward to spending some time working with Steve. However Steve sneaks off to the bistro, returning drunk and late for his shift. As he heads for a lie down Michelle’s at her wit’s end. As Cilla and Fiz leave for Wolverhampton, will Chesney finally forgive his mum?

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Anonymous said...

That's fast becoming Simon's signature move isn't it, launching himself?

Frosty the Snowman said...

More throwing arms around waist. Simon is now becoming ridiculous. In Frosty's opinon the actor although cute when younger, no longer fits the part. He should have gone with his father, the man that fought so hard for him not to have a good life with millionaire Grandad George.

dhvinyl said...

At least we now know why Cilla was brought back - to give Fizz a refuge during her real life pregnancy. And we'd figured that the place Owen and family to go to was the bookie's flat. Katie's write-out plot is bit lame, and it's obvious that Ann Kirkbride's disappearance caught the script writers completely unaware...and has caught Ken's limited acting abilities like a rabbit in spotlights! What William Roache's acting sons make of him I cannot imagine.

Bippin Bawa said...

David - its been obvious since day one why Cilla was brought back with this rather unbelievable brittle bones story. I totally disagree about Ken, he is an 80 something man and does pretty well considering. If you see any of the old episodes of the Street when he was an angry young man, he had real fire in his belly. As for Dierdre, if she was not there for scenes that she was really required to bem may as well write out the character permanently as she is now superfluous to requirements.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Simon is not so integral to the plot that he couldn't go with his father (although I suppose I wouldn't want my pre-teen child to live with Peter Barlow on his own...). Unless he's the father of Faye's baby...his storyline isn't that important.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Poor Alex Bain, he will never live down the awful character he has become in Corrie. Tptb have ruined both him and Peter, but Chris G will get back on track in another role pretty soon. Simon hasn't been allowed to grow up. If he'd only done the arm flinging once in a blue moon, it would have had much more impact. It would be good for Simon to now have a male role model who would make him more believable: Uncle Jason, perhaps, as others have said, or Zeedan (via a faint link with Leanne and Kal) who could teach him cricket.

Zagg said...

I do not understand why Leanne is upset over Gary & Alya. They are both single. Neither are related to her. She's a blond dating Kal, so why can't red-headed Gary date Alya? Really...what business is it of hers? I seriously do not get it.
And Simon....yeesh.... he's getting creepy to watch. Poor kid has had horrible scripts to deal with. Maybe he needs to leave for awhile and come back...reinvented. On second thought, maybe not. Every time they do that, the character comes back like
Satan with an bad accent.

Anonymous said...

The writers have to either let Simon act his age or send him off to live with his father (I prefer the later). He is what 12 years old and is written like a 5 year old. I liked the character when he was little but now I find him annoying. The kid has absolutely no friends or interests like most kids his age. Peter is behaving like a jerk. All his life he blamed all of his problems because his Dad sent him and his sister to live with their grandparents. Now here he is doing the same thing except the woman he is living his child with isn't even a blood relative and his Grandfather is in his 80's. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Just a repeat of the airport scene with Peter jetting off with Carla, leaving Simon alone with Leanne etc...ffwd and he's doing it again. WFT..let the kid go and live with his rich granddad and have done with it already. Talk about rehashing-OTT IMO.

Anonymous said...

DdI agree, the Simon story line is getting really old. He is no longer a five year old and his crying jags and temper tantrums are very annoying. Let him grow up and live with his grandpa already.


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