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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Small moments of triumph

I don't know how I feel about Coronation Street at the moment. There are things that I have really enjoyed that I wasn't expecting to and other stuff that provokes stifled yawns.

I unexpectedly really enjoyed Tracy's wedding debacle and Rob's comeuppance. Rob was a character I was never too fond of but he has grown on me and I'm actually quite sad to see him go. Tracy, a character I would happily push under the Weatherfield Wayfarer tomorrow, was hard to sympathise with and as usual, easy to loathe. Typically she's blaming everyone else for her current predicament and I fear there will be more fireworks ahead between her and Carla.

Peter coming out of prison was always going to be a queasy watch. We knew he had false hopes when it came to Carla and I was glad she stuck to her guns and saw him off. Although Peter has been a deep, beautifully flawed Corrie character I will be pleased to see him off our screens for a while. It's a tribute to Chris Gascoyne that the character has survived the awful Tina affair plot pretty much intact. I'm still ready for a break from him though.

Another character I struggle to empathise with is Todd Grimshaw. I understand from what I've read that the aftermath of his brutal mugging will see him become even more unpleasant as he seeks revenge from his nearest and dearest. Sorry, but this is tedious. Fair enough nobody turned up to dinner but really he only has himself to blame on that front. Had he not been so odious and conniving ever since his return, none of this would have happened. His brief good turn, helping Roy scrape eggs off his windows was nowhere near enough to elicit any sympathy whatsoever.

The arms-folded one is also heading for dark times.Steve's depression is continuing to manifest itself and neither Michelle nor Liz really have any clue what is going on. I would have more interest in a relationship hitting the rocks if it was one I actually cared about. I would much prefer for Steve and Michelle to break up for good, rather than fighting collectively from our armchairs to keep them together. As always, Michelle is making Steve's problems all about her. A deeply unsympathetic character who needs to ship herself off to wherever that charmless, gormless son-who-is-not-her-son has gone. 

I am looking forward to seeing more of Tim's storyline. Joe Duttine can do no wrong so I'm hoping he will deliver the goods as Tim struggles with his literacy issues. I also really like the idea of Dev and Julie together. Meddlesome Mary needs to let them be. And Cilla's return has been quite enjoyable. I'm pretty relieved the character has been toned down considerably and is therefore much more real and believable. I'm quite sad she's not staying on longer. Who'd have thought it?

The scenes of Maria and Luke out in the countryside were pretty tedious to be honest. I enjoyed Audrey's matchmaking but that's as far as it goes. I struggle to feign any interest in Maria these days and worry she's grown stale. Luke, like his sister Steph, shows promise though and I hope we see more interaction between them in the not too distant future.

Shock of the week for me was Katy declaring all of a sudden that she wants to become a paramedic. Really? While further education amongst the good people of Weatherfield is worryingly rare, this is a giant leap for me. What has happened to her son by the way? I can't remember the last time I saw her interact with him.

I still don't know what to make of the Nazir family. Yasmeen is fairly spirited (!) but her husband doesn't bring much to the party. I am liking Alya though, I think she has promise. As always though, there just seems to be too many characters for each of them to develop naturally. 

So how is Corrie for you at the moment? What are you enjoying and what is making you cringe?

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Anonymous said...

Some excellents points there.
TPTB came very close to ruining Peter Barlow with the ridiculously contrived Tina storyline. I think Chris Gascoyne's performances after Tina's death have saved him. He has done a superb job working alongside Alison King, Marc Baylis and Kate Ford. Fair play to the actors for making it work in the end. I've thoroughly enjoyed their performances.

I particularly enjoyed Carla's response on Monday when Peter tried to tell her that he is a changed man. "And I'm a changed woman", she said. While "When love and hate collide" by Def Leppard could be heard in the background.

Karma caught up with Tracy Barlow but as always she is playing the victim, blaming the wrong person and using what's happened with Rob as an excuse to carry on being nasty, vicious and self-absorbed, as well as wailing and whinging nonstop. Nothing changes there.

I don't dislike Maria but then I also don't find her interesting. Same with Luke. Perhaps "Mad Maria" will return in a few months when Luke's eyes start wandering?

The depression storyline is a brave move and it's bound to reach out to more people because it's Steve who is suffering but I'm not convinced it will work for him in the long run. I miss the comedy he brought to the show and I'd just feel guilty for laughing at him now. Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh have said that the break up is temporary and that Michelle will be the one who saves Steve so it does seem like this could be a typical soap couple break-up followed by a predictable reunion.

Sally and Tim continue to be entertaining. Overall, I'm enjoying Corrie, at the moment.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Alya's character is a great disappointment. She is bland and uninteresting. Fine, she can have a secret relationship with equally bland Gary but let's have some passion. All of the Nazir's are 2-dimensional. I'd like to see Alya going through some old clothes or photos of her late mother and for Yasmeen to find her sobbing. We might see past Alya's permanent smile, and Yasmeen could show a softer side to her character.

They've surely come to the end of the line with Tracy. Unless she takes a completely direction, the one-track character has come to a natural end. She's had her comeuppance (not that I cared) so please don't have her start the whole thing all over again.

Michael really could be something. I wonder if Les Dennis plays the ukulele. I'd love to see him teaching young Max how to play 'When I'm cleaning windows.' I don't know why, Michael looks the sort of character who could pull off comedy without it being embarrassing.

Anna is deeply cringe-worthy. This earth mother is convinced only she can make things better. Why else would she plot to sneak her male next door neighbour in for private lessons? We have more angst promised with Faye's pregnancy.

I hope Michelle can be saved with a better script but Andrea's beyond redemption. Curious to know who dies after the minibus crash. I think it's going to be either Lloyd who's sitting near the driver, or Izzy who gets trapped by her wheelchair. Those two aren't cringy, just wandering about without much to do now. Enough to be going on with.

Anonymous said...

Graeme - you hit the nail on the head. Exactly how I feel about Corrie. I would like to see the backside of Yasmeen. Talk about over acting!!! Connecting Luke with Maria makes me cringe. I like Luke and would hope he would connect with anyone but Maria.

Tvor said...

Overall, I am enjoying Corrie. I enjoyed Todd's scheming but since this recent upset isn't going to reform him at all, it's going to start getting old really fast. I do like watching the actor though, he's much better than he used to be. He and Tracy are two of the same now, neither taking responsibility for their own actions but Tracy has become watchable finally. I don't love her, or love to hate her but they're starting to write better for her and giving Tracy more dimensions.

I love Yasmeen and I like the dynamic between she and Sharif but they don't show it enough. Zeedan so far is a self centered little toady and Alya had potential but she's boring with Gary. I agree that there should have been more passion, more conflict shown with her balancing her religion and beliefs with this rising passion for Gary. She pushes him back to "slow" so easily!

Loving Sally and Tim. Don't mind Anna teaching him but I can hardly wait for Sally to brandish the wrong end of that stick over Tim and take over teaching him herself! He'll wish he'd never opened a book after she gets through with him!

Loving Michael. Really hope this works out for Gail. She deserves to finally be happy after all this time. Also like David and Kylie's story.

I think Steve's story is going to be really good even if Michelle is leaping to the wrong conclusion. I would have thought that his mother might have had more on the ball, knowing her son better than anyone else. Looking forward to this playing out.

I've enjoyed Cilla's return. I agree that Maria hasn't been very interesting for quite some time. I don't know if Luke is going to change that or if she'll drag him down. I like Luke and i love Steph. Need more of those two cheeky brother and sister!

I'll miss Chris Gascoyne but looking forward to Carla pulling her life together and moving on. I think Julie could make Dev interesting and she'll be right in her element if she gets to be step mom to the twins though Mary won't like it one bit. I hope they manage to soothe her by keeping her on as a part time nanny since Julie still works.

Anonymous said...

I really like Luke but do not want him paired with the self-absorbed Maria. As far as I am concerned time for her character to go. I must be in the minority but I find Michael very needy, and whiny. He was alright at first but we had the health problem now all of sudden he is looking for his son? I don't feel sympathy for any parent who deserts their child. I find the scenes between Gail and Michael completely nauseating the way she fawns over him and talks in that ridiculous babyish voice ugh!

Anonymous said...

There is no point to Maria. How do you solve a problem like Maria.. you get rid.
Good bye Maria, we won't even miss you.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm in the minority but I like Maria and think there could be some romantic possibilities with her and Luke.
If anyone is at the end of the line as a character,it's Michelle.First she leaves Steve because he knew about Tina and Peter and felt he 'betrayed' her by not saying anything and now with another issue storyline used as a ploy for an affair,Michelle will cheat on Steve who is obviously not well.I shudder to think that perhaps a suicide attempt on Steve's part is what will make Mechelle realise that something is wrong or the fact she's no longer co landlady at the Rovers.

Rosie said...

I'm enjoying much of corrie at the moment, especially the little touches of comedy, but not Todd or Yasmeen and I hate what they've done to Peter, that said Chris G has played the part really well.
Not looking forward to poor Steve's breakdown.
Can't wait to see Beth and Kirk's wedding,
And they're squeezing yet another family into a completely unsuitable small flat, how on earth will Owen, Anna Gary AND a pregnant Faye fit into a two bed flat

Flo said...

I think it's time to thin the herd. Too many characters and not enough development on any story lines or personalities. There are several that they could do so much with and don't, and others that have had their time that need to move on. I'm getting tired of seeing the same types of stories rehashed over and over too. Enough murder and adultery. We need something original.

Kristine said...

Am I the only one who thinks Beth and Cilla look like twins!? I'm not loving Corrie lately. It's all "so what?" Annoying Gail has suddenly morphed into the most interesting character on the show, probably due in large part to her relationship with Michael and the fact that her quirkiness has become endearing, rather than annoying. Going back to the Cilla/Beth comparison, I think that's the problem - so many characters, none of whom are unique or interesting enough to make us care about them. I still have high hopes for Steve, but like the others who have commented, I really think that the character list should be cut and the writers should concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

KAOS said...

I really loved the stuff with Luke and Maria in the country: classic Corrie!

Yasmeen and Sharif could be a great duo, but they don't have enough screen time. Alya is charming to watch; Zeedan is a typical angry young man. None of them have been given a chance to breath.

Cilla's story is so sad. I'd love it if they could delve a bit deeper with that, but there's never time, is there? It's cut, cut, cut; they're terrified Joe Public's attention will wander...

John McE said...

It's been a joy to see Cilla back on the cobbles, even though she's been toned down considerably. I wonder if Wendi Peters could be persuaded to come back on a long term basis?

I cringe every time I see Yasmeen - she really is a vile bully of a creature.

Anonymous said...

Oh God no, John McE! The sooner Cilla leaves, the better. No more panto characters please (this can also be said for Yasmeen, so she could go too).

Carry On Blogging! said...

I don't think Cilla has been a panto character this time around, very much toned down. I've quite enjoyed her reappearance.

Anonymous said...

once again Graham your comments are perfect - I think some of corrie watchers should start a hire Graham campaign as a plot writer!!! usually it's just the same old tired story lines replayed over and over. I really do enjoy the new characters on the show, except for Zeedan, and really wish they would cull some of the deadwood that are way past their expiry date such as:
Leanne & Simon perhaps should leave with Peter- can't see much storyline from those anymore, along with Kal
Kal should open another V court fitness gym somewhere else and take Zeedan with him
Tracy and Amy can't stand staying on Corrie St and move to London
Sophie and Maddie break up and Sophie moves to London to stay with Rosie and perhaps aspires to educate herself
Todd goes back to London and leaves the rest of the Grimshaws in peace
Lloyd & Andrea run away to Australia so Lloyd can compete in that reality show - she is way past her sell-by-date
Can't see Maria & Luke together - it's too forced - it's a shame that Luke was brought on as Steph's brother - they would have made a really great couple
I can't see much in the way of stroylines for Izzy which is unfortunate for her, but I hope they don't bring Howie, Tim's cousin with a physical disability on the show to replace one disabled person with another, unless that is what the actress has requested.
I love, love, love: Eva-Jason Sally-Tim, Anna-Owen, Gail-Michael and even Alya-Gary, Yasheen-Sharif, and even Dev-Julie, even though at first I was extremely skeptical. I would love to see them interact with the rest of the street residents in the corner shop.

I could go on, but I'm sure I'm boring the rest of the viewers.
Atlanta, Georgia

Louby said...

I think I agree with all of that, but especially the comments about Michelle!

My main bee-in-bonnet at the moment is the Gary and Alya romance to be. Just because I believe the script writers decided that Gary, the ex squaddy and friend of Kal would make an interesting plot line. Quite possibly, but wait! He is already in a ltr with Izzy. So what? Just split them up, any trivial reason will do. The two characters showed very little emotion when splitting up, especially when they were supposedly so comitted to each other they spent 1000s of Owen's money to get a baby.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Louby, you are right there. Given the huge palaver that Gary and Izzy went through to have a baby together, the split was over and done with as if that had never happened. Not at all believable

ChiaGwen said...

To me Yasmeen is over the top cringeworthy with her loud, bullying ways and Sharif is but a cardboard cut-out, no dimension to that character. The son needs five across the arse....a sulky, whining man/boy. Always happy to see Audrey on the screen, could be more of her though.
I'm missing Steve's comedy moments but I think this storyline will bring out even more of his acting talent. Hopefully in the end he will realize he doesn't really love Michelle and she will leave.
My top cringe-inducing character has to be Andrea....oh so miscast with our lovely Lloyd....please make her one of the dead from the bus crash!....oh dear, just thought, they say that Steve will cause the crash, so if Andrea dies, then Lloyd will blame Steve, sending him into a more deep dark depression. Maybe this is when Lloyd leaves to film Red Dwarf?

Frumpty Dumpty said...

What has Maria got to offer? Bad acting, snotty facial sniffs, always with a sour puss face, whiny, entitled, boring and useless. YUCK. Poor Luke.

Frumpty Dumpty said...

Also, Gary WindASS is a dumb bum. What anyone sees in him is beyond belief. LOSER. As if Alya wouldn't have anyone else around in her life that would be interested in her. Boy, Coronation street people sure live a sheltered life.
And why does Yasmeen TALK like THAT?


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