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Friday 7 November 2014

Funny Guy

There was a point during Monday's Corrie when I genuinely hoped that my house would fall into a hellmouth and I'd be damned to an eternity toiling in the sulphur mines of Beelzebub; at least it would have meant I wouldn't have to watch Maria and Luke trying to buy a car any more.  They were painful, unfunny scenes that should really have had a laugh track layered over the top so that we knew these were COMEDY.  I like Luke, but his sudden grumpiness seemed out of character; Maria continues to be a hairstyle in search of a personality; and the guest actor ramped his "funny acting" up to levels Norman Wisdom would have found over the top.  Why was he carrying a pipe?  Why did a diabetic coma involve him shouting non-sequiters?  Why would a barely conscious man pick up his car keys?  As for Luke carrying Maria because her heels hurt... I'm sure we were meant to be rolling around on the floor with mirth, but frankly, no.

And then Les Dennis turned up drunk.  In just a few blissful moments, Michael was funny, charming and in character.  It was a reminder that Les Dennis is a very talented, very experienced comedian, and that Corrie really hasn't been using him to his full powers.  Over the past few months Michael's been full of angst, guilt and anger.  He's moped around because he thinks he's dying.  He's tried to break up with Gail for her own good.

Anyone could do that.  There are thousands of jobbing actors out there who could play a serious, down beat man.  Coronation Street cast Les Dennis though.  Use him!  Give him more comedy!  I understand Les probably wants to prove that he's a proper actor and not just a game show host trying a change of tack - much like when Matthew Kelly gave up presenting for acting, and immediately played Lenny in Of Mice and Men and a serial killer - but it just leaves me frustrated.  I'm not saying that Michael should suddenly break into long missed characters from the Les Dennis Laughter Show, but a bit of jolliness wouldn't go amiss.  Craig Charles manages to be funny and heart-warming whenever he's on screen - he's so naturally charming, it's almost enough to make us like the pestilent Andrea.

Of course, in an ideal world, Michael would get a job in the Kabin alongside Rita and would say "I don't really know" every other episode.  I expect La Knox would put quite a firm stamp on that idea (she still hasn't shared the screen with Les; the Kabin is only ever staffed by Norris when he pops in) but we can dream.  In the real world, I'd just like Les to be allowed to make us laugh again.

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Tvor said...

I certainly agree, the scenes with Luke and Maria were very strange. I thought she was wearing high heels but clearly she's not, she's wearing very comfy Uggs and there's no reason she couldn't walk a mile or two in those. Her heels hurt? How does she manage to stand on her feet cutting hair all day? Bah.

Humpty Dumpty said...

To be fair, Maria is good in properly written comedy scenes and there was a tiny flash of Samia's talent here. The script has to be excellent (and this one wasn't) with only-average actors which shows just how good Les Dennis is. In other hands, the drunk scene could have been embarrassing. I liked David's joshing with Michael, and that could give us some more comedy.

Anonymous said...

Some very good points made. Let's just say that as soon as the Maria and Luke stuff started, I knew exactly who the writer was!

Volvic Fruit said...

The Maria and Luke scenes were badly written and a tad embarrassing. Of course all this rudeness to each other masks that they love each other really. Was it supposed to be funny that a diabetic hadnt taken his INSULIN not glucose as they said and was in a diabetic coma? Then they did not know how to contact his wife? Very strange indeed as was Maria being given a piggy back like she was a 5 year old.

Anonymous said...

I figure it could've been a lot worse and seems to be blown out of proportion by your drama-queen synopsis of it.

I've never been a Maria fan but I didn't think she did THAT badly and while it was forced, the whole scenario was more about speed than precision anyway.

Blythe said...

You are so right! Extremely painful.
Excruciatingly painful!! Utter garbage. You are so right.
"Maria continues to be a hairstyle in search of a personality" .. very funny (cause it's so true).
One of corrie's most painful scene to watch. Garbage has more use.

Blythe said...

and yes, Les Dennis is a breath of fresh air and welcome to stay for a long time in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Les Dennis is so cute!

- Pod

Nikki NZ said...

I can only think it must have looked better on paper.

There's a high bar for Corrie comedy in the countryside. Think Bet and Betty trapped in Annie Walker's car as it sinks in the lake - with Fred Gee looking on. Or Gail and Audrey power walking...

Tvor said...

When someone who is a diabetic is having a blood sugar drop like this, they need glucose, either tablets or something like fruit juice which works better than something sugary. That part they did get right. A "hypoglycemic" sugar drop is when a diabetic hasn't eaten in awhile and there's actually too much insulin in their system (I think)


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