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Monday 10 November 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 10 November

It had to happen – the next (final?) chapter between Peter and Carla. Peter seems optimistic that on his release he will be able to resume his relationship with Carla. We have seen him in prison gazing at a photograph of her. Does he believe that her having told the police that it was her brother, Rob, who murdered Tina, is because of love for Peter? We know that that is not the case – Carla did what she did because she thought it was the right thing to do, not out of a fierce love for her cheating husband, who was languishing in jail. She did it for the sake of justice, for the Barlows and in particular for Simon.

Carla sees Ken and says that she can handle seeing Peter, but she doesn’t want to talk to him.

‘I understand,’ says Ken.
‘Make sure he understands as well,’ says Carla.

Peter arrives home and the first person he sees, Julie, shuns him. Steve doesn’t look overjoyed at seeing him either, but eventually they shake hands, much to Peter’s relief.

Leanne brings Simon round and much to Peter’s joy Simon gives his dad a big warm hug. They chat a while and it is heartwarming to see that Simon has his dad back.

Ken suggests that they have a Chinese takeaway but Peter is keen to go to the pub. On arrival, Peter and Carla’s eyes lock.  

Good news has come to the factory – an order is placed for 10,000 pairs of knickers. To celebrate, Carla offers to buy her staff a drink. Of course, there will be no way that she can avoid seeing Peter. He calls her name - she ignores him at first but then agrees to go in the backroom with him for 5 minutes. Peter is desperate to have Carla back but there is not a chance. ‘You ruined any chance there was of us,’ Carla tells him. Peter begs her. ‘You’re not even worth my sarcasm,’ she tells him and that is that.

In the toilets at The Rovers, Carla is quite warm towards Tracy and says, ‘They’re not worth it - either of them,’ and touches Tracy affectionately.

In the bar Michelle is becoming anxious. Tracy calls Carla, ‘The black widow’ and Michelle objects to that. She tells Tracy that she owes her for her non-wedding. She then delivers a devastating statement. ‘Rob’s had a lucky escape because he’s avoided the real life sentence.’

Michelle is struggling with Steve – he’s distant, he can’t sleep and he’s up early polishing the bar. Michelle wonders if it is to do with Peter’s release. ‘I feel like you’re pushing me away,’ says Michelle. ‘I’m tired that’s all – give us a break,’ he tells her.

Back home Ken tells his two children that Tracy has Amy and that Peter has Simon, so there is plenty to live for. Then Ken delivers a profound statement – ‘The only reason you’re going to fail is by not trying.’

Tim wants to learn, but he is having trouble explaining himself. Sally is suspicious of his doings and is even more suspicious when he brings her flowers at work, much to the hilarity of the factory girls.

Tim can’t win, as Anna is furious with him for being late for his reading lesson. He does though seem genuine in his wish to help his daughter, Faye. Very much hope he does take Anna up on her generous offer.

Todd’s wounds are dreadful and it would be hard not to feel sorry for him. It is miserable for him, in hospital in physical pain, but of course we cannot see his mental pain. Not yet anyway. He dismisses his family, even Eileen, as he wants to be left alone. Doubtless he wants to try to digest the news from the doctor that some scarring will be inevitable.
Cilla has taken a real shine to Craig, which is nice for him, but not so nice for Chesney, who remembers his own childhood and how much he was ignored. Having cooked a casserole for the family, he is so fed up that he doesn’t stay to eat it. Bumping into Rita, once outside, she shows him some understanding.

Sinead is anxious about Chesney and Gary, who is meeting Alya, unbeknown to her father, gives Sinead some sound advice. ‘Gary Windass, relationship adviser,’ she says. She takes Gary’s advice and gives Chesney a big hug.   

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Cracking acting again from Chris G as the self obsessed ruin everything he touches Peter. Sorry I cannot have any sympathy for Todd clonking around like Frankenstein feeling sorry for himself, those "scars" will be gone by Christmas, I would lay a bet on it. As for Cilla she is reverting to type and is getting on my nerves already. She seems remarkably mobile and upright for a woman with supposedly crumbling bones.

Anonymous said...

I love Sally an Tim and I'm loving the Beth and Cilla scenes. Twins! I feel sorry for Chesney though.

Chris Gascoigne gave a very good performance. I did end up feeling sorry for Peter too because he really had convinced himself that Carla needed him and he thought she'd fall apart without him. I thought his scenes with Alison King were fab.

And then there's Tracy. There’s only so many times I can watch a cruel, vicious, self-absorbed murderer crying like a big baby - this appears to be Tracy in every episode now.
As always she is using her “heartbreak” as an excuse to act like the vile person she has always been and we’re supposed to cut her some slack because ‘she’s had a tough time’? KARMA caught up with her and she needs to get over it. So sick of watching her playing the victim and pretending to be the only person who has ever suffered just because she’s lost Rob after SHE led the police to him. My heart breaks for her. Not. I'm pretty sure that Carla has lost a hell of a lot more than Tracy and she has just got on with things! Ken of course will continue to make excuses for her and she will go on treating people like dirt before crying like a big baby at the end of the episode.

Humpty Dumpty said...

We, as viewers, can take an objective view of the Tina saga but it strikes me as strange that everyone on the Street, apart from 'bonkers' Tracy, seems to be sympathising with Carla. Not a word to her face, or behind her back, about how she started the doomed ball rolling with her addiction to pinching other women’s men. Blanche would have had a word to say to her. She probably would have been shouted down by other residents but a contrary point would have been made. Sally or Beth may not want to risk saying anything to Carla’s face for fear of losing their job, but a few cutting remarks (especially from Beth) to their partners would balance out the opinions. Leanne and Maria have both apparently drawn a line under what’s gone before. That’s another example of an imbalance. Maria perhaps could call Carla out, saying that you reap what you sow. There have to be conflicting views in a soap otherwise there’s no tension.

Colin S said...

So silly Anna who comes over as not the sharpest tool in the box and wipes tables for a living, suddenly is Mr Chips and is going to teach Tim to read and write? This is despite having an ex English teacher living in the Street and no doubt Adult Literacy Classes at the local school. This is obviously so Sally can get the wrong idea and we can have lots of hilarious misunderstandings along the way!

Anonymous said...

I would usually agree Humpty but Carla isn't looking for any sympathy off anyone and I think that's the difference. If she was just angry or bitter like Leanne or vengeful like Tracy, not everyone would take her side but she's just trying to move on with her life. I also think people like Roy and Hayley have influenced Carla a lot and after everything that's happened this year, it makes sense that for once the Underworld gang have got her back. Hayley was always loyal to Carla but the others haven't always stood by her in the past.

To be fair, if it's a case of you reap what you sow, then perhaps someone would have to point that out to Leanne because she cheated on Peter and she didn't do herself any favours when she used Simon to get back at him. I'm pretty sure she broke up Danny Baldwin's family too.
Maria has also cheated. She had an affair with Charlie who was Tracy's fella at the time and she did her best to take Tyrone off Fiz a few months back.

Dame Edna said...

Don't suppose Tim is anxious to tell the world (including Ken Barlow) that he's illiterate ~ Anna seems exactly the type of person he would confide in. Besides, Sal and Tim at cross-purposes always contributes to the gaity of the nation.

Maria and Carla made peace long ago and Leanne has had plenty of her own indiscretions in the past (Carla's first husband springs to mind).

It's a shame Peter is leaving ~ with the exception of Roy and Tim, for me these days, the interesting characters are the women. Eva's brilliant and Audrey is still the queen of the non sequiturs. I like Yazmeen too, she's a hoot.

As others have mentioned, the absence of Anne Kirkbride has been very poorly managed (and written). Deirdre's reason for missing her daughter's wedding was beyond unbelievable..... I'll bet one of the bloggers here could have come up with a more creative storyline.

Still, looking on the bright side, Fiz will be tottering off soon and, with Kylie also going AWOL, perhaps David Platt will revert to the highly entertaining sociopath he was until marriage took hold. David and Audrey in the salon (Maria, too) nattering on about something and nothing...Corrie gold.

Brownie said...

How did Tim communicate with Faye online if he can't read?????

Tracey's vendetta against Carla is almost laughable. Sure they have never got on but Tracey did exactly the same thing as Carla (ie eventually realised she had to go to the police and against Rob) and her justifications for blaming Carla are just pathetic. I get that she's looking for someone to blame but if this is going to be one of her never-ending vendettas then it's going to be on very flimsy ground.

Steve D said...

The wonders of Weatherfield hospital - Todd lay in the hospital bed with his left eye and left side of his face with a dressing on, but by the end of the episode his injuries had migrated to the right side of his face

Anonymous said...

Todd was looking in a mirror......

Steve D said...

Oops :-)


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