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Monday 17 November 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 17 November

Monday 17th November
SALLY GETS THE WRONG END OF THE STICK. As Tim and Anna share a laugh in the caf√©, Sally enters and clocks their intimacy. When Sophie and Maddie then see Tim slipping through the backdoor of No.6 carrying a bunch of flowers, they break the news to Sally. Inside Anna is giving Tim his reading lesson when suddenly Sally bursts in with a face like thunder, demanding to know what’s going on!
STEVE FINDS HIS PLACE OF REFUGE. As Michelle prepares for the hoedown party she’s organising it’s clear she’s going to get no help from hungover Steve. Desperate to avoid Michelle, Steve sneaks back to the bistro and guiltily orders up a cocktail. Steph’s amused to see him back again.
ALYA’S DETERMINED TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. When Carla moans about how hard it’s proving to find a trainee manager, Alya overhears and asks if she can apply for the job. As Alya prepares for her interview, Leanne warns her how scary Carla can be.
ELSEWHERE Owen’s cheered when Tony offers him some work on a warehouse conversion. Michael and Gail head into town, back to the bar where hopefully the manageress has Gavin’s contact details.

Monday 17th November
SALLY’S FLOORED BY TIM’S SECRET. Seething with rage, Sally accuses Tim and Anna of having an affair and storms out in tears before they can explain. Tim chases after Sally but Sophie and Maddie bar his way, while a furious Sally starts lobbing Tim’s possessions out of the bedroom window shouting abuse at Anna. In desperation, Tim shouts up to Sally, telling her that Anna has been teaching him to read and he’s embarrassed. How will Sally and Faye react to Tim’s bombshell?
STEVE DRIFTS FURTHER AWAY FROM MICHELLE. Eileen moans to Liz and Michelle how Steve failed to turn up for his Street Cars shift and nobody can get hold of him. Elsewhere at the bistro Steph’s short-staffed and Steve insists on helping out behind the bar. But how will Steve explain himself when Michelle calls in the bistro and finds him working there?
ALYA STRIKES GOLD WITH CARLA.Carla interviews Alya. Alya describes her passion for upmarket underwear and then realising Underworld aims at a much lower market, worries she’s blown it. When Kal begs Carla to give Alya a chance as she’d be an asset to her business, Alya’s mortified. How will Carla react?
ELSEWHERE Faye confides in Craig how miserable it is to be skint and how she’s dreading moving to the poky flat above the bookies. When Michael explains to the manageress how he’s trying to find his long lost son, Gavin, she agrees to pass on his address.

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abbyk said...

Hey, Kal, your kids are adults. You butting in at work is the opposite of helpful.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why would the tiny faktray need a 'trainee manager'? There are enough staff there already doing nothing much but moan gossip and stuff their faces with cakes. Whatever you think of Sally and her airs and graces, she has always stepped up to the breach where the faktray is concerned. To take on Ayla - who of course conveniently "overheard" they were looking for someone over her head is not nice but then Carla is not a nice person is she.

Anonymous said...

While I was watching last week's Canadian episodes, I thought "Why not Steph? Why not let her be the trainer?" Granted, she may not have a fancy degree, but she has customer service and management experience. AND she's adorable. She would charm Sally into not even noticing she'd been one upped! But...I've always been a dreamer.


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