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Saturday 22 November 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update - in cheap polyester pants

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Michelle’s at her wits end with Steve this week and viewers up and down the country are at their wits end with Michelle.  We know that Steve’s depressed. But Michelle hasn’t a clue. She thinks he’s fallen out of love with her.  And while we’re all in with Steve’s secret, and we know he needs cuddles, warmth, help and hugs, Michelle packs her bags and leaves him, annoyed that he won’t open up to her and prefers to spend time in his new impulse buy kit car.  Let’s hope he’ll open up soon, Michelle will return and all will be well.  For now, it’s an unholy mess with poor Steve sucked into the middle of a mess he had no part in making. Our hearts go out to him, especially when Tammy Wynette’s Stand by your Man comes on the Rovers jukebox. But the lyrics of the song are ones that Michelle chooses not to hear. Not yet, anyroad.

Another couple going through the unnecessaries are Tim and Sally. This week, Sally thinks Tim’s having an affair with Anna after she spots him sneaking into Anna’s back door with a bunch of flowers in his hand and a gleam in his eye.  Anna’s teaching Tim to read but Sally doesn’t know that and puts two and two together very wrongly indeed. She storms round to see Anna, calls her a slut and won’t listen to Tim when he says nowt’s going on.  All ends well, of course, as you’d hope that it would. Sally and Tim are too good together to ever split up.  Sophie asks Tim the question all Corrie fans up and down the country have had on their lips since this storyline started.  “How come, if you can’t read and write, you got into contact with Faye over the internet?”  Tim says a friend did it for him, he couldn’t do it himself.

Michael’s son Gavin arrives this week, a nervous fella in a shirt who looks ill at ease meeting his dad for the first time in decades.  Michael’s nervous too and when Gavin leaves before finishing his drink with his dad in the Bistro, Michael thinks he’s blown the chance to get to know his son.  But then he gets a text from Gavin saying he wants to meet up again.  I’m not sure where this is all going, but it’ll be interesting to find out.

Over at Underworld, Alya gets an interview for office manager under Carla’s supervision.  She waffles on about designer lingerie, using finest Austrian lace and some sumptuous silk.  When Carla asks her what she thinks about cheap polyester pants, Alya bristles until Carla points out that they’re what keeps Underworld going, cheap pants and polyester.  Alya’s on a steep learning curve, but Carla takes her on.

Dev’s invited to a do and needs a plus one. Mary offers herself up on a plate and Dev’s too polite to say no. She gets a makeover at the salon, has her hair done and puts false eyelashes on. But the glue on the eyelashes make her come out in a rash and Julie steps in at last minute to go with Dev to the do.  She looks lovely, does Julie, in a gorgeous pink and black dress and Dev’s impressed with his companion until one of his mates takes a fancy to Julie and she likes him back.

And finally this week, Norris misses out on retrieving his parcel from the post office, yet again.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I really did laugh out loud when Tim said he got a friend to contact Faye on his behalf. It sounded very much like an after-thought; perhaps the writers had been reading this blog. Maddie should have asked him about it right at the beginning of the storyline.

Crikey, Andrea just has to walk on the set, and I flip. And that teenage face-pulling, when Liz said she would speak to Michelle herself, was so pathetic.

Louby said...

Please let Julie have a relationship with this nice, intelligent guy. I don't really believe that will happen of course, he's just a way to show Dev that he actually really does like Julie. All a bit predictable really.

Anonymous said...

I met my computer-illiterate husband on an internet dating site. Admittedly he told me straight off that he hates computers and that his mate and his wife helped him with his profile. He's so bad that after a few weeks together I'd have sussed someone helped him if I didn't already know!


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