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Friday 21 November 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 21 November

Friday 21st November
IT’S CRUNCH TIME FOR STEVE AND MICHELLE. Michelle confides in Liz and Tony that she loves Steve to bits but she’s at the end of her tether. Desperate to save their relationship, she books a weekend in the Lakes, telling Steve they’ll go in his new car and he needs to be ready for 3pm. Liz warns Steve that if he doesn’t buck his ideas up he’s going to lose Michelle and he’s only himself to blame. But when Michelle finds him sitting in his car, showing no interest in going to the Lakes, she finally snaps and begs him to tell her what’s wrong. Will Steve be able to explain his emptiness?
MICHAEL BRACES HIMSELF TO MEET HIS LONG LOST SON. In the Bistro Gavin approaches Michael & Gail and introduces himself.
JULIE STEPS INTO THE BREACH.Mary drags Dev into her camper van, explaining she’s suffered an allergic reaction to her false eyelash glue and will have to pull out of the party. Encouraged by Steph, Julie agrees to accompany Dev to the party and hurries home to get changed.
ELSEWHERE Owen, Anna, Gary, Katy and Faye move into the bookies flat, determined to make the best of it. Pretending she’s got a nail appointment, Kylie leaves David at the salon and heads off to meet Callum. He gives her some speed but refuses payment, claiming he’s the father of her child and he’s here to help.

Friday 21st November
IS IT THE END OF THE ROAD FOR STEVE AND MICHELLE? Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum, either he tells her what’s wrong or she’s leaving. Steve remains tongue-tied. Utterly devastated, Michelle gets out of the car and returning to the pub she announces that she and Steve are finished. Lloyd and Andrea find Steve sitting in his car listening to music. They beg him to apologise to Michelle and save his relationship, but Steve’s unresponsive, unable to deal with his emotions. As Michelle packs her bags, will Lloyd be able to get through to Steve?
MICHAEL’S SON CAUSES A STIR IN THE PLATTS. Michael apologises to Gavin for being an absent father and hopes they can get to know each other. Telling Michael he needs time to think things over, Gavin leaves. Gail does her best to comfort a deflated Michael as he waits to hear from Gavin.
DEV SEES JULIE IN A NEW LIGHT. Dev escorts Julie to the party at a posh hotel. He introduces Julie to his golfing friend Dominic and they hit it off immediately. Dev’s quietly jealous, especially when Dominic and Julie exchange phone numbers.
ELSEWHERE When Kylie receives a text from Callum she quickly deletes it without reading it.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Is Michael living at the Platts now? Four adults and two kids in one small house. Is Nick still there? If the Windarms are stony broke how are they affording the rent for Peter's flat? Wait for the lightbulb moment when one of the Nazirs realises there is an empty house on the Street ready for the lot of them to move into! No doubt Bubba G will get it cheap at an auction as a repossession.

Anonymous said...

I think the word is Babiji. I think it means Grandfather at least that is what my East Indian friends say.

Anonymous said...

Glad Julie could be getting a storyline. I'm quite fond of her and think she is woefully underused.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The very strange development of Sharif and Yasmeen moving on to the Street could be an interesting story. What if Sharif is bankrupt and is in a similar position to Owen? Perhaps Yasmeen has upset the neighbours, wherever they live now, once too often and has been ostracised. I could see Yasmeen revelling in her role of superior being on the Street. Writers, please give this woman a proper sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

I thought Katy [and Joseph]was roommates with Steph and Gary was sleeping on Izzy's couch?So why are they cramming into the small flat?Poor Fay goes from having her own room to sharing with Katy and Joseph?
Frosty,I think Nick is back at Victoria Court but I do wonder where is Sarah and Bethany going to live when they arrive?

John McE said...

The whole Norris's parcel story is farcical. They appear to have been trying to deliver it for at least three weeks. Most parcel companies only try to deliver three times, before you have to go and collect it yourself. But why didn't Norris simply ask them to deliver it him at the Kabin instead, or put a note of the door to that effect? And surely Emily is home a lot of the time, or else one of the neighbours would surely be in.

And last night's scene with the delivery van pulling up right behind him was even more absurd - the driver of the other van was looking in that direction, and didn't say a word! Ridiculous, rather than amusing.

Also impossible to accept was Steve saying nothing at all to Michelle when she was about to walk out, or Michael and son saying nothing to each other when they finally met up.

And Kylie taking speed gives no tell-tale clues other than her having a bit more energy than usual?

Not Corrie's finest hour.

Anonymous said...

The thing I was thinking is how on earth is Izzy going to get up into Owen's and Anna's flat seeing as she is in a wheelchair. Thoughts?


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