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Monday 17 November 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 17 November 2014

Michelle is planning a hoedown. Steve has told her to back off so that is what she is doing. When Steve comes out of this phase, she will be there, ready to carry on. Liz cannot work out whether Michelle is a 'saint or a mug' as she is showing such stoic characteristics.

Michelle has hats and also a green plastic cactus, at least that is what it looked like. She will also have bales of hay which Liz doesn't fancy sitting on. The hoedown is for Len, a man who claims to be in his prime, who, he says, can still get his legs behind his head. He plays 'Stand by Your Man' by Tammy Wynette and tells Liz that she is a mixture of Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton.  To make his evening complete he thinks it might be an idea for Liz, dressed as a cowgirl, to jump out of a cake. Unable to dignify the request with a yes or no, she gives him neither, and not just because Tony has arrived.

Sally is cooking up a hearty breakfast for Tim, a man who describes his job as 'up a ladder, bit of squeezie action, repeat.' so there we have it.

Sally whispers to Sophie that she is 'lulling him into a false sense of security' and she's 'going to be watching him.'

Tim and Anna are spotted in the cafe and Sally is deeply troubled. Even the job of trainee manager doesn't inspire her. 'There's more to life than work,' she says and adds, 'Im too old to be a trainee anything.'

Sophie and Maddie see Tim going into Anna's house, bearing flowers and Maddie goes to the factory to bring Sally home where Sophie is waiting to tell her about Tim and Anna. Sally goes to Anna's and insults poor Anna. 'Why her of all people?' screams Sally. Sally has had bad luck and she think it all started with Danny O'Malley two timing her with Janet Bathurst. Tim is trying to speak to Sally privately but she won't let him in and starts throwing his clothes out of the window. Tim then confesses, 'I can't read, Anna's been helping me.' At school Tim messed around and regrets it. As the saying goes - you can't put an old head on young shoulders - and ain't that the truth! Sally asks Tim why he couldn't tell her and feels that he may think that she is small minded.

Sally goes to Anna's and apologises then asks if he is forgiven. 'Anna slutty Windass will have to get back to you on that one.' Fair enough, Anna! Faye discovers the truth and as young people often do, just accepts it.

Faye and Craig had a couple of enjoyable scenes. In one Craig's shoelaces are admired by Faye. 'Kick homophobia out of football!' cries Craig and who can argue with those sentiments? Then he adds, 'Not that I'm gay or owt, but if I was gay it'd be all good.'

Alya succeeds in gaining an interview at Underworld with Carla. Alya tries hard to impress but speaks of silks and says that not everything needs to be made of polyester which doesn't go down so well as Carla produces a pair of pants which are 100% polyester and says that women want five of those for a tenner. Carla zips up Alya's design folder and the interview is over, or at least it would be if dad Kal did not get involved and praise his daughter to Carla. How embarrassing for Alya! But, might it pay off?

It seems as if Gail and Michael might have tracked down Gavin, Michael's son. In the pub they meet Gavin' ex-partner who gives them his address. Gail, pretty drunk on mulled wine, seems to be trying to impress the ex with boasts about her sons. That was odd...  It seems that Gavin can be charming, but he's selfish, a bit of an opportunistist but also a fantastic cocktail maker.

And so to Steve....he comes downstairs looking dreadful having spent time in the bistro the  previous night. He evades his mother, Michelle and Eileen, who comes into The Rovers to report that Steve hasn't turned up for his shift again. Liz puts an image in our heads that we might be glad to rid ourselves of. She says that he's 'probably in a lay-by - belly full of pasties.'

Steve is in the bistro, chatting to Steph and offering to help her because he recognises that they are short staffed. Steph reminds him that his pub is across the road. Nevertheless he sticks around and mixes cocktails. Michelle arrives. 'Taste this,' he tells her. Michelle goes back outside and sobs.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just wondering the other day if the knickers made at Carla's factory were high end, silk rather than polyester. After all, those 'five for a tenner' things are made more cheaply in Asian countries nowadays, by women earning about 5p a day (don't quote me, you know what I mean). It's the expensive designer stores that are more likely to source their merchandise at British factories - a 'Made in Britain' label says quality and therefore more expensive nowadays. If Carla's stuff really is cheap polyester it poses the question yet again - how is she staying in business?

Frosty the Snowman said...

How come a great actor like Ronald Pickup just did a silly cameo yesterday as the bloke with the last ever birthday? Does that mean he is going to be a new character?

Silly nonsense with Sally's "misunderstanding" - what IS the point of Maddie? With Sally doing the usual soap antics of throwing his clothes out the window - oh my aching sides.

Anonymous said...

Another double eppy which I hoped would have a few gems ...sadly, plenty of 'nothing' scenes...

John McE said...

Seeing an immediately recognizable actor like Ronald Pickup in an unannounced cameo role was a surprise... and a welcome one.

AmandaB said...

As well as the 'hilarity' of Sally's clothes throwing, there was also the 'Oscar winning' drunk acting yet again from Gail. PLAESE never give a writing job to anyone who didn't witness that and swears on leopard print of Bet Lynch to have learnt the important lesson to NEVER let it happen again.

Tvor said...

And if Carla is making cheap polyester pants, why did we have that storyline about Rob stealing silk from her?

Anonymous said...

Well thunk Tvor!! Yes indeed...are there no continuity people any more?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Best scenes of the evening were between Faye and Craig.

Colin Sampson said...

The scenes of Gail in the restaurant with Michael and the bar manager were cringeworthy. Are they doing a middle aged woman goes into premature senility story? If not these were almost unwatchable for us. Poor Helen Worth, her character has become a bad joke.

abbyk said...

Good catch on the silk, Tvor. I didn't think I could like the Nazirs any less but Kal defined a new low. His 2 kids are standing right there telling him No, he had a career in the army working with young people, and he still jumps on Carla like she forgot to give his little girl her participation trophy. Cringe! Drunk Gail was plain old embarrasing. Double cringe!!

Never thought I'd see Faye and Craig as an evening's redeeming bright spots. That was sweet of him to offer to pay her way, awww. Who's taking bets the birthday boy will croak without paying his bill?

ChiaGwen said...

At first I liked Michael and Gail, but now between his constant feeling sorry for himself, Gail's breathless, speaking to a baby voice when conversing with Michael and now Gail's ridiculous over-consumption of liquor, mid-day, when, really, they were on a serious mission for Michael...they are like cartoon characters.
Faye and Craig were a bright spot in that that Craig!

Ruth owen said...

Great to have such praise for Craig. He is a gentle person and seems to enjoy his life. I hope after the business with Karl, a while ago, that the writers will create a young person's storyline involving him.

AmandaB said...

Seems like I'm in a minority then, but I find Craig's scenes embarrassing. Poor lad appears to have trained at the Sean Tulley school of acting.

Wim said...

Craig is such a sweetheart - I'm glad we've been seeing a bit more of him lately. And Faye is getting less annoying as well... although I guess they had to make her a bit more likeable in view of her upcoming storyline.

And although the mulled wine scenes felt a bit weird and out of place, I couldn't help but laugh at Gail's deadpan "I'm Davina McCall" line.

Oh, and I know we're not really supposed to, but I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for Michelle, despite how much of a bitch she often is to Steve.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Nazirs are annoying and should go. What are they contributing to the story line, really ?
Gail is very irritating with her squeaky voice and all. Michael is boring and I wonder what his real story is.
Craig is such such a nice, kind kid. Love him.
Steve's depression scenes are dragging on, hope that wraps up soon. We get it already..


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