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Saturday 15 November 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards

Prison Goodbye Card award: Now that's inventive!

Literacy Fail award: Did Alya really not know that Wuthering Heights was a book before Kate Bush did a song with the same name? She's got a librarian for a mother. I don't buy it.

Resentment award: Cilla's making up for missing Chesney's childhood by hanging out with Craig and Chesney resents it and isn't ready to put it in the past.

Regrets award: Cilla does seem to have regrets over her lack of parenting skills, at least with Chesney. I wonder if she'll apologize to Fiz and all?

Business fail: Michelle's not going to make a success of the event planning business if she uses her own money for bookings rather than the clients' credit card like every other business does.

Fashion win: Sally's dress really did look nice.

Pants on Fire award: Tim for all the porkies he's telling Sally.

Musical Ambience: Def Leppard's "When Love and Hate Collide" while Carla and Peter spoke in the Rovers back room.

Soap Law of Residency: Almost nobody shall live or work outside of 500 meters of Coronation Street. Thus, all the Windasses, squashed into Number 6 as they are now are going to be stacked like cord wood into the bookies flat.

That's you told award: LOVED Steph tearing a strip off Peter!

Continuity fail: Beth ordered a pint when she joined Tracy and minutes later, she's got a half done glass of red and ordering more.

Lines of the week:
Alya "I've heard the song!" Yasmeen "Wuthering Heights is a classic. You need to read more!"
Carla to Peter "You're out now and it's time to get real"
Carla "You're not even worth my sarcasm"
Beth "Where free booze is concerned, I don't take sides"
Tracy about Carla "If she messes with my family again, she better not go near any balconies"
Michelle to Tracy "Rob's had a lucky escape because he's avoided the real life sentence"
Cilla "I have brought three kids up meself" (I snorted along with Anna)
Michelle about Peter "Good riddance if you ask me" Steve "Nobody Did" (Steve 1 Michelle 0)
Tracy to Carla "Anyone that drinks with you ends up mad, jailed or dead" (She's got a point)
Carla to Tracy "you just backed the wrong horse love, that's all"
Tracy about Ken "The static on his kimono was lit up like the national grid."
Cilla "Thanks Fiona. I'm not sure I deserve it" (You don't, not really)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Life long buddies award: Steph having the cheek to have a go at Peter like she and Teenar was brung up together or sommat. She knew her a matter of months and for most of those they were at loggerheads. Steph gets on my nerves with her over acting style and mad jazz hand movements all the time and all this wallowing in it over a girl she hardly knew.

Stick to your guns award: Good on Carla for telling Mr Deluded Self Obsessed to do one. Although Frosty suspects if Chris G were not leaving it would have had a different outcome.

Forgot your child award: What mother would go off to nurse her own mother who she had never been close to and caused so much upheaval in their lives and leave their own toddler daughter? Totally unrealistic. But let’s hope Fizz loves Wolverhampton so much she stays there, this character has just becoming annoying and exhausted and should move on now to make way for other characters.

House for Rent award: Let’s place a bet on how long it takes the whole family of Nazirs to move out of their nice semi straight into Owens’s much smaller house – I reckon by the end of next week with more of Yasmin’s boorish shouty behaviour to look forward to.

Boo Hoo award: Does anyone feel sorry for Todd?. No I thought not. Fed up with his moping and self pitying. What could have been a good returnng character is just an irritant. All this mawkish staring in the mirror when he will be back to normal by Christmas. Just go back to London and take sour chops Eileen with you and leave Jason.

Anonymous said...

Call me picky, but Alya is Yasmeen's grand-daughter, so maybe she missed learning about Wuthering Heights from her mother, who was very ill at the time she would have told her teenage daughter about it. On the bright side, she not only has the great classic romantic book to anticipate diving into, but she can also watch that great movie version, with Merle Oberon and Sir Larry Olivier! Good luck to Gary, after Alya's seen Heathcliff!

Tvor said...

I reckon having a grandmother like Yasmeen would mean classic books every Christmas and birthday all your life!

Anonymous said...

Good points Frosty esp w Steph regarding Tina a girl she hardly knew. We could have easily avoided this embarrassing bit but the writers insisted on delivering home the point that Peter Barlow isn't wanted and simply must leave town!

And u are so totally right about a mom with an infant/toddler...Fizz would never leave her baby for any extended period to home care anyone let alone a mom whom she used to despise but now supposedly reconciled with....none of the writing staff must be moms or know any colleagues who are moms as this is so obvious and comes off so weird. It is just easier to put some money together and send Cilla home. Also leaving one parent Tyrone in charge of two babies is also stupid and totally totally unreal.

Yes the actress needs to exit the show to have her baby in real life... Then fine least then have Fizz take her baby with her.

Anonymous said...

There was no need for this contrived nonsense with Cilla, Fiz could have just disappeared into the same cupboard that the majority of the staff are living in while so few hog all the screen time. Everyone knows the actress is expecting, would anyone have noticed if Fiz had just disappeared off the screen and her immediate group weren't the center of attention for storylines for awhile??


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